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WWE Main Event Redux (March 20th, 2015): Naomi Catches the Fox in a Trap

Hi guys. This disgustingly late Redux comes to your courtesy of our very own fave Jack White, who managed to find a video of the match which is captured off a TV… and is in two parts for whatever reason. So yes, this Redux is very late and it’s not the best quality – although, having been capped off a TV, the quality is actually pretty good. Anyway, on with the show!

Naomi is out first, awaiting her opponent Alicia Fox, who’s sporting some funky new attire and I love it. The bell rings and we’re in for a treat, I’m sure. The ladies taker a second to size each other up, before they lock up and trade some arm holds until Naomi takes Alicia down. Alicia repays in kind with a double boot to the face, and both ladies flip up to their feet, equally unimpressed with one another.

Alicia takes control now with Naomi trapped in a headlock. Naomi tries to run Alicia off her but Foxy holds on tight. That is until Naomi turns the tables and, with the help of the top rope, comes around to roll Alicia up for a two count. This just pisses Alicia off and she viciously knocks Naomi off her feet. Alicia stalls for too long, however, and Naomi is right back up as she nails a standing hurricanrana. Much like Alicia, Naomi takes her eyes off the prize for too long, and Alicia manages to lock Naomi’s arm up once again.

Things break down a little and we wind up with Naomi in the corner, and Alicia gets her face stuck between Naomi’s butt cheeks. She’s not the first and I’m sure she won’t be the last. Naomi charges out of the corner, but Alicia’s not interested and rolls under the bottom rope. Naomi’s fired up, but Alicia is able to lure her out of the ring and then turns the tables on Naomi.

We’re back in the ring and Alicia is firmly in control, throwing Naomi down like a rag doll. She locks Naomi up tight and goes for a pin, but Naomi kicks out. Alicia still has her trapped in a stiff headlock, and drags her back to the centre of the ring by her hair. She then rips Naomi up and down BY HER ROOTS. Alicia Fox doesn’t mess around, huh?

Naomi shows signs of life and lands a cross body before Alicia can land her famed back breaker. A quick moment later, and both Naomi and Alicia are down on the mat after a vicious collision. The referee starts to count. Both ladies reach their feet and they hack it out, but it’s Naomi who comes out swinging and Naomi drives Alicia face first into the turnbuckle. Mrs Uso then heads up top for a second cross body, but Alicia rolls through and narrowly misses the three count! Things are getting very quick once again, but Fox manages to outfox Naomi’s first attempt at finishing things off. She can’t outrun a second, however, and Naomi nails Alicia with the Rear View. One, two, three and it’s over!

Thoughts Naomi is on quite the roll as of late! She picked up a win over Divas champion Nikki Bella on last week’s show, and this week she’s beaten a former champion in the form of Naomi. I wonder if WWE could be setting Naomi up to be part of the title picture post-Wrestlemania. It certainly needs some new blood if we’re going to be getting AJ and Paige running the show once again, and Naomi is my pick for a title run this year!

Foxy, as always, Is fabulous. Who else has been loving her on Total Divas? She’s the full package; she’s fun, she’s gorgeous and she can wrestle pretty damn well. Seriously, any time she delivers her back breaker I wince at the screen.

Until next time!

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