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Xplosion Write-Up: The Forgotten Teams Momentarily Live On

Surprise, Knockout fans! Welcome to the return of TNA Xplosion Write-Up! Now, I know some of you may have been wondering “What ever happened to those Xplosion Write-Ups we randomly saw once a month?” and to that, there is an answer.

You see, while TNA’s secondary show continues to internationally air on a weekly basis, it has become more difficult to find links to these episodes shorty after they had first aired. The good news is TNA DO eventually post matches from Xplosion on their YouTube account. The bad news, they are uploaded WEEKS from their initial airing!

While the wait may come across as a price to pay, in the end, it does still provide us with extra Knockouts matches to look forward to! So put away that small detail that this match occurred on May 20 and let’s just try to enjoy it! More so, as it is likely the last time we will ever see the Beautiful Bros team of Jessie Godderz and Angelina Love against Knux and Rebel of the Menagerie.

Once all of our participants have made their entrances, it is decided that the women would start things off. Rebel and Angelina tie up with Angelina getting the better of her foe with the use of an arm bar hold but the rookie breaks free with the use of some acrobatic skills.

Rebel dodges a clothesline from Angelina and locks in a headlock submission. The hold isn’t for very long as Angelina slips away and pulls Rebel’s leg from behind causing Rebel to fall face first on the mat.

Before Rebel can get her hands on a fake tearing Angelina again, Angelina makes an escape with a speedy tag to Jessie which results in Knux having to tag himself in. The mighty heavyweights have a pose-off to begin with and trade blows even through a quick commercial break.

When we return, Knux attempts to pick up the win for his team when he goes for the pin cover after hitting a dropkick to Jessie. Just before referee Earl Hebner can get to the count of three, Angelina calls his name to get his attention breaking the count all together! What is it with these Knockouts and their connection with Earl?

Angelina’s interruption is enough to keep the match going as well as giving Jessie enough time to recuperate and get some offense on the Menagerie leader. With the Impact Zone fully on his side, Knux is able to turn things around, to which causes Angelina to get involved yet again.

She jumps in front of Knux when Jessie is sent to a corner. The gentle giant directs Angelina to the opposite side of him but the small distraction is long enough for Jessie to hit a massive dropkick to Knux that sends him down.

As Angelina cheers on of her little involvement, she is unaware that Rebel is behind her, waiting to hit a clothesline! A body slam to Angelina follows afterwards and with Angelina laid flat in her back, Rebel hits her Guillotine Leg Drop finisher, eliminating Angelina from further wrong doing.

With all the distractions out the way, Knux hits finisher in Jessie and gets the three count for his team.

Thoughts: Being that both teams were completely opposite of each other and have this stench of being known as a comedy act, my expectations for this match weren’t all that high but it doesn’t mean that I didn’t find it entertaining!

Knux and Jessie are both underrated talents IMO and despite being tagged in for only a few minutes, the presence of the Knockouts could still be feel throughout the match, a big part of that because of Angelina’s shenanigans. You just wanted Rebel to get in there and take Angelina out whenever she played dirty.

Rebel still looked like she was in a learning phase during this match but I feel she has shown some improvements in the ring since this match actually aired. She’s more confident in the ring and with a little bit more of time and character development, she can be a rising star!

If only TNA had invested more time and creativity in the Menagerie storyline they were brought in with, the group could’ve done so much more and possibly even further their short term feud with the once Beautiful Bro stable.

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