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WWE Main Event Redux (November 11th, 2014): Foxy Makes the Girl Go Bye

Hola Main Eventers! Eleri here, checking in with this week’s ME offering. Alicia Fox went one on one with Cameron (which I’m sure left Ariane thrilled – her fave match was memorably Melina vs. Alicia Fox. Oh, Tough Enough. I loved that show). WWE is currently over here in the UK and I’m wondering why on earth I didn’t book tickets to go and see them. Tbh, I probably would have fainted if I’d seen Dean Ambrose.

Alright, let’s get down to business! (…to defeat the huns…).

Alicia is out first, shaking what her mother gave her. Now, going into this, I’m not sure if Alicia is supposed to be face or heel. Obviously we know Foxy and Paige are totes on the outs, so are we supposed to be rooting for Alicia? I don’t know. She reveals that she will be one of two new cast members on Total Divas when it premieres in January, and the announcers chime in that Paige will be the second. I am excited. You have no idea.

Cameron heads out to meet her foxy foe, all the while checking her money maker in her compact mirror. Never one to mince words, Cameron basically tells Alicia that she’s gonna whip her butt. Let’s see, shall we?

The ladies lock up and enter a battle of strength. Alicia goes for an early cover but Cameron kicks out. Alicia pulls her into an arm bar, but Cameron soon turns things around. She tosses Alicia to the outside with a big smack, while the crowd chant ‘boring, boring’. I know wrestling fans are a vocal bunch, but if there’s one thing that really winds me up, it’s that. These people are doing their job. Shut the hell up.

Back in the ring, Cameron has Alicia on the ropes and after jumping to the outside, she slaps the spit out of Alicia’s mouth. With a head lock firmly in place, Cameron taunts Alicia but the crowd seems to liven up a bit and tries to get behind the Fox.

Alicia manages to get to her feet, but Cameron sends her back down again with a knee to the gut, followed by a big suplex. Alicia kicks out at a count of two and continues trying to get to her feet, but Cameron is adamant that she won’t let her. Cameron makes an error, however, and Alicia hits a backbreaker.

Alicia aims to land the scissor kick, but Cameron’s at an awkward angle and so Alicia goes for a quick roll up. She gets the one, two, three!

Thoughts: Obviously a botched finish, but kudos to Alicia for just getting on with it and covering pretty well. Either a bit of miscommunication, or Cameron was a little more hurt after the backbreaker than we realized. She may even have been disorientated. But as I said, fair play to Alicia. She showed why she’s the veteran and got it done. That said, given her height and seasoned advantage, I’m not sure I buy Cameron dominating the whole match.

I think people are being too harsh. Cameron has a long way to go, but she’s already come very far in a short space of time and while she made some mistakes in this match, I think she did okay.

The British crowds are notoriously tough, which is unfortunate, and this crowd just wasn’t into the match. Throwing two girls together when we have no real reason to root for either one is just asking for trouble, really. It’s not Alicia or Cameron’s fault of course. Creative needs to step up and make us care!

Until next time, ciao! x

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