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WWE Superstars Redux (January 16th, 2015): Summer Says, “Girl Bye”

What’s up, ladies and gents? Hope you’re all doing well, and that the New Year is already bringing you what you wanted it to! Superstars has moved to Friday nights on the WWE Network, which is only 9.99, and so the Superstars write ups will be coming to you on Saturdays from here on out. By the way, the Network has finally arrived over here in the UK so if you think I’ve done much of anything other than watching old pay per views… well, you’re wrong.

So last night we saw Cameron take on Summer Rae in what (I think!) is a first singles encounter between the two. I could be wrong. It’s certainly the first time I’ve reviewed this match.

Cameron is out first, and her lipstick is fabulous. I’m really partial to her entrance music, I don’t know why. This coming from someone who hates BRIEEE MOOOOODE. Cameron’s trusty mirror is not far away, either. Summer Rae heads out in blue and gold, and she’s a face now by the looks of it!

The bell rings, and Summer wants to go. Cameron needs a moment to make sure her face looks good, and Summer takes exception to this. She steals the mirror, but Cameron’s so over it and knocks some sense into Summer. They get catty pretty quick, which finishes up with Cameron throwing Summer to the mat from the second rope. Summer appears to be hurting from her tumble, but Cameron isn’t too concerned. She traps Summer on the ropes and continues to work her opponent.

Cameron locks Summer up, and the crowd gets behind the blonde long enough to get Summer to her feet. She falls back down, however, and Cameron goes for a pin. Summer kicks out, and Cameron traps her once again.

Cameron is playing the heel very well, wearing Summer down and taunting her. It’s interesting that Cameron is the dominant one here; she gives way to Summer in heigh and weight a little, meaning that Cameron is more of a petite competitor. But I like the aggression she’s showing, and Summer’s not too bad at being the babyface in peril. She’s a natural heel, however. They both are, but the crowd needs someone to cheer for, right?

Finally, Summer has had enough. She bursts out of the corner with two clotheslines, a beautiful DDT and, to finish Cameron off, a big roundhouse kick. Cameron’s down and Summer gets the one, two, three.

She looks surprised and chuffed to bits!

Thoughts: A quick little match, and personally I feel like it showed off Cameron a lot more than Summer. Cameron was in control from the get go, and rarely let up when it came to keeping the pressure on her opponent. She showed great heel tactics and personality; you can just tell when it comes naturally to people, and it does in buckets with her. Summer as a face isn’t my favourite Summer, but I don’t mind it. I could get behind it, but I like her as a snotty, bitchy heel too much right now.

Summer’s DDT was picture perfect, I think. Great stuff all round; the only downfall for me was that I didn’t feel like we got to see much of the chemistry between the girls. Lots of rest holds from Cameron and big moves from Summer. Given the right amount of time, I’d like to see what they could do.

Until next time, ciao! x

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