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WWE Superstars Redux (August 21st, 2014): Emma Outfoxes Alicia…Again

This week on Superstars, we’ve got a rematch from last week, as Alicia Fox seeks to avenge her loss against the enigma that is Emma. Let’s watch:

Off the bat, Alicia backs Emma into the ropes. She relents with the referee’s count, but then shoves Emma, demonstrating some of that bullying she’s grown to favor. Emma charges right back with a tie-up, but Alicia again backs her into the ropes. Alicia shoves her again and then wrenches an arm. Emma flips out of the hold and applies a wristlock of her own, but Alicia reverses it, capturing Emma back in the hold and nailing her on the back for good measure.

Emma grabs Alicia by the head and hits a monkey flip, creatively freeing herself from the hold. But Alicia’s right back on her with a wristlock, stomping on the mat repeatedly to add pressure. Desperately to get out of the hold, Emma starts rolling around Alicia like she’s a gerbil in a ball. She gets Alicia in an unsteady position and then kicks her in the face, sending her straight to the mat.

Alicia comes back with a head full of steam, but Emma ducks and gets on all fours, causing Alicia to bounce off the ropes and trip backwards. She’s back on her feet quickly, though, and halts Emma’s momentum with a knee to the stomach. She whips Emma into the ropes, but when she presses herself to the mat, Emma does the same, frustrating her. Emma seems to realize how unwise it is to mess with Alicia, but thwarts her attacks and uses her legs to flip Alicia into a pin attempt. She gets a two count.

Emma tries to continue her attack, but Alicia slips out of the ring to decompress. She slams her hands on the apron and screams. Hold on to your sodas, people! She then decides to go after the fresh meat, walking to the announce table and scaring the crap out of Renee Young. Meanwhile, Emma’s mocking her by mimicking a chicken. Nice, but it’s no Gob.

Alicia ends up kicking the announce table and hurting her foot. Oh, that’s a new one. I don’t think we’ve seen Alicia’s antics come back to bite her yet. She re-enters the ring after the referee’s six count. She tries to regain her composure in the corner, but Emma busts out her trademark dance, and Alicia can’t help but laugh. She mocks Emma’s dance with a badly done impression of it, somehow combining it with the Elaine dance from Seinfeld.

Alicia has seen enough, and kicks Emma straight in the chest. She pulls her towards the middle of the ring and goes for the pin, getting a two count. She’s not happy about Emma’s kickout, slamming on the mat and yelling something in Simish as we head out to a commercial.

When we return, Alicia’s in the midst of tossing Emma back into the ring, having made a field trip to the outside. She captures Emma in a headlock, but it doesn’t last long, as Emma starts to fight out. Alicia slams her to the mat before she can get free. She bounces off the ropes and kicks Emma straight in the face, demonstrating that her foot injury was faked. Cunning like a fox, that Alicia..

Alicia goes for another pin, but Emma kicks out. She then latches on another headlock, the crowd soon getting behind Emma and encouraging her to get to her feet. She does, but Alicia soon hits her with a Northern Lights suplex, bridging into a pin. Emma kicks out, and Alicia throws another mini tantrum. She starts to slap Emma upside the head, shoving her.

Emma gets to the ropes, and Alicia uses her legs to choke her against them. She catches Emma in yet another headlock, alternating it with a chinlock. The crowd again tries to will Emma to fight back, but Alicia’s in control. She fights off Emma’s attacks and tries to dump her out of the ring, but Emma turns it into a headscissors takedown, sending Alicia out of the ring instead!

This pisses off Alicia even more, and she shoots back into the ring, yanking Emma to her feet. Suddenly, Emma rolls her into a pin attempt! Alicia kicks out, though, and tries to regain control. Emma drills Alicia with a shot to the face, but that seems to only enrage her. She comes charging with a boot, but catches only turnbuckle when Emma dodges. Emma rolls her up, but Alicia kicks out!

Emma kicks Alicia in the midsection, steadily gaining momentum. She hits a clothesline and nabs a near fall. Emma heads to the ring apron, but Alicia grabs her. Emma flips forward, though, (inadvertently?) sending her boots up and right into Alicia’s face. She then scales the turnbuckle, flying off the top rope with a crossbody! She pins Alicia, defeating her for the victory for the second week in a row! As Emma celebrates, Alicia picks a fight with the ring, kicking the ropes.

Thoughts: I’m getting more and more into Emma’s character. I loved the little eccentric touches she adds to her matches, like when she rolled (and rolled, and rolled) out of the wristlock. She really knows her character inside and out, somehow making clumsy wrestling look good.

Speaking of incorporating your character into your wrestling, Alicia is getting even greater at it. She somehow combines unmatched athleticism with a roughneck style, which suits her bullying persona perfectly. She’s got the whole thing down pat, even using one of her tantrums to fool her opponent, which is a nice twist.

I want to see more from this feud: I’ve seen no one get under Alicia’s skin so easily as Emma did, and these two losses have got to be bothering Alicia. I’d love for this to be an ongoing thing, because this match was great. It colored outside the lines a fair bit, but when you’ve got two characters like these, it’s hard not to. There were a few moments (especially the roll-ups) where I thought the match was over, but it kept going. I like that they didn’t settle for the upset win and let Emma get another clean win over Alicia. That serves to anger her even more, surely setting the stage for a third match, right? Please?

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