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WWE Night of Champions in Review: Eve Picks Up Diva Gold to Add to Her Diamond Ring


This hands down one of my favorite shows of the year, and it’s only fitting that on a night when champions are showcased and gold is on the lines, someone of my caliber is nominated to do this epic review. I’m watching this show along with all of you tonight, and thankfully it kicks off with an update on Jerry “The King” Lawler. He gets to go home this week to Memphis and that’s great news for everyone. Get well soon, Jerry!

JBL will be replacing The King tonight on commentary and that brings back fond memories of how he used to call Michelle McCool the “future Mrs. Layfield.” I shipped them to be honest. I really, really did.

Lilian Garcia looks stunning tonight. First up is a fatal four-way match for the Intercontinental Championship. I’m going back to text messaging my Irish friend now. And no, it isn’t Sheamus. He has a match tonight, guys! Plus my Irish friend is way cuter!

Speaking of cute, I totes just noticed the middle rope is pink. LOVE it! Pink ropes forever.

Our first Diva segment of the night involves the woman of the hour, Miss Eve Torres!

She’s talking to the Prime Time Players. No one cares what they have to say and it doesn’t take long for that to get interrupted. Someone runs up to Eve and tells her to come here and they find Kaitlyn in pain. She claims someone has hit her from behind. She’s in pain and can’t really compete so Eve makes the decision that she will get her match at a later date.

Well, this sucks. Not what I wanted to see happen, but I’ll try and keep an open mind. I was actually pretty excited to see Kaitlyn in a title match. I’m fairly certain Eve is going to be the replacement challenger, but Kaitlyn says someone ran up behind her and attacked her, and they were wearing a mask. Wonder who that could be??

Update: Our Diva Dirt section of Twitter seems to agree that it was Tonya Harding who totally attacked Kaitlyn. I wonder if Nancy Kerrigan is somewhere around to offer her support?

Oh dear… the video package of Daniel Bryan and Kane, and the anger management. Bloody brilliant. Daniel Bryan is my favorite wrestler, hands down. God, he is perfection. I hope we get an AJ appearance.

No AJ appearance but the ending of that match was brilliant.

Backstage, Booker T and Teddy Long are talking about Kane and Daniel Bryan. Eve comes in and says that Kaitlyn can’t compete, so of course they have to announce a replacement contender.

Booker T gives the spot to Eve, and she acts pretty humble about this. It just kind of makes you wonder if she did go Tonya Harding on Kaitlyn doesn’t it? Teddy Long seems to smell a rat. We’ll have to see what happens.

Aksana and Antonio Cesaro are out next.

Aksana looks smoking hot tonight and she has on a breast cancer awareness pin. Love that the WWE is teaming with the Susan G. Komen foundation. They do their usual thing on the mic, and Zack Ryder comes out. United States Championship is going to be defended right now.

Pretty decent match and once again Aksana provides the interference to help her man win. Again I’m reminded as to why I love these two together. JBL said it best, “that’s what managers are supposed to do.” He gets it. I get it. And I really hope these two stay together for awhile. Great chemistry, great angle. PERFECT way to use Aksana. I’ve always said that not every diva has to be a wrestler and it looks like the WWE is starting to understand that as well.


Oh goodness. She introduces Prince Dawlf and I cannot wait to see what’s going on with these two. Prince Dawlf is dressed to wrestle and I hope he is finally here to show the world that he’s World Championship worthy. I’m not a woman who’s very patience and of course I want my man to have the title like right now.

Oh Hell. He’s facing Randy Orton. I can’t right now…

Yeah. Match of the Year right there. Ziggler and Orton can’t be touched tonight.

How I’m supposed to go from that to Divas is beyond me. But wow, I love both Eve’s and Layla‘s ring gear tonight. They look incredible.

Let me just start by saying that the match itself was an incredible effort from both ladies. I haven’t enjoyed a solid Divas match like that in awhile. The crowd absolutely sucked the life out of it and every single person in that arena in Boston should be ashamed of themselves. Those type of people are the narrowed-minded assholes that never allow the Divas to be taken seriously. I absolutely hate that. It makes me sick. There is nothing to fault Layla and Eve on tonight, and those who do didn’t give it a chance in the first place. Eve and Layla put everything on the table tonight and Eve got the victory that almost all of us predicted she would get. I’m really interested to see if this leads to a program between Eve and Kaitlyn.

I’m not sure if I think Eve did the actual attack, but I do think it should be revealed that she hired someone to attack Kaitlyn. It seems like the WWE has given us a ready made storyline and I’m hoping against hope that something comes from it. Personally, I just wish they would make Eve’s wins a little more meaningful. The only consolation in this one is that she deserves this chance. Along with AJ, Eve has been an It girl this year and I have loved everything she’s done since her big heel turn. She has done a lot of work and has developed a brilliant character. I’m looking forward to this title run.

It was a good decision to get the title off Layla. As great as she is, it just didn’t click this time. They didn’t give Layla anything to work with and hopefully she can get a small storyline somewhere and work on being a better babyface. The WWE doesn’t do well with Diva face characters, so it’s up to Layla to make herself standout again. She clicked as a heel and there’s no doubt in my mind that she can find someway to make it work as a face.

There’s really not much else I can say right now. I’m really looking forward to re-watching the match with the sound on mute. The crowd could have ruined it and if this is how you feel, then I encourage all of you to check out the match for a second time. My hat is off to Layla and Eve. They did the absolute best job I’ve seen in awhile. Great, great match.


Backstage, Daniel Bryan is celebrating. He’s still screaming that he is the “tag team champions.” He is screaming it at anyone who will listen. He even passes our perfect AJ and screams it right in her face. And to be honest, everything else is just blank right now because honest to God this is the best segment I’ve ever seen in my life.

Can we please have these four in some type of stable? Can we please make sure this storyline never ends? My goodness these four are pure gold and they can’t do any wrong. It’s so random, it’s beautiful. I can’t wait to see how far this ends up going. TEAM FRIENDSHIP FOREVER! HUG IT OUT FOREVER! TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS FOREVER!!!

Okay, I’m done now.

And I’m slightly disappointed there wasn’t a cash-in for Prince Dawlf. I surely thought tonight was going to be the night. Still, can’t fault this pay-per-view at all. It got off to a horribly slow start with that IC title match, but things picked up and in a big way. Out of all the quality Diva segments, the match stole the show for me. Eve and Layla were just so spot on. I’m very glad I sat down and watched this show tonight. Well worth the time. I just hope everyone else loved it as much as I did.

Overall Rating: A+!

Until next time…. Cryssi out!

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