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WWE Main Event Redux (September 4th, 2015): Team B.A.D. Send a Reminder

What’s up ladies and gents?

On this week’s Main Event, we have Naomi and Sasha Banks taking on Paige and Becky Lynch. After Charlotte found her way to the top of the contender’s list for Nikki Bella‘s Divas championship, it’s probably only right that Becky and Paige are looking to blow off a little steam. Especially Paige; she looked mighty pissed when she couldn’t put Sasha away on Monday night’s Raw.

Pre-match, Naomi, Sasha and fellow Team B.A.D member Tamina join JoJo for an interview backstage.

Naomi and Sasha aren’t interested in talking about what happened at Summerslam, when they were eliminated first from the Divas bout. Instead they’re focusing on tonight, and their match with Pasty Paige and Becky Lame. They plan on leaving them lying. Naomi and Sasha peace out, and Tamina saves a little something extra for JoJo.

Onto the match!

Paige and Becky head out first, accompanied by the number one contender Charlotte. Despite appearances on Raw, Paige, Becky and Charlotte appear to be on the same side right now. They look on, united, as they await the arrival of Naomi and Sasha.

Naomi looks like a frickin’ badass, guys.

She and Becky look to start the match. Naomi messes about a little while first, not wanting to get down and dirty with her opponent just yet. Becky has enough and comes off the ropes swinging, before a quick back and forth ends with Naomi on the mat and her arm locked up by Becky. Naomi plays a little dirty here, grabbing Becky by the hair and then stamping on her foot to get her to release the hold. It works long enough for Naomi to get Becky good and up her butt. Becky retaliates, as you would, with a big dropkick off the ropes to the face.

Naomi tumbles to the outside, and Paige tags in for her team.

Paige hangs Naomi up on the second rope, then delivers her thunderous knee to the chest. She drags Naomi to the centre of the ring and pins her, but only gets a two count. Naomi scuttles over to her corner and tags in Sasha. The crowd awaits this confrontation with some excited murmurs, as Sasha steps up the Paige-shaped plate. We’ve been waiting since Monday to see them really kick it off, and here we go.

Sasha looks to take control, but Paige catches her leg mid-air and slams her face first into the mat. Ouch. Paige winds Sasha up in the middle of the ring, forcing Sasha to crawl toward the bottom rope in an effort to escape. She does, so Paige drags her instead to her corner and tags in Becky. Some smart double teaming follows, before Becky covers Sasha. Sasha kicks out after one, and Becky goes right after Sasha’s arm.

Sasha’s careful not to get caught up; she steers Becky back toward her own corner, where Naomi is waiting to tag in. She does just that, and smacks Becky hard in the face while Sasha holds her in place. The referee sends Sasha out of the ring, and we’re back down to two.

Some more quick back and forth between Becky and Naomi. Becky attempts to roll up Naomi, but fails to notice when Naomi tags out to Sasha. She quickly gathers her wits and lays a big one on Sasha as she enters the ring. But the numbers prove too much and Naomi slams Becky’s head hard into the mat. Paige is livid on the outside, calling for the referee. Meanwhile, Sasha lays into Becky with some hard kicks. She goes for the pin but can’t get the win just yet.

Naomi now in the ring and going for the win. Becky kicks out yet again. Another quick tag in and out for Team B.A.D. Great tactics from these two, as they wear down Becky and keep her from tagging out to her partner.

Sasha and Becky go at it in the corner, but Becky makes a break for it and brushes fingertips with Paige! Sasha trips her opponent, making quick work of her, before steam-rolling ahead into Paige and knocking her off the apron.

HEELing, you’re doing it right.

Sasha ploughs Becky into her and Naomi’s corner, while Paige tries to storm the ring and take out Sasha. The referee stops her and, while he’s distracted on one side, Naomi takes advantage on the other. She beats on Becky in the corner, keeping the Lass Kicker down. Sasha mocks their opponents. Team B.A.D have it all figured out tonight!

More team work from Sasha and Naomi, who are really laying into Becky. She manages to break free once more, and she’s so close to tagging out. Naomi rolls quickly out of the ring and drags Paige back down from the apron. As Charlotte tends to Paige, Naomi and Sasha go right after Becky in the ring.

Sasha’s well in control now, but Becky’s a fighter. She manages to shove Sasha out of the ring after a failed roll up attempt, and while Sasha comes back quick to try and keep Paige out of the action once more, Becky saves her own skin with a big kick to Sasha’s mid-section.

Paige is livid when she finally gets the tag! She pummels Sasha with numerous clotheslines and not one, but TWO big knees to the face. She then goes for the pin, hoping to send a short and simple – bit definitely not sweet – message. But Sasha kicks out. It’s no sweat to Paige as she knocks Naomi off the apron.

That’s not quite enough to dissuade Team B.A.D however. Despite her best efforts, Paige is bested when Sasha manages to roll her up off the distraction by Naomi! It’s one, two, three and it’s over! Paige looks gutted, as she adds another loss to her list this week.

Thoughts: I really enjoyed this match. It was a little slow for me to begin with, in the sense that I didn’t really feel invested. As much as I love Naomi, and I really do, I felt like I was waiting for the Sasha/Paige fall out from Raw. I am hoping we’ll get a one on one between them on Monday night, because I feel like it would kick some serious ass. Becky took it like a pro this match, and she really did hang in there for a good long while! Naomi continues to be a badass, and if you disagree then you’re wrong. But for me, the star on this week’s show is the BOSS. Sasha, I salute you.

Until next time! x

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