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Your Two Cents: A New Direction For the Divas Division

“Your Two Cents” is our interactive feature where we gauge the opinions of our Twitter and Facebook followers on different discussions in women’s wrestling.

This week, we’re asking this: At the moment, the WWE’s Divas division seems to be directionless. What direction do you think the division should take? We’ve read your responses on our social media pages and picked some of the best submissions to highlight here on the website. As always, you can join the debate by leaving your comments!

@_EricHolt_ | First and foremost, let’s talk about the actual championship first: change the design of the Divas Championship because it looks like it belongs to a barbie doll, not a female wrestler. Now onto the feuds: let Kaitlyn have a feud with Brie and Nikki Bella (after they earn the #1 contender spot) and successfully retain her title. After that, here are two options of what they can do with Kaitlyn: The first option is let her and AJ Lee pick up their feud where it left off. AJ wants to be a champion just like her boyfriend Dolph Ziggler, so she decides to go after Kaitlyn. Have Kaitlyn successfully defend her title against AJ the first time around, but the next time around, she ends up losing the title to AJ. She gets a rematch against her, but is unsuccessful at regaining the title. The second option is have Kharma return, and we can see two powerhouses feud against each other for the title, where in the end, Kharma comes out of it champion. From there, Kharma will hold the title for a while, fighting off anyone that comes between her and the title.

Also, it would be a great idea would be for WWE to go back to having separate brands. Maybe if they went back to doing separate brands, we could see more of the divas get screen time. Now if they were to have half the divas on one brand and the other half on the other brand, let’s bring back the Women’s Championship so that there can be two titles, both on separate brands, for the divas to compete for instead of one. Another great idea would be for WWE to do storyline/character development through Superstars and Main Event. Why? So that the divas won’t have to worry about being cut from RAW or Smackdown and plus, they’re always given enough time on Superstars and Main Event. And hey, WWE could even let the Divas have title defenses on Superstars and Main Event as well.

Jerry Nettle | They need to stay with a storyline for more than one week. They need to have NXT-type matches on Raw and Smackdown. This Monday was a good start. they also need to do what tna does an make the stories about the title and not just about boyfriends and betrayals. TNA gives the Knockouts two segments per show for a match and promo.
Jordan Thomas | I know it is very unlikely that the WWE will begin to take their women’s division seriously, but as someone who has booked talent for companies such as Indygurlz and WSU, I know that there is a solid pool of talented female wrestlers, that are passionate about wrestling unlike many of the WWE Divas. I would love to see some of this talent be given the opportunity to showcase there skills on the big stage that the WWE offers, and I do hope that Vince and company have a change of heart about women’s wrestling somewhere down the line.
Josh Hettinger | I think they need to give the Divas control over their creativity. If someone wants to dance then great, but if they don’t it looks forced, stop doing that to them! Allow more moves to be involved in the matches for crying out loud. I feel like they need to give Natalya the belt in some way, maybe have a 3-way match like they did with Layla, Michelle McCool and Natalya. Except it would Kaitlyn vs. Brie vs. Nikki, and have them bring in Natalya as a fourth and she wins. Then have Kaitlyn turn heel on Natalya and we all know those two could put on a powerful match. My theory since Nattie is so seasoned whoever she faces the match will look better than what we are getting. This may give the diva’s more credibility. Natalya gets cheered because she can wrestle and the fans know that.
Joshua Mcdonald | I’d start by building up each Divas character. Instead of giving them general smiley faces and mean girl heels. Id like to see each of them be distinct. In order to give them more time to do this, make WWE Superstars or Main Event primarily a women’s show. The men could still be featured but as managers or in mixed/intergender tag matches.
Josue Guzman | I think the idea that the Divas division is at a directionless state can be argued. There are all these projects surrounding the Divas: the reality show the WWE plans to give the Divas, the upcoming Diva Search, matches over at Superstars/Main Event and of course the women over at NXT. It really is all a matter of the creative team using these sources to their advantage. Let this reality show display the Divas’ athleticism and training. Have participants of this next Diva Search do more than eat hot dogs and dance. Bring some of the matches that are in display over at Superstars/Main Event to Raw/Smackdown to draw attention from a wider range of audience. Crown a Women’s Champion over at NXT and have her feud with the Main Rosters Divas Champion in an Invasion-like storyline.
Lars Peter Tvilling Olsen | They should make a fued with AJ and Kaitlyn! Really improve the story, make promos and just give them time to improve their characters and personality ! And drop the gimmick moves! Start making real move sets for each girl and make them stand out!
Lela J. O’Connell | In order to build interest in any wrestling feud, there need to be stories. Take your top gals (good and bad) and give them what they need to get the feud over. Show the crowd that the women’s matches are more than bathroom breaks, and people will get into their stories again.
Matt Medina | I want it to go in the direction where the Divas are a big part of the WWE. Like they should have their own show and an hour of Raw reserved for them. Give them their own writers. Make them count, don’t make any of them disposable. Have girls that can wrestle (Natalya) wrestle, have girls that can talk (Summer Rae) talk, have girls that aren’t that good in the ring manage superstars (Layla, Aksana, & Rosa Mendes). Why does there only have to be 10 girls at time, that isn’t a division, have like 20 girls at a time, some wrestlers, managers, & valets.

Also have a variety, that’s what made the Knockouts, you didn’t have one girl that looked like the other and they all had different characters. Also don’t waste talent, if someone is ready to be called up don’t leave them there to rot (Angela Fong). Also don’t limit them, like Jericho said, “If the guys can’t keep up with the girls, they have no business being on the show.”. Also if they are serious about helping the division, why don’t they make a deal with SHINE, who is not even 6 minutes up the road from them. One way to make them more prominent is to make a mixed tag title, not only will the girls get more exposure, but so will the young guys who have nothing to do.

Michael Brienzi | A lot of the NXT Divas should of been brought up by now. Some of them (Paige, Naomi, Audrey Marie) should of held the title by now. They just have to start giving a shit about the division and give them time and matches! WWE has lacked since a few years ago.
Robert D Martinez | First of all, I’d hire better writers and trainers. Probably hire Trish Stratus to look over the division like how Fit Finlay did back then. Give each Diva their own signature move set, and style. More in ring time and character development. These women all are very talented and we all know the fans would get behind them!
@SymonPeak | The answer is the same as it has been for years. The division has the talent, it just needs to a) give the women their own personalities outside of being generic faces and heels and b) build a storyline that will ENGAGE the audience. Something with a bit more depth than “I want the title” or “I don’t like you” feuds. Although the potential was ultimately wasted, AJ’s success last year proved that people ARE interested in the Divas. But only IF the Divas are allowed to be interesting.

And now we turn it over to you…

What are your two cents on the debate? What direction should the Divas division take? Tell us in the comments…

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