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WWE Superstars Redux (December 18th, 2014): Emma Leaves Summer Out in the Cold

Hello, one and all Diva fans! Last night we saw Emma (again) taking on Summer Rae. It’s not a match I’ve had the opportunity to recap before and, therefore, I’m looking forward to it!

Summer Rae heads out first looking gorgeous in gold. Love of my life Renee Young is on commentary. Emma’s music hits and she dances her way to the ring, and I genuinely can’t tell if she dislikes the dancing as much as I do or of it’s supposed to look that way… Sidenote, Emma’s lost the ab-straps from her ring gear by the looks of it, and that’s a shame because they looked good.

The referee rings the bell and we’re underway! Summer Rae is even less impressed with the dance moves than I am, so Emma sets about trying to be more like her opponent with some dazzling, over the top hair flips which – I admit – even I found funny. Summer flips and swings for Emma, who dodges and promptly pushes Summer away. This only enrages Fandango’s ex, who rushes at Emma and gets a kick to the face for her troubles.

Summer is very wound up now, dragging Emma to the corner by the hair. But Emma turns the tables and slams Summer’s face into the turnbuckle repeatedly. Summer escapes to the outside, but Emma’s in pursuit and tries to drag her back between the ropes by her hair! Renee has been informing us just recently about how much Summer values her long golden mane – this is such a slap in the face! Summer sweeps Emma’s legs and Emma hits the mat hard. Summer with a pin attempt and a count of two.

There’s steam coming out of Summer’s ears! She’s being very physical with Emma, who’s just managing to hang in there. Summer locks her up in a modified head lock. The crowd rallies behind Emma and she manages to break free, but it’s not for long as Summer puts her down for yet another two count. With Emma in the corner, Summer takes a moment to compose herself. She then charges at her opponent, but Emma ducks out of the way and rolls Summer up with a beautifully modified bridge pin. Summer kicks out at two.

Emma picks things up coming off the ropes, knocking Summer down. Tricking Summer into the corner, Emma traps Summer in the dilEMMA! She fixes her hair, gives a cheeky pout (see this is the Emma I like!) and charges with her signature sandwich! Summer’s on the mat, and Emma ties her up in the Emma-lock! Summer Rae taps out!

Thoughts: I don’t keep it a secret that I dislike Emma’s dancing or her gimmick. I’m just over it. What used to be cute has just gotten a bit old for me. However, I am an Emma fan because as we saw tonight, she has some shining moments. When she was mocking Summer and fussing with her hair and pout, I really loved it. That’s exactly the kind of sassy character I want for her!

Summer was great tonight; very aggressive and on point as a heel. I liked the match. The two have a lot of history together so it’s nice to see that they’re comfortable getting physical. Plus it was nice to see something different to Emma vs. Paige (for me at least).

Until next time, ciao! x

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