Thursday, July 25, 2024

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You’re My Butterfly, Sugar, Baby..

Ugh, that was a terrrrible song.. Speaking of terrible, we’ve had a string of boring photoshoots, and I’ve chosen to skip posting them, because they really weren’t worth the time. However, Layla has pulled us out of that dry spell with her new photoshoot “In Print”. She once again shows how simplicity can work wonders, both in her posing and her overall look. Usually a Diva wouldn’t do a photoshoot in a t-shirt and jeans, but Layla is the exception, as she always is in photoshoots.. The style of the shirt (in both the silhouette print and the cut of the neck) makes it more stylish than you’d think a t-shirt could be. One nitpick, though: I’m not sure if I like the butterfly on the shirt. Maybe it’s due to the part of me that used to shop at Limited Too and shudders at the memories..

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