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Xplosion Write-Up (December 18th, 2013): Brooke and Velvet Go Taunt-for-Taunt

The latest edition of TNA Xplosion features a match between Brooke and Velvet Sky. Let’s get right into it:

Brooke skirts their first two tie-ups, giving her ample time to taunt the crowd in between. Velvet then returns the favor, doing some taunting of her own. Finally, the action starts when Velvet hits Brooke with a drop toe-hold. She captures Brooke in a side headlock, tossing her to the mat while retaining the hold.

Brooke tries twice to roll Velvet into a pin, but Velvet uses her momentum to roll out of it, keeping control until Brooke makes her way to her feet, delivering blows to Velvet’s side until she frees herself and shoves Velvet into the ropes. On the return, though, Velvet manages to knock Brooke to the mat.

Velvet ducks an attack from Brooke and latches her into another side headlock, eventually Irish whipping her into the ropes. Brooke holds onto the ropes, though, and takes the opportunity to straddle the ropes and mock Velvet’s signature booty shaking entrance. Velvet responds by drop kicking Brooke off the apron, sending her all the way to the outside as Xplosion heads to a commercial break.

Back from commercials, both competitors are now in the ring. Velvet again ducks several attacks from Brooke and catches her in yet another side headlock. This time, Brooke shoves her off and into the ropes, using Velvet’s momentum against her and tossing her through the ropes and to the outside.

Brooke follows Velvet and tosses her into the steel steps, slipping back into the ring long enough to break the referee’s count. She then tosses Velvet over the fan barricade, smacking her backside to add insult to injury. She slams Velvet face-first into the ring apron before sending her back into the ring and going for a pin attempt. Velvet kicks out at two.

Brooke yanks Velvet onto all fours and jumps upon her back twice before leaning her against the ropes, grabbing her face and tugging at the skin. Brooke hangs on to the hold as Velvet gets to her feet and finds herself run into the corner. Velvet frees herself and hits the mat, Brooke leaning against the turnbuckle.

Velvet is tossed into a corner and gets several boots to the midsection, Brooke stopping to taunt the crowd before trying to squash Velvet in to corner. Velvet telegraphs the attack, though, and dives out of the way. Both Knockouts run the ropes and come at each other at the same time, delivering a double clothesline that leaves them both prone on the mat.

They both get to their feet at the same time, Velvet blocking blows from Brooke and landing her own before hitting her with not one, but two Atomic Drops. Brooke retreats and dodges another attack from Velvet, stomping her in the corner. Velvet reverses an Irish whip into the corner, taking Brooke and hitting her with the In Yo Face for the pin and the win!

Thoughts: This wasn’t a mat classic, but it obviously wasn’t meant to be. I liked that this showcased Brooke’s heel persona a bit more, even if it focused a little too much on the comedy. They added interest by taking the match outside the ring, but the repetition of the moves made it drag a bit. I think these two could grow a bit by continuing to work with one another, and Xplosion provides a nice outlet for that, much like WWE’s Main Event and Superstars shows. Keep it coming, TNA!

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