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WWE Superstars Redux (August 4th, 2011): That Alicia Reign Just Won’t Let Up

It may be Shark Week, but clearly there is nothing more deadly than an Alicia Fox scissors kick.

Just when you thought it was safe to get back into the water, Alicia strikes again! Her victim this time? Kaitlyn.

Let’s watch and take notes:

Kaitlyn, now sporting generic entrance music, is no longer making the rain fall. Boo! (That song was my guilty pleasure.)

As the bell rings, Alicia slyly scouts a lock-up attempt by Kaitlyn, instead opting to move around her and shove her from behind in heel fashion. Kaitlyn makes a smiley-angry gurny face, not dissimilar to those that Tiffany used to make, and talks a little trash to her opponent. Fox applies a side headlock before taking Kaitlyn down to the mat with and grounding her. Kaitlyn tries to wriggle free and eventually manages to position her legs near Alicia’s head and applies a leg-scissors on the former Divas Champion. Kaitlyn pretty smartly raises herself off the mat, applying pressure to Fox, before Alicia kicks out of the maneuver.

Both Divas quickly rise to their feet but it’s Kaitlyn who is the first to strike with a shoulder tackle and pin attempt, however no three count. Kaitlyn, perhaps arrogantly, shoves Alicia to the mat and says, “That’s one.” Alicia is not happy. Uh oh.

Alicia applies a waist lock on Kaitlyn but the NXT winner soon wriggles free, and in a great display of athleticism and strength, hoists Alicia off the mat and into the air. All that power-lifting pre-WWE has paid off! Kaitlyn props Fox up on the top turnbuckle and mocks her, again rather arrogantly, which just pisses off Alicia even more. Alicia launches off of the turnbuckles with a fiery Thesz Press and begins smashing Kaitlyn’s head against the mat.

Alicia wrenches Kaitlyn’s arm and whips her into the corner but it’s reversed. Alicia with an elbow to Kaitlyn followed by slamming her against the mat head-first. Fox with a pin attempt followed by knees to the back.

Kaitlyn aggressively slams Kaitlyn’s head against the mat a couple of times before applying a headlock as Kaitlyn tries to fight free. Kaitlyn breaks free and slaps Alicia, she runs the ropes and flips Fox into a sunset flip pin attempt but Fox kicks out.

Alicia with a clothesline and yet another headlock, grounding Kaitlyn on the mat and wearing her down. Kaitlyn again tries to fight out of the move, with elbows to Fox’s stomach but the Foxy One is having none of it as she slams Kaitlyn against the canvas face first.

Fox applies another side headlock but this time Kaitlyn manages to hit a side-suplex out of desperation and win herself some time to recover. Kaitlyn with a flapjack now followed by a dropkick and pin attempt but Fox kicks out.

Kaitlyn tosses Alicia into the corner and hits her with forearms. She whips Fox into the opposing corner but Fox reverses. Kaitlyn manages to use her feet to stop herself and jumps atop the middle turnbuckle and hits a nice back elbow on Alicia. Pin attempt but again, Alicia kicks out.

Kaitlyn picks up Fox for a side-slam but Alicia manages to cartwheel out of it. She kicks Kaitlyn in the stomach and you know what time it is! Kaitlyn is in perfect position for a scissors kick! BAM! Fox hits her with the scissors kick across the neck and it’s all over.

Thoughts: The Foxy streak continues! Alicia Fox is without a doubt the best booked Diva in WWE right now, with wins left, right and center, and she’s not even in the title picture. She’s been built up so strongly and solidly with all of these wins, but where does it all lead? As of now, no where, due to Beth Phoenix getting the top heel role after her turn on Raw this past week. I do feel that WWE ought to do something more substantial with Alicia now that she’s notched up so many victories. Surely she’s earned herself a title shot or some sort of storyline?

I was very impressed by Kaitlyn in this match. I must admit, she’s growing on me. She’s come a long way since annoying me with her presence on her days on NXT. I was not a Kaitlyn fan on that show (Naomi losing still hurts) but you have to give the girl props. She’s only been wrestling for one year and has put on two decent matches with Alicia on TV. She looked good in this match and is clearly using her power and strength from her pre-WWE career to her advantage, which I think really helps her stand out in the ring. I thought her hoisting Alicia into the air was a great spot that showed her strength. Of course, this will now lead to comparisons with Beth Phoenix, but I think Kaitlyn could be more of a mix of strength a la Beth, and ‘sexy’ a la Kelly Kelly. She really reminds me of former WWE Diva, Tiffany, who also used her power-lifting background and did things in the ring that we didn’t expect to see from a Diva. I always pictured Tiffany eventually going the distance and being a top Diva and Divas Champion. She had the potential. I really saw something in her. Perhaps Kaitlyn can pick up where she left off and accomplish the things that Tiffany didn’t — after a little more seasoning, of course.

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