Torrie Puts the WWE on Blast: “My Feelings Are Hurt”

If you ask any Diva fan, they’ll tell you that the WrestleMania XXV’s “Miss WrestleMania” match was a gigantic disappointment. However, that disappointment is not limited to us lowly spectators – the overwhelming stench of fail has managed to permeate to its participants. Torrie Wilson, one of the match’s “special attractions”, feels much like we do. In a recent interview, Torrie vented her disappointment with the battle royal, as well as the WWE’s lack of support during her run on NBC’s I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!:

What are your thoughts on the divas battle royal that you participated in at WrestleMania XXV? It seemed like a bit of a cluster.
I’m very mad at myself and embarrassed that I agreed to be a part of something like that. A lot of people in the audience didn’t even know that I was in that match because they didn’t even announce it. For me, that whole experience at WrestleMania was kind of like closure. I feel like maybe I’m not appreciated like I would have hoped. They just wanted all these girls there. Now I can understand why Trish [Stratus] decided not to do it; she was smart. Going into it I trusted them that they would use me in the right way and I should have known better. All in all, I learned a valuable lesson.

When you say it was closure, do you think that’s it for you as far as doing anything in wrestling?
I do. I just didn’t appreciate that experience and I felt very unappreciated after all of the years that I put in for them. You combine that with the fact that I asked them to do a little thing on to “vote for Torrie” and they just ignored me. So, my feelings are hurt.

I think, with these remarks, it’s safe to say that Torrie and the WWE aren’t exactly the best of pals anymore. She says her feelings are hurt, but what was she expecting? The WWE isn’t exactly known for helping its ex-employees on the road to lucrative post-wrestling careers. Maybe they thought she wasn’t repping them enough on the show? As the saying goes, “you scratch our back, we’ll scratch yours.”

Either way, those of you hoping for a WWE return (even a Trish Stratus-esque “one-off” appearance) may have to put that dream on hold. Though, I’m a Celebrity… may have broadened her horizons and given her opportunities outside of the WWE. Hey, she can join BFF Candice and do some charity work! Surely, dealing with Janice Dickinson must have given her some experience in working with children.

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  • Melanie

    The situation was extremely shitty. The way they treated her, Victoria, Sunny and Molly in particular was just uncool. But she worked there long enough to know how they roll, I can’t expect that some part of her didn’t see it coming. I like that she’s able to hold up her hands and speak out and say she realises she got a shitty deal & wishes she hadn’t done it.

    As for the thing, it’s naive of her to think they’d plug her time on the show. I guess she thought ‘They did it with Stacy’, but Stacy was under contract when she was on DWTS.

  • TracyWilson

    :( Reading this makes me frown. Just by reading her words you can feel her emotions run through you. It’s clear to me she’s really upset & would not think twice about doing this again. Am I surprised with WWE’s actions? NO! It’s typical WWE.
    – Being a HUGE Trish Stratus fan, I am glad she didn’t take part of WM. What a disaster.
    “Now I can understand why Trish [Stratus] decided not to do it; she was smart. Going into it I trusted them that they would use me in the right way and I should have known better. All in all, I learned a valuable lesson.”
    -Trish was very smart by making that decision and as for Torrie, well humans make mistakes and all you can do is learn from them (and I’m sure she has!!) <3

  • dunk20

    Ofcourse that wrestlemania was a total wreck, we were all expecting so much, and… I try not to think about it!

    But she shouldn’t go nuts on not being supported for getting voted in a show that aired at the same hour of raw? I’m not sure if both shows aired at the same time, but ofcourse they wouldn’t advertize a show in order to lose ratings right?

  • Marco

    I honestly feel really bad for Torrie, and I can really agree with her on wrestlemania, not only were the past women degraded and missed, the whole divas roster was degraded by “Santina” winning. Gosh, I don’t want to do a repeat rant of WM so I’ll move on.
    For I’m a celebrity, I’m pretty sure Torrie didn’t need the advertisement from anyways, and honestly, I can understand WWE not advertising to vote for Torrie because like dunk20 said, they would have been advertising a show that had the same time slot on RAW.

    But still, I support Torrie and the things she said 100%, I believe womens wrestling was disgraced on WM, and someone who participated needed to come out and say it.

  • mah

    i got mixed feelings about WM thingy right now
    i know nobody liked tht battle royal n im happy to hear torrie speak honestly about it but i kinda found wht she said before was more professional!!
    n about the program…no way wwe was goin to do anything about it!!

  • TaylorJade

    I can understand her being hurt by how she was treated at Wrestlemania, but has she already forgotten what WWE is like since she’s been gone? I know that this couldn’t have been totally unexpected.
    And as far as the advertisement goes, as someone else said, she didn’t need it, but also, can you really expect a company to advertise and endorse something that comes on during the timeslot of their own programming?