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Your Two Cents: Who Should Be the Next Divas Champion?

Your Two Cents is our interactive feature where we ask for the opinions of our Twitter and Facebook followers.

This week, we’re asking this: AJ Lee is the longest reigning Divas Champion, but she can’t hold the title forever. Who should she drop it to? We’ve read your responses on our social media pages and picked some of the best submissions to highlight here on the website. As always, you can join the debate by leaving your comments!

  • Ashley Matthew: Being as we have been spotting Emma in WWE crowds lately, I could see her debuting in the ring as a face only to have AJ come out, make fun of her dancing and tell her that she can “do some ridiculous little dance” as much as she wants but she will never take the title from her. Then AJ could attack Emma and it could start a feud between them, leading up to Emma eventually winning the Divas Championship.
  • @christopher_cc: Seeing as Paige has really earned her spot ages ago I’ll go with her.
  • @ColtonCans: She should drop it to either Tamina Snuka or Natalya. I also think Alicia Fox deserves another title run.
  • Everett Will: They’re run through almost every credible Diva on the current WWE roster. If Naomi doesn’t get it, I imagine a call-up from NXT would eventually take the title.
  • Jeff Heatherly: Terrified that certain recent events are going to make this a reality sooner rather than later…but there are now a good group of ladies more than worthy. As for the new champ, it’s hard to predict without putting one’s own personal hopes into the choice. In a perfect world, it would be Natalya or Tamina; but it looks like Naomi’s next on deck and that’d be pretty great too.
  • Jon Vega: At this point in order to restore some credit to the division I would like to see a past Diva (Melina IMO) return and take the title a feud with a new contender (Naomi) give both feuds some time to shine and the division can breathe better.
  • Jordan Boyer: I would like to see an NXT Diva take the title, hopefully Paige. The Total Divas domination of the division for the past year is getting so old and they need some new blood in the division. AJ has had some kind of feud with most of the face Divas and a brand new competitor could freshen up the ranks.
  • Kyle Thomas: It would be damn interesting to have Emma win the title in her first match, which could possibly lead to another Total Divas tie-in or anything like that, but I’m pretty sure only having Emma vs. Summer Rae would satisfy me enough. My preferred Divas Champ would be Natalya, but as long as the new champ is anyone other than Rosa, then I’d pretty much be satisfied. Just get the belt off AJ so we could hopefully have some fresh feuds.
  • Nikolas Dombkowski: I think it would be awesome if Bayley ended up taking the title from AJ. I absolutely love her fangirl gimmick.
  • @Paul_Locky: I’d like see Nikki Bella get a run with the title given how short it was the 1st time round. My other choice would be Alicia.
  • @PocketVolcano: Out of all the current options, Naomi. I’d love for it to be Paige though.
  • Raphael Lamounier: I hope that WWE see the potential of the NXT Divas and choose one of them to defeat AJ. Imagine, AJ almost defeated all the competitors from the main roster, so it would be awesome to see Paige showing up to challenge her saying something like “Maybe you defeated all kinds of Divas, but I wanna know how you deal with the ANTI-DIVA”! I know that’s almost impossible to happen, so I can see her losing the title to Naomi, Nattie or Tamina.
  • @wwe4life011098: Tamina. I’ve had the feud planned out for months with Tamina actually working for Stephanie McMahon. It goes all the way to Mania. Just perfect

And now we turn it over to you…

Give us your two cents! Who should be the next Divas Champion?

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