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Xia Li makes her SmackDown debut to help Naomi; Storm defeats Flair via DQ

Xia Li finally made her SmackDown debut after weeks of vignettes depicting her as “The Protector” with her mission to thwart any vultures and wrongdoers. Li was called up to the blue brand in October when she was part of the WWE Draft. She utilized her debut to save Naomi from another numbers game against her orchestrated by Sonya Deville.

Credit: WWE

For months now, Deville has used her authority position to best Naomi and this week’s SmackDown was no different. Naomi finally picked up a win alongside Sasha Banks on a recent SmackDown episode against Shayna Baszler and Natalya, This win gave her the boost to continue to demand a match against Deville who accepted it for this week.

Deville came out to the ring for her match in her wrestling gear but of course, had some tricks up her sleeve. She announced Natalya as the ring announcer and Baszler as the timekeeper. Naomi didn’t allow the match to start as she went after both women. Once Deville regrouped her back-up, the three surrounded the ring before Xia Li’s entrance hit.

Once in the ring, the fight broke out. Naomi and Li banded together to take out Natalya and Baszler before focusing on Deville. After a roundhouse kick from Li, Naomi pulled Deville over towards the corner to add an exclamation point but Natalya and Baszler pulled Deville from the ring saving her.

Elsewhere on SmackDown, Toni Storm finally got her match against the SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair. It wouldn’t be a title match but it was a championship contenders match which meant if Storm were to win it would put her in contention for a championship opportunity. Prior to the match, Sasha Banks gave Storm a pep talk declaring that it is officially Toni Time.

The match had great potential until the action spilled out onto the ring apron. This is where Flair took advantage of the situation and caused a disqualification after stomping on Storm on the apron at the ring post. Storm won by DQ but we will have to see if what transpired will give her a future chance at the gold.

In a Dark match after SmackDown went off the air, a Fatal Four-way match took place between Flair, Sasha Banks, Bianca Belair, and RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. Banks came out with the big win after stacking up Lynch for the win.

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