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WWE & TNA House Show Rundown: Results from June 17th – June 18th, 2011

Having trouble keeping up with all of the mainstream women’s wrestling that takes place off TV? Well fear no more! Diva Dirt has got your back with the House Show Round-Up! Without any further ado, let’s kick things off!

This weekend, we finally strayed away from the usual tag team matches, as Divas Champion Brie Bella, with Nikki in her corner, faced off against Beth Phoenix, adding in Kelly Kelly for good measure, on the Raw side of things. The SmackDown Divas were not in action.

TNA also took over the live events this weekend, providing both Canada and New York with their dose of Knockouts action as Mickie James and Tara faced off against Angelina Love and Winter, before solely Tara and Winter did battle at the second event.

Friday June 17th

WWE Supershow in Lowell, Massachusettes

Beth Phoenix def. Brie Bella (w/ Nikki Bella)
“Kelly Kelly is introduced as the special guest host. Kelly says that she needs four volunteers for a contest where the winner will get to meet the WWE superstar of their choice. She is interrupted by the Bella Twins. The two say that no one cares what she has to say and are about to do a number on her until Beth Phoenix makes the save. The Bellas try to leave, but Tony Chimel receives a message from the Raw GM making a match between Beth Phoenix and Brie Bella. The match was non title. Beth takes the win with a Glam Slam.”  (Source)

TNA Impact Wrestling in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Mickie James and Tara def. Angelina Love and Winter

“Tara is a great ring general and leads the ladies to a decent match which her and Mickie win in about 9 minutes. Mickey and Tara look like they’re having a blast. After the match they kissed on the lips and played to the crowd – smiling and laughing the whole time. Did I mention that Winter is gorgeous?”  (Source)

Saturday June 18th

WWE Supershow in East Rutherford, New Jersey

Beth Phoenix (w/ Kelly Kelly) def. Brie Bella (w/ Nikki Bella)
“Kelly Kelly says there is some kind of contest but I couldn’t understand her. The Bellas came out to attack Kelly but Beth Phoenix came in for the save. Then the Raw GM (oh god!) emails in and announces Beth vs. Brie Bella up now. The Bellas tried “twin magic” but Kelly was still at ring side and stopped it. Beth did her finisher on Brie for the 123. ” (Source)

TNA Impact Wrestling in Buffalo, New York
Tara def. Winter

Thoughts: Interesting line up this weekend with a lot of the usual things we’ve come to expect not taking place. It’s fresh to see Tara and Winter going at it, as well as Beth and Brie, and I hope both matches eventually make their way onto television as I feel they could be great. The Raw action looks as if Beth Phoenix may emerge as the top contender for the title if they’re using the live shows to test things out, which could make for some interesting TV being she has never held the Divas Title before. Looking forward to where things go from here, that’s for sure.

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