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WWE Superstars Redux (September 30th, 2010): Twintuition Comes Through Again

The Divas return to WWE Superstars as The Bella Twins take on Alicia Fox and Jillian. Check it out below:

Alicia (accompanied by NXT Rookie, Maxine) with her Tina Turner esque outfit, and Jillian are the first tag team to make their way down to the ring. Jillian, of course, begins to speak to the audience about the laryngitis rumor being completely untrue and tries very hard to prove it to those watching by showing off her redonkulous singing skills. Her song of choice? “Love the Way You Lie” by Eminem and Rihanna.

This may be my very first time being excited to see the Bellas. My ears are thanking them for interrupting the drowning cat… err, I mean Jillian. They are accompanied by their NXT Rookie, Jamie, looking prepared for a war with their camouflage get up. Can’t say I’m a fan of the curtain like material covering their boots, though.

Alicia is in the ring to start the match with Bella #1. Bear with me, you guys. I have no idea which twin it is and of course Cole & King didn’t bother to help. Alicia and Bella #1 lock up before Alicia pushes her off. Alicia tries to go after her with the clothesline, but she is monkey flipped by Bella #1. Numero uno delivers a couple of forearms to the face of Alicia, who tries to counter by ramming her head into the turnbuckle, but Bella #1 is able to block it with her foot and throws Alicia into the turnbuckle face first. She gives Alicia a kick in the gut for good measure before tagging in Bella #2.

The twins take advantage of the tag and execute a modified monkey flip on Alicia. Bella #2 tries to finish Alicia off early with the cover, but Foxxy ain’t having it as she kicks out and kicks Bella #2 in the head before tagging in Jillian. Jillian goes right after #2 Bella, but is slowed down by a sit down jaw breaker. Jillian scurries to the ropes and tries to catch her breath. Bella #2 doesn’t want to waste any time, goes after Jillian, and gets kicked in the gut for her sense of urgency.

Jillian irish whips Bella #2 in the corner and gives the crowd another wonderful performance of her excellent vocal range before attempting the handspring elbow into the corner. An attempt it was because Bella #2 plants both of her feet right into the back of Jillian. Bella #2 sneaks a quick elbow to the face of Alicia, snaps Jillian’s face to the canvas, and front rolls to the opposite corner for a tag to Bella #1.

Both Bellas are in the ring and proceed to scramble Jillian’s brain with their asses. The ass shaking is put to a halt when Alicia tries to save her partner, but runs right into a double elbow from the Bellas. Alicia and Jillian are now on the outside where Alicia happily assists Jillian back into the ring where she is hit with a couple of forearms by Bella #1. Bella #1 tries to send Jillian to the ropes, but she reverses and Alicia grabs Bella #1 causing her to trip face first onto the mat and drags her out of the ring leaving Bella #2 alone.

Jillian wastes no time going to the outside and rolling Bella #1 into the ring. Well what do you know…

King: Is that Brie?
Cole: … I’m not quite sure. It’s hard to tell.

Thank you, captain obvious. I really appreciate the help -_-. Back to the match, where Jillian now has Bella #1 hooked for the pin. The Bella is able to kick out at two and Jillian awards her with a nice yank to the hair followed by a slam face first for her efforts. Jillian tags in Alicia who straight to Bella # 1’s hair and pulls her to the middle of the ring for the cover. Bella #1 kicks out and a furious Alicia begins to club her in the face before locking her in an arm bar. Bella #1 is able to get a quick elbow to Alicia’s midsection before Alicia sends her into the nearest turnbuckle. Alicia comes right after her but Bella #1 moves out of the way causing Alicia to hit the turnbuckles knee first.

Even with her bum knee, Alicia is able to get the tag on Jillian who grabs Bella #1 by the foot, but not before she is able to tag in her twin. Jillian tries to take the quick shot at Bella #2, but she ducks and head butts Jillian in the head stomach before coming into the ring. Jillian tries to get her revenge with a clothesline. Bella #2 ducks and takes Jillian down with the head scissors followed by a series of drop kick and slam down to the mat, face first. Bella #2 goes for another pin, but Jillian kicks out again!

Bella #2 pulls Jillian up, trying to send her to the nearest turnbuckle, but Jillian reverses and comes back with a kick in the gut. She then hoists Bella #2 on her shoulder and drops her right back down with the Samoan drop. Feeling that the end is near for the Bella Twins, Jillian goes for another, but yet again, Bella # 2 kicks out! Jillian takes a moment to chastise the ref, before pulling Bella #2 up by her hair, and sending her to the ropes where she is able to hold on and kick Jillian in the face! Alicia tries assist her partner on the apron, but Bella #2 is already aware of her sly, foxxy ways as she delivers a forearm to her face.

While Alicia is down on the apron, Bella # 2 gives Jillian the sunset flip. She tries to get Jillian down for the pin, but Jillian doesn’t comply. Alicia tries to help her, but Bella #1 comes into the ring and drop kicks her. The ref is distracted while Jillian is getting the pin on Bella #2 so you know what is next. Bella #1 does the sunset flip on Jillian while Bella #2 quickly slides out of the ring. Finally, the ref takes his attention off of Alicia and back to the action, counting Jillian down for the 1-2-3. The Bellas celebrate leaving Alicia and Maxine to argue in the ring, but Jillian plays the mediator and breaks it up before a lengthy NXT Recap is shown. Too bad they didn’t even mention that the show was going to be broadcasted on Cole says that the switch was a “little bit of magic!” and “double trouble!” Okay, how about a “little bit of cheating!” and “double cheaters?” *Sips tea* I don’t like cheaters.

I found myself wishing that Matt Striker and Josh Mathews were on commentary during the entire match. At least they would’ve cared enough to call it play by play and would’ve known which Bella was which. Although, the Bellas put 100% into this match, I felt the other two were holding back a little bit. Maybe it was because they were working with wrestlers who don’t have a lot of in ring experience and wanted to be extra careful? I don’t know, but I just felt like they could have given more. Speaking of giving more, I’m assuming you all know about Jillian being taken off of TV to train women in FCW. I felt like the WWE could have given more to her. She was able to take a not-so-good gimmick and make it work. It would’ve been nice to see her in some of those Michelle/Mickie/Melina/Beth feuds. Hopefully we will see her on TV sometime again in the near future, but until then I’m going to miss her screeching some of America’s top songs.

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