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WWE Main Event Redux (July 15th, 2014): Emma’s Back, but Cameron’s Not in a Dancing Mood

This week on Main Event, we saw the surprise (well, to me) return of Emma as she took on Cameron. Naomi, Cameron’s opponent for the Battleground Kickoff show, was present on commentary. Will the Funkadactyls fight again, or will Emma’s happy presence calm the waters a bit? Let’s see:

After a video flashback to the Funkadactyls’ breakup, Cameron makes her entrance to brand new music. What’s your verdict, readers? Personally, I think it’s a bit generic, like stock background music that would appear over establishing shots on Total Divas. Maybe it’ll grow on me.

The match starts with a tie-up, Cameron demonstrating some of her newfound aggression in backing Emma into a corner. She backs off and delivers a bit of sassiness to Emma, who returns it in a very Emma way. Is sassy awkwardness a thing? Let’s pretend it is.

The Divas tie up again, Emma taking control this time and backing Cameron into the corner. She tosses Cameron across the ring and strike a pose, prompting Cameron to charge at her. Emma dodges and trips her up off the ropes, prepping for an Emmamite Sandwich, but Cameron stops her in her tracks with two boots to the midsection. Ouch.

Cameron stomps on Emma a bit, talking trash to Naomi, who’s too busy doing her commentating job to notice. She whips Emma off the ropes and hits her with a knee to the stomach on the return, going for a pin to capitalize on all this punishment to the midsection. Emma kicks out at two.

Emma is pulled to her feet and stretched in a submission hold, Cameron beating on her head for emphasis. The crowd chants for Emma as the immortal Diva (she survived getting arrested and fired – she’s immortal) battles out and hits Cameron with a splash off the ropes. She hits a few more offensive moves before blocking an attack and turning it into a Dil-Emma attempt. Before she can lock it in, though, Cameron fights out of it, dropping Emma to the outside.

This gives Cameron an excuse to head to the outside and direct some more trash talk to Naomi. She slowly reenters the ring after tossing Emma back in. Her leisurely pace comes back to bite her, though, because Emma pops up and traps her in an inside cradle, getting the three-count and the surprise win!

Cameron is not happy, to say the least, and attacks Emma. Naomi loses her headset and enters the ring, chasing Cameron off. The Funkadactyls have quite the staredown as Cameron makes her exit.

Thoughts: Emma’s back!! Insert your “stealing the win” puns here. Sure, her role here may have been largely inconsequential, but she got a win, and had the crowd solidly behind her. It was the same old Emma we’ve been seeing since her debut, but hopefully her brush with infamy might inspire the WWE to reinvest in her character. With practically every Diva having some sort of role on television these days (I know, I can barely believe it either), Emma is ripe for some development. Whether that plays off of her personal troubles (it certainly wouldn’t be the first time the WWE’s done it) or not, I don’t care. I’m just happy to see her back, and hope that she can fulfill the potential everyone’s seen in her since NXT. Santino is retired, after all…

Cameron’s looking better and better in her new role, bringing her own flavor to the typical “sassy heel Diva” archetype. She’s not just arrogant – she’s got a short fuse, too, as seen when Emma taunted her or picked up the win. The makeup stuff is still hilarious to me, too, so I hope she keeps it up. I’m pretty sure it infuriates the IWC too, so all the more reason!

At this point, I’m not sure Cameron stands much of a chance against Naomi. She’s too distracted with her new attitude, and Naomi’s not someone you can defeat when distracted. However, if this feud is continuing (and I’d like it to), I can see her picking up a surprise win, but it would take a lot of shenanigans. A lipgloss wand to the eye, perhaps. What, too soon? Okay, I’ll settle for feet on the ropes. As long as it means that this feud isn’t cooling down just yet.

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