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WWE Main Event Redux (December 16th, 2014): Paige is the Main Event, But Naomi Steals the Show

Welcome, one and all! It’s almost Christmas, which means I’m in a pretty good mood. We had a pretty packed show last night including Paige vs. Emma and more Miz/Naomi/Jimmy drama. I’m enjoying Naomi’s storyline so far; I have a feeling Miz will turn out to be full of rubbish but if it a) leads Naomi to the Divas title while also allowing her to knock him out or b) see the return of Maryse for a mixed tag feud then I’m all for it.

We kick things off with Miz in the ring with Mizdow (who is one of the best things to happen to WWE in ages, okay?) already. He introduces Naomi as his very, very close personal friend. Jimmy’s not going to be happy. Naomi says she’s happy to be there, but that he’s dreaming if he thinks they’re friends. She doesn’t buy into any of his phony opportunities and all he does it talk, talk, talk. Miz says he’s not like the rest of the guys, but Naomi’s not having it; unless he comes through with something big tonight, they’re done.

Dun dun dun… Miz has garnered her a Divas championship match on Smackdown! (Which aired live last night, in case you weren’t aware.)

Jimmy (with brother Jey in tow) storms the ring and Miz escapes with Mizdow. Jimmy takes to the mic and tells Miz one more time to stay away from his wife. Miz tells Naomi that all he wants is to see her succeed; it’s just too bad that her husband doesn’t feel the same way. Oooooooh.

I am loving this storyline and I was sad to see this segment end, but fear not! We got a brief backstage scene with Naomi and Miz. He says he knows she’s in a difficult situation and that, luckily, her Divas title match on Smackdown is already set. He can’t say the same for Hollywood, however. Miz says Naomi needs to control her husband, otherwise, all her dreams will go away.

Yikes. I don’t know which way this story is going to be honest, but I’m loving it.

Moving on!

Our first glimpse of Paige is backstage. Erick Rowan is busy explaining something to her, using chess as the example, when Titus O’Neil pipes up that he’s street smart and book smart, being a college graduate and all. He says Paige shouldn’t be hanging around this country bumpkin. Erick seems to take offence, and so he challenges Titus to a game. Of course, Titus has no idea how to play and storms off when Paige points this out to him. We fade to black after Erick dons his sheep mask again and Paige looks impressed.

Enjoyable. Not sure of the point, but enjoyable…

Onto the match!

Emma is already dancing away in the ring when we come back from the backstage segment. Paige’s music hits and she makes her way out to join her storied rival. Emma starts things off by playing around with Paige, making her run the ropes and tripping her up. Paige gets fed up pretty quickly and kicks her right in the face.

She screams at Emma that the ring is her house, before getting to work on her opponent. She hands Emma up on the rope and repeatedly strikes her in the chest with those hella painful knees. With Emma on the mat, Paige locks her up. Emma tries to climb to her feet, but Paige pulls her down by her hair. Paige sends Emma into the corner, but Emma starts fighting back.

It doesn’t last long, however, as Paige just keeps knocking her down and chokes her on the ropes. Much like Emma did earlier in the match, Paige slaps her opponent’s butt as she crawls on her hands and knees Momentarily distracted, Emma manages to roll Paige up. She only gets a two count however, and Paige answers back with a huge clothesline. Paige then screams at the audience:

“Don’t you dare cheer for her!”

Paige has Emma in the corner once again, but Emma catches hold of her foot and refuses to let go. She uses Paige to pull herself up, before sweeping Paige’s leg underneath her. Paige hits the mat hard, leaving time for Emma to mount a defence.

Emma knocks Paige down with a couple of clotheslines and a shoulder block, before tying her up on the ropes in the dilEMMA. She gets a two count on the former Divas champion, and Paige manages to get away. She kicks Emma in the face, and then locks in the PTO for the win.

Thoughts: A good night for the Divas. I’m thoroughly enjoying Naomi’s story at the moment and I hope it continues for a good few weeks. I hope it does lead her in the direction of the Divas Title, but for now I’m happy to see where things go.

As for Emma and Paige, we’ve seen it many times before. We could have had a few other diva combinations last night, but never mind. Given that it was live, I’m sure they went with these two because they know they always deliver. I’m still not a fan of Emma’s gimmick, though. #HeelEmma2015

Until next time, ciao! x

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