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WWE Main Event Redux (October 7th, 2014): Brie’s Luck Runs Out

Hey guys, and welcome to this week’s Main Event Redux. Last night saw a typical Bella feud Handicap match, with Brie Bella going it alone against not only Cameron, Summer Rae and Layla, but Nikki Bella as well. That’s right, the twins finally got to mix it up in a match. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been dying to see that for a good few weeks now.

Out first is my Queen, Nikki Bella. Decked out in pink for a great cause, Nikki struts to the ring where her tag partners are awaiting her.

Brie follows, and I still hate her music. We’re shown a recap of what happened on Monday night, where Brie had to compete with one arm tied behind her back. She managed to pick up the win, leaving Nikki bitter and pissed off. Not a great combo. Bear in mind that Brie is doing things her sister failed to do just a few months earlier, so that has to be eating away at Nikki.

We’re back in the ring and Brie has the crowd chanting YES with her as Nikki grows agitated. The girls clear out and Summer and Brie kick things off. Summer pushed Brie down right away but Brie gains the quick upper hand with a clothesline and some drop kicks. Brie goes for a cover and gets a one count, before Summer tags out to her BFF, Layla.

Layla comes in strong, dropping Brie with a big kick to the jaw and a DDT. Layla gets a two count, and proceeds to drive Brie’s face right into the canvas. Still with the upper hand, Layla tags in Cameron. Nikki doesn’t look like she wants any part of her sister just yet.

Cameron comes in all guns blazing and floors Brie with a great running clothesline. She then proceeds to mock Mrs Danielson with a YES chant of her own, which the crowd fervently boo. Gold star for you, Cameron; you tried boo. Brie rolls Cameron up but can’t close out the match, and Cameron sets in on her with a chin lock, taunting her and asking if she wants to quit. On the apron, Nikki commands Cameron to finish her.

Cameron with a suplex and then a split-legged pin attempt to the vajayjay. It’s as ineffective as it sounds and gets Cameron only a count of one. Not deterred, Cameron applies yet another submission, but Brie comes back with the support of the crowd and lands a missile drop kick to Cameron. Not one for words this time either, Brie goes right up to her sister and lays a big ole right hand right across Nikki’s face!

The numbers game comes into play, unfortunately, and Cameron and Summer (with a distraction from Layla) manage to subdue Brie momentarily. Nikki makes her way back up to the apron and, simply put, she is PISSED. She shoves Summer out of the way of the tag, then tags herself in and then orders Cameron to GET OUT. She follows up with a big BRIE MODE chant, drawing some ire from the crowd.

Nikki charges at Brie at gives her a taste of her own knee to the face. Brie’s fate is sealed as Nikki hoists her twin up onto her shoulders and delivers a devastating Rack Attack. 1, 2 and 3. It’s over. Nikki has pinned her sister.

She celebrates the best way she knows how.


Thoughts: I don’t have too much to say, other than I’m really glad we finally got a glimpse of the Bellas getting physical with each other. I’m hoping they’ll get a match at Hell in a Cell and, not only that, but that it’ll be some kind of stipulation. Or hardcore. Hardcore would be good. Or Iron Woman. Maybe even an I Quit match…

There are endless possibilities, and I hope WWE doesn’t disappoint.

Until next time, ciao! x

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