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X-Pac cites Xia Li as one to watch in NXT

Future two-time Hall of Famer and former multi-time champion X-Pac recently closed out the year on his X Pac 1 2 360 podcast by making his picks for NXT’s end of the year awards. In this episode he commented on the first-ever Chinese female competitor to step into a WWE ring – Xia Li.

Li has been working with WWE since 2017 where she participated in the first Mae Young Classic Tournament. She would follow suite with that and participate in the second tournament in 2018. She regularly would perform at NXT house shows/live events up until this year where she has been placed on televised events.

Recently she took out Aliyah and Vanessa Borne only to have a loss against the now former NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler. X-Pac feels that Li is the next big name to look out for and here is why:

“She has a really good handle on mentally what to do in there. When she’s making a comeback; her fire that she shows. And other people that have been in wrestling for way longer than her, some of y’all need to look at her. When she’s making her comeback, she blows so many of y’all away. It’s not even funny. The way she knocks somebody down, and instead of just standing there waiting for them to come back she’s like ‘c’mon’ and she’s into it. And it just doesn’t look like choreographed stuff. And her technique is excellent.”

He also commented on Io Shirai who has had an incredible year and he mentioned that she should be female star of the year.

“Nobody can touch Io right now, just like Kairi Sane , before her in NXT, to me they’re really similar. And everything is done with purpose, everything I see her do. And I am just so impressed with her.“

What are your thoughts on what X-Pac has had to say? Do you think Xia Li is one to watch out for? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

All transcripts credit to Squared Circle Sirens.

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