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WWE Superstars Redux (August 14th, 2014): The Fox Faces the Jitterbug

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s WWE Superstars Redux. Everyone’s favourite Walmart customer Emma is back in action on Superstars for the second week in a row, and she’s hoping she’ll have more luck than last week when she lost to Cameron. Her opponent is another toughie though for Emma, the bipolar and mentally unstable host of WWE Insider, Alicia Fox. Strange move by WWE to have someone who is more batsh*t than Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black hosting a webshow yet hey, maybe Alicia held the staff at popcorn and soda-point?


Emma makes her way out to the ring first and I just love her. I just hope sometime soon she gets a decent spotlight thrown on her and a shot at the WWE Divas Championship. Although a bad thing about her entrance (and I don’t mean the dancing) was that we learned that Tom Phillips does a horrendous Australian accent. Never again please Tom!

The Foxylicious one is out next and her weird former furry hat turned feathery rag is firmly in her hand. She positioned like a Fox’s tail which is kind of cool too. I still don’t really understand it though yet this is Alicia Fox we’re talking about, I don’t think we’re meant to understand her!

Alicia gets the best of Emma in the early going as she wrenches and twists her wrist yet Emma fights back with a stiff boot to the throat after having a forward roll frenzy! Emma then dodges Alicia’s dash towards her and she ends up benching Alicia, send Foxy flat on her arse! Foxy legs it to the outside and moans before the following hilarious conversation ensues.

Alicia: “You don’t embarrass me!”
Emma: “Well, I kinda just did.”

I love a bit of mid-match banter!

Alicia mouths off at the crowd and although Emma grabs a head full of Lic’s weave, Alicia was clearly less distracted than we thought as she sends Emma spine first onto the ring apron. After a spell of crying and sass to the ref, Alicia beats Emma’s head into the mat before hitting a Northern Lights suplex for two. Alicia applies a chinlock and just when it looks like Emma might be getting back into the swing of things, Alicia dumps her to the floor and Emma lands hard on her elbow. Amazing selling from Emma too!

Renee Young, please marry me? Your commentary is hilarious!

Back to the match, Emma is irish whipped into the corner yet she bashes Alicia right back with a really stiff elbow. Alicia grabs at Emma’s blonde locks yet the bubble Australian bitchslaps Alicia for her troubles before Alicia’s big boot attempting leg meets the top turnbuckle instead. After a close call from a schoolgirl, Emma’s adrenaline is most certainly pumping!

After an Emmadance to charge herself up even more, Emma elbows Alicia before knocking her down again by using her dance moves as punches. You can’t make this stuff up! Emma then decks Alicia with a major clothesline for two. Alicia then rams Emma into the corner, a move she follows up with some strong slaps to the face. However, Alicia’s come back is short-lived as after hitting the DilEmma and a major top rope crossbody, Emma wraps Alicia up in the Emma Lock for the win!

Thoughts: Other than a slight miscommunication in the opposite corner to the one Emma hit the DilEmma, this match was so smooth and was chockablock with charisma and personality. The girls put on a really entertaining match in terms of their movesets (Alicia’s sideslam to the outside is always sick and Emma’s crossbody was really fresh for her), they had verbal disagreements the whole match and the selling was outstanding. I can’t really fault this match. For the time they were given, these two delivered tremendously. If I’m being picky, I would say Alicia seemed a little too with it to not be able to force her way out of the Emma Lock before it was applied, yet other than that, I loved this!

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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