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WWE Main Event Redux (December 23rd, 2014): Christmas Comes Early for Brie Bella

Hey guys! Welcome to the Main Event write up! We’ve got a Bella match to cover from last night, and while my Queen Nikki wasn’t in competition, she was at ringside cheering on her sister, who took on Summer Rae.

Summer Rae is out first, and I’m left wondering how she hasn’t given herself whiplash yet from all the hair flipping. It’s a true talent not to dizzy one’s self that way. Four for you, Summer, you go Summer! BRIE MODE is here, and Brie makes her way to the ring with Nikki not far behind. She’s looking perfect and pouty and she’s a heel now, right? While I’m all for sister solidarity, this way this rivalry ended baffles me. It’s not over, right? It can’t be. Surely Brie is playing her sister, waiting for the perfect time to strike.

The ladies lock up in the ring, going back and forth on the turnbuckles. It’s quite a physical start to the match, with Brie getting the upper hand. She has Summer in the corner, delivering kicks to the mid-section before lining up a bulldog. Summer manages to wriggle free, but runs right into a drop kick to the face. Lovely! Nikki cheers her sister on from the outside, holding her title high. You deserve it babes.

Brie has hold of Summer’s foot, and while Summer tries and fails to fight out of it with a couple of missed slaps, Brie shoves her backwards and Summer hits the mat hard. Brie lines her up for the running knee on the ropes, but Summer manages to dodge and drop Brie off the ropes. A big spin kick earns Summer a count of two. The crowd is behind Brie as Summer locks her up and then drops her down. Another two count, followed by a modified cobra clutch has Summer in control.

But Brie isn’t going down that easily. She takes control and lays Summer out on the ropes, giving herself ample time to set up the running knee to the face. She connects with it this time, follows up with a missile drop kick and picks up the three count and the win.

Nikki rushes the ring to celebrate with her sister to end the match.

Thoughts: As I mentioned beforehand, I’m a little baffled about the whole Bella rivalry thing. Is it really all in the past? Or is Brie just biding her time before turning on Nikki in similar fashion to the way Nikki betrayed her at Summerslam? (was it Summerslam?) Whatever it is, I don’t think it’s over. Brie can’t just have apologized for everything and that’s it. Are they both heels? Is one heel and one face? I’ve always thought Brie comes across far more natural as a face, whereas Nikki is a natural heel? So many questions. Hopefully the new year will bring plenty of answers.

Until next time!

Happy Holidays to you and your family from all of us here at Diva Dirt! x

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