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Xplosion Write-Up (February 4th, 2015): A Love Disconnection

Hola Knockout fans! We’ve got some Knockouts action this week on TNA’s B-show Xplosion this week; or maybe it’s now TNA’s C-show behind TNA Unlocked? Either way, this week’s Xplosion match features Brooke in her first singles match since returning to the company after being MIA for nearly a year. She goes one on one against Angelina Love, an opponent whom I’m sure she has been thriving to get in the ring with for some time now.

Stepping down from her role as ring announcer for Xplosion and passing that honor along to Jeremy Borash, Angelina makes her way to the ring first. Brooke makes her way to the ring next and upon stepping into the ring, she is greeted to “Welcome back!” chants from the audience in attendance.

The action begins and Angelina manages to get an early advantage with a headlock to Brooke. Brooke manages to shake off Angelina with a few shots to the midsection but gets taken down with a shoulder block. Still in control of the match, Angelina takes down Brooke from behind and begins to toy with her, rummaging through her hair and taunting in between for good measures.

Having had enough, Brooke steps up her offense to Angelina, starting things off with forearm shots and following up with a clothesline, elbow shot and a dropkick. Brooke wraps it all up with a neck breaker and goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Looking for an attack in new heights, Brooke climbs the turnbuckle but only gets to the second rope when Angelina manages to yank her down by the hair and back on to the mat.

With that, Angelina shoves Brooke to a corner and adds some insult to injury by claiming that no one wanted her back (untrue) and that she never watched The Amazing Race (we have that in common). Brooke tries fighting back with several shots of her own but falls short when Angelina gets a kick to the mid section and a knee shot to the head.

Trying to wear Brooke down, Angelina locks in an upper neck hold lock using her legs but Brooke is able to counter this hold into a pin which Angelina quickly kicks out of.

Back on their feet, both Knockouts look to take the other one out and are able to do so when they each hit each other with a running face crusher at the same time. With both ladies down, the referee begins his count to ten but only gets up to five when both ladies are able to stand.

Battling it out once again, things are in Brooke’s favor as she manages to hit a series of clothesline and a second neck breaker in this match. Brooke goes for the cover once more but only comes ever so close to a three count.

Trying her luck for a high flying attack again, Brooke climbs the turnbuckle, making it all the way to the top this time. She launches an elbow drop but Angelina manages to roll out of the way just in time.

Taking advantage of the situation, Angelina awaits for a recovering Brooke to get up, planning to hit a Botox Injection. Anticipating this, Brooke dodges Angelina’s move leaving Angelina to hit a corner and getting stuck in the process. With nowhere to go, Brooke rolls up Angelina from behind and sigh the school girl pin gets three count and a grand win against her rival.

Thoughts: A decent Xplosion match this week, as most of them tend to be. More so considering this was Brooke’s first match back and it being against someone whom she may or may not still have some outside tension with.

One thing I really liked about this match as opposed to some of the other matches that tend to be on Xplosion is that it was able to be transition from TNA’s Impact Wrestling show, what with Brooke’s current feud with Robbie and his Beautiful Bros clan. A few weeks ago, The Beautiful People managed to steal a win against Brooke and Taryn but this week Brooke was able to even the odds.

Nothing against the professor Mike Tenay and his Saturday morning Unlocked show but I really think a second show of an hour (or two) program of fresh matches is more beneficial to TNA as opposed to one that features fun fast facts, exclusive interviews and an unnecessary “Power Ranking Top Five” list.

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