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WWE Superstars Redux (February 6th, 2015): Summer and Cameron Delay the EMMAlution

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s WWE Superstars write up! Last night saw a tag team match unfold, featuring two of my faves, Naomi and Cameron. They were on opposing teams, having still not made up after their terrible falling out last year. They’ve made waves as singles competitors and hopefully 2015 will give them both ample time to shine. Cameron teamed up with Summer Rae (I’m not sure if she’s a face or heel or tweener at this point) whilst Naomi found a dancing buddy in Emma.

Naomi and Emma headed out first, followed by Cameron and Summer Rae. Only a couple of weeks ago they went one on one, so that begs the question of whether or not lasting tension might play a factor tonight. Perhaps they won’t work so well as a team. Only time will tell.

Emma looks to start things off with Cameron, but the former Funkadactyl has a plan of her own and demands that Naomi tag in so they can kick things off together instead. Emma’s somewhat hesitant; I’m sure she was looking forward to kicking some butt early on, but nevertheless she tags in her partner. Cameron gets right in Naomi’s face, and I’ve got a feeling she’s going to regret putting her money where her mouth is a little later on…

Naomi pushes Cameron back, and Cameron retaliates with a slap to the face. She runs away right after, as you do, and Naomi is in hot pursuit. After a little run around, Naomi delivers a slap of her own to the perfectly glossed chops of her former BFF, and the action really gets started. Naomi has Cameron right where she wants her, and after having some fun in the corner, Naomi drops Cameron with a slam and a beautiful leg drop. Did you see the height she got on that? Nice!

Naomi with an early pin and Cameron kicks out at two. Cameron scurries away, leaving Summer to face Naomi instead. Naomi makes quick work of the blonde, socking her with a right hand and knocking her to the floor. It gives Cameron enough time to compose herself, however, and she drops Naomi on the ropes to gain control. Cameron beats on Naomi on the mat, before tagging in Summer who looks a little pissed off after the fall she took off the apron.

Summer has Naomi in the corner, working her over and getting a two count, before locking her in a modified abdominal stretch. Naomi makes a short comeback as the crowd chants for Emma, but Summer isn’t interested and drags Naomi right back to her own corner. She tags out to Cameron, who comes right back with all the aggression she’s carried with her since the Funkadactyls split last year.

Cameron is in full control, taunting Naomi who’s desperately trying to get to her corner. A shot to the back puts Naomi back on the mat, but only earns her a one count. Cameron sends Naomi to the corner but gets too cocky, and receives a stiff kick to the side of the head for her efforts. Naomi crawls to her corner and gets the hot tag to Emma, just as Summer heads in on the other side.

The crowd gets right behind Emma as she lays into Summer, before trapping her in the dilEMMA on the ropes. She lets go before the count and the connects with a running drop kick. Cameron has seen enough, however, and intervenes on her partner’s behalf. Naomi does her best to help, but Cameron disposes of her on the outside and, together with Summer, she turns her attentions back to Emma.

Emma’s too savvy for that, however, and lands a quick kick to Summer before dodging a shot from Cameron. The miss sends Cameron too close to the apron and Naomi drags her to the outside. They lay each other out with a pair of HUGE clotheslines! Emma and Summer are left in the ring, and it looks as though Emma is going to pull out the win. Just then, Summer knocks her off the ropes and connects with a big roundhouse kick. It lays Emma out for the one, two, three and Summer and Cameron pick up the win!

Thoughts: I really enjoyed this match. I felt like it had some good story telling for the most part, what with Cameron and Naomi’s history and Naomi as the babyface in distress. The crowd really loves Emma, and so it was nice to hear that burst of support from them when she got the hot tag. My favourite spot had to be the double clothesline on the outside. And hey, I was wrong! Turns out Cameron and Summer make quite the formidable duo together. Perhaps WWE were using this a trial run to see if they could pair these two up in the future? They certainly have a lot in common, including their love of their own reflection. Oddly, I found that Naomi had the least to do in this match. We didn’t get to see too much of her athleticism, which is such a shame because she’s so good at what she does.

I hope 2015 brings both her and Cameron some spotlight, a decision on whether Summer is heel or face, and a heel turn for Emma. You know you want it.

Until next time! x

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