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WWE Superstars Redux (September 11th, 2014): Naomi Can’t Be Slayed

This week on WWE Superstars, we’ve got a Total Divas showdown that is not destined to end in a clumsy multi-Diva brawl: Summer Rae is taking on Naomi. Watch below:

Summer is, of course, accompanied by her Slayers partner Layla, who cheers Summer on as we start the match. Off the bell, the Divas trade control, Naomi eventually taking Summer down with a fireman’s carry and locking Summer in an armbar.

Summer screams for Layla (or was that “Let go!!”), but is soon on her feet and returning the favor, reversing the hold into a wristlock on Naomi. Naomi’s not in it for long, though, as she flips forward and knocks Summer off her feet, kicking her square in the face. Naomi goes for the pin, but Summer kicks out.

Naomi’s whip into the ropes is reversed, and she slides under the ropes, standing on the ring apron. Layla rushes over to provide some distraction, and it works, Summer nailing Naomi with a kick and draping her over the middle rope, slapping her on the back.

She drags Naomi back to the center of the ring and goes for the pin. Naomi kicks out. Summer hits a leg drop and does some celebrating, dancing around the ring. She sets up Naomi in a corner and chokes her with a boot, eventually pulling her by the legs and slamming her to the mat. Summer goes for the pin again, but Naomi kicks out quickly.

Summer latches on a submission on Naomi, using her own arm against her. When Naomi tries to fight out, she’s slammed back to the mat. Summer scores another near fall and starts to beat down Naomi, catching her in a headlock and wrapping her legs around her.

Naomi is soon back to her feet, but is sent into the corner and is met with a Stacy Keibler-esque spinning heel kick. Naomi kicks out of another pin attempt, and Summer’s getting frustrated. She locks in another headlock on Naomi.

Naomi battles out and ducks an attack from Summer, laying her out with two dropkicks and a back suplex. She kips up and is on fire! She nails Summer with a jawbreaker maneuver and goes for the pin. Summer kicks out at two.

Sensing that her partner is in trouble Layla climbs up onto the ring apron. Naomi walks over to her and exchanges some words, but telegraphs a sneak attack from Summer, dodging just in time to cause a near collision by the Slayers. Summer puts on the breaks, but the distraction is enough for Naomi to roll Summer up into a pin and score the victory!

Thoughts: This was a fun little match. I really like the antics os Layla and Summer, and I’m so glad they’re full-fledged heels again. This act works so much better when they’re working for boos instead of cheers, and Summer and Layla are so good at the comedy bits, not afraid to look ridiculous in order to get a reaction from the crowd.

Naomi was her usual, energetic self, and I’m glad to see her back in the ring in a one-on-one match, showing no signs of slowing down after her recent surgery. I only wish they could bring back her feud with Cameron. Surely it hasn’t been too long to resurrect that?

I like how fresh this combination felt. The WWE looks to be open to trying out new match-ups, which I’m all for. The matches between Alicia Fox and Emma, which showed that a new combination can be captivating enough to have not one, not two, but three matches. I’m not sure we’ll be seeing another trilogy here, but I’m absolutely up for another match between these two.

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