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Your Predictions: Charlotte vs. Brie; Becky & Sasha vs. Naomi & Tamina (Fastlane 2016)

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Tonight at Fastlane, Charlotte defends her Divas Championship against Brie Bella, while Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks team up to take on Naomi and Tamina.

We asked for your predictions for these matches on our social media pages and picked some of the best to highlight here. As always, you can join in by leaving your comments!

  • Aidaen Gee: I see Brie taking home the championship and Charlotte turning on her father (I assume he’ll attempt to make a distraction that costs his daughter the match). As for the tag team match with Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch vs. Naomi and Tamina, I’m kinda divided. On one path I see a huge babyface win bringing The Boss and The LassKicker on the road to Wrestlemania, and I also see a victory with some kinda of cheat tactic to bout. But I lean more towards Team B.A.E. To be honest I’m kinda biased due to my love of, Brie Bella, but whatever.
  • @AvaliadorBlog: Becky and Sasha will win, with Sasha turning on Becky after the match. Charlotte will win, with assistance from Ric Flair!
  • @DerrickLawson: Since the “summer retirement” announcement came out, I think Brie will win at Fastlane and have one last title run! I think Sasha and Becky will win the tag match. Afterwards, Sasha will demolish Becky.
  • @DivaTakeover: Sasha and Becky will win only to have Cameron come attack them in support of Naomi and Tamina.
  • @IteaseUtouch_: Brie wins the title and retired right after (a la Trish Stratus). Naomina defeat Sasha and Becky with some sort of cheat.
  • @ItsOnlyJustAlly: Charlotte will retain and Team B.A.D. will pick up the win against but it will still be Becky vs. Sasha vs. Charlotte at WrestleMania.
  • Joe Alexander Halliwell: If Brie Bella is retiring then she should go out with a bang! When she made her debut we all know she wasn’t the best talent in the business but now it’s time for her to show us all what she has learnt throughout her experience in the WWE and how she has gone from just a pretty face to a truly amazing WWE Diva. #BRIEMODE. Now the Divas tag team match (There really should be a Divas Tag Team Championship, right?), Naomi and Tamina especially have not been given their well deserved top spot in the WWE despite their long time with the company. Both Tamina and Naomi are beautiful and extremely talented and it’s about time we all got to see that, but knowing the business I have a gut feeling that Becky and Sasha are going to get the victory! Either way we will see a spectacular performance. All women are tough and have attitude, and nobody beats a babe with an attitude! #GirlBye.
  • Mathieu Matt J. Jeanneau: I see somehow Brie winning this Sunday. At one point in the match, Brie wants to hit the Bella Buster, but Charlotte dodges thanks to a distraction from Ric Flair, Charlotte would try to hit her spear, but Brie dodges and Charlotte stops her spear before hitting her own father, and then Brie hits the Rack Attack, followed by the LeBell Lock, and wins the Title. And then retires. This will lead to Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks for the vacant Divas Title at Mania.
  • Matthew Brown: As much as I would love to see Brie win the title before she officially retires, I have a feeling that Charlotte will retain at Fastlane with the help of Ric. I also see a championship rematch the next night on Raw with Brie winning when Ric Flair is banished from ring side after the ref sees him interfere. With the Team BAE vs. Team B.A.D. match, I see Sasha betraying Becky and reuniting with Naomi and Tamina. The reason behind her betrayal is Sasha wanted to take out Becky so that she has no one standing in the her way of winning the Divas Title!
  • Michael Benzinger: I could see the tag match going either way. Becky nails Naomi with the exploder suplex but Sasha tags herself in and steals the win…. OR Cameron makes her return and distracts Sasha, giving Sasha her first loss and creating even more dissension between Becky/Sasha on the road to WM. Now that Brie’s husband has retired and her sister was the longest reigning Divas champ I can see the WWE rewarding Brie by giving Brie the Divas Title, only for Brie to retire with it. This would force the WWE to resurrect the Women’s Title and we could see a Fatal Four-Way at WM. Charlotte vs. Becky vs. Sasha vs. Naomi.
  • @nudistNdisguise: Brie wins the Divas Title, announces her retirement and takes the title. Then we get a Women’s Title match at Mania.
  • @realnastyboy: Becky will leave Sasha alone and Naomi will snatch the victory for her team over Sasha. Brie will win to have a last champ run.
  • @TheJoseCanUC: Sasha and Becky will definitely win, but I think Brie will get a surprise win for the title (though losing it back on Raw Monday).
  • Tia Blakey: I think that with Brie vs. Charlotte, Charlotte is going to try to cheat her way out of it but it will backfire and Brie becomes champ. The tag match I think that it will go in Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks favor, but the end of the match Tamina and Naomi will jump them and then Cameron is going to help them.
  • @TooShayMusic: Charlotte will, of course, retain but the whole match will have Brie with upper hand. Bex and Sasha win after athletic combat!
  • @XtianSummers: Since the retirement announcement I think Brie will win the title to lose it again to Charlotte on Raw. Sasha and Becky win.

What are your predictions for these matches?

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