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There has been a lot of talk surrounding Sunday’s Hell in a Cell PPV event.

Aside from Sasha Banks defending her Raw Women’s title match against Charlotte in the first-ever women’s Hell in a Cell match, there was also initial talk that this match would serve as the main event event for the PPV. However, that idea was shortly retracted, leaving fans to wonder if the women would indeed close out the show.

A new report from The Wrestling Observer (via Cage Side Seats) suggests that while most backstage (including WWE Executive Vice President, Talent, Live Events & Creative Paul “Triple H” Levesque) are in favor of seeing the Women’s title match close out Sunday’s show, the main voice against this is WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

Vince is currently dubbing Hell in a Cell as a “Triple Main Event” special, which include three title defenses inside the cell:

  • Roman Reigns (c) vs. Rusev (w/ Lana) for the US Championship
  • Kevin Owens (c) vs Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship
  • Sasha Banks (c) vs Charlotte for the Raw Women’s Championship

Although there is currently no official word as to which match will be booked last on Sunday, the report further notes that the women’s title match headlining the event is “not likely to happen”.

What are your thoughts on this latest update? Do you think Sasha and Charlotte should close out the Hell in a Cell PPV? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Juri

    Fuck you Vince .

  • ?sa-n?-t?

    I don’t want it to happen just yet. I get they’re doing this Women’s Evolution thing now and all, but they shouldn’t rush everything. I also would love to see two different women as opposed to the 4HW to get the accomplishment of being the first ladies to headline a PPV.

  • Memo Soto

    I feel like its ok if they are not the main event, specially because its a first time thing, sure we are hoping the match goes awesome but being the first time of both ladies inside the structure, i think its a wise move not to put so much pressure on it. If they nailed i would be all in for main eventing next ppv with another stipulation

  • Nadia

    I honestly don’t care if the main event at this point. The Hell in a Cell stipulation is enough but I will say this if they don’t let Sasha and Charlotte main event, the girls that WWE trusts the most, guess what they are never going to take a chance on any other women main eventing a PPV and that’s just facts.

  • Gilderoy Lockhart

    Rollins & Owens should main event
    Sasha & Charlotte already making history for women being in a Cell why should they get the main event also? It would be overkill, we can save it for a different pairing down the line at another PPV that isnt so gimmick-y

    • Windyhawaii

      well this is Sasha’s hometown, and although i do think kevin and seth would be just as fine as THE main event and idc which one it is, it is Sasha’s hometown and the closing of a historic feud, whether we dislike it or not. So them closing the show does make sense

  • Bryskers

    It’s fine if it’s not the “technical” main event. The fact that it is a historical match in a cell, and that most of the promotion of the event has been based off this match, it already feel like it is. Let’s look at the bright side here.
    BUT, I believe it would be a missed opportunity, and I definitly feel like it’s deserving of that spot. The build might have been a bit weak, but considering it’s already historical, and it’s meant to be a blow-off and end a rivalry that started a year ago, it’s clearly the most important match on the card, so why not make it the ME ?
    (And since Sasha & Charlotte’s faces are all over posters and website, and since it’s in Boston, there is really all in place for it to be the ME.)

    But I’m not surprised if they don’t want to pull the trigger even though it seems obvious. I just wish they wouldn’t try to cover up with this “Triple Main Event” bullcrap.

  • Vince will never learn, but at least he was ”generous” enough to give them a HIAC match. I don’t think the match will suffer if they don’t main event, they’ll have the time to do it.
    HIAC is already history-making as it is, they can focus on ME with Bayley and Sasha for example.

    • Windyhawaii

      Bayley and Sasha already ME’d though, i dont think it’d be smart to pull an NXT ripoff again. Maybe Nia and Sasha idk she may be too green but she pulled off that match with bayley in England so

      • that was on NXT, and as much as I’d love others to do it, you know one of the 4H combinations will be the first PPV ME. I hope they can change that tho.

        • Windyhawaii

          yeah ig so, sadly RAW’s women aren’t ME material to WWE (even tho they are) besides the 3HW on RAW. Paige would be our best shot but the only thing keeping her in WWE is that shred of skin still in WWE AKA her contract. So we all know she’ll be gone soon

      • Dethrey

        Nia is too green and not over enough yet.

        • Windyhawaii

          she would be if they booked her right, but they have no idea what they’re doing with her. And i dont really blame them, i mean she couldnt stay in NXT so

  • GailKimStan

    Obviously, what’s new?

  • conan_kun

    Vince just don’t like to let female wrestlers overshadow men as usual. It’s acceptable if Rollins vs Owens treated as main event since Universal title is Raw’s top title, but it’s baffling that they even make Roman vs Rusev as one of the triple main event when US title is below Universal title, seems like they simply treat whatever match with Roman will be considered as one of the main events.

    • Kira_cx

      Yeah, it’s because Vince has the hots for Roman and wants him to be the #1 baby face, when no one really likes him.

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    Honestly, thinking about it, I hope it doesn’t.
    See one thing that allowed Sasha and Bayley to main event was their show stealing performance that just forced WWE to put them in that spot. I actually hope they are either the first HIAC match or the seconde either to set the standard way to high for the rest of the night or just to put completely outdo the one before theirs.
    Either way, the match was built in a way that makes this match so high profile that main event or not, a stellar performance and match from both will make the fans go nuts and this will be THE story of the night.

    I don’t even think it’s about him being sexist here, I mean he wasn’t opposed to building this match this much compare to others but either way, it may actually turn out to be better that way.

  • Monkey Tennis

    If it’s not gonna be the main event, fair enough. But the WWE should at least have the balls to admit that they’ve reneged upon their initial decision, because between the poster and Mick’s initial tweet, everything suggests that was the original decision.

    And if it’s now not going to be the main event, they really need to stop with this whole “Triple Main Event” tosh. Their are featured matches, their are big matches, there are all sorts of matches; But there is only one Main Event on a show. Short of all six competitors fighting their respective matches in the cage at the same frikkin’ time, only one of them is going to be considered the actual Main Event.

    • limfox

      Exactly! The whole “triple main event” is such a cop out. If this “multi-main event” has always been in place, then I guess a lot of women have already main evented!

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  • John Finnie

    They really shouldnt go on last it could turn into overkill ie too much too soon
    If done correct they should save it for at least a year for another pairing so as to keep the momentum going, if they do the ME then what?? People will say it was a flop even if it isn’t as they have had alot of matches together this Evolution needs to be kept fresh then put on a peak Then build up another pair & have the fans wanting & demanding a woman’s ME on a PPV at the moment not alot of fan’s outside of Woman’s wrestling care about it being a ME so let’s wait a while then pull the plug, Wwe have a tendancie to shove it down our throat’s all at once so let this feud peak then go full throtal

  • iOwnThatSonOfABitch

    Is this news? Literally Vince posted the tweet twice. Triple main event my ass

  • Louis

    This isn’t really news, it’s just confirming what we all know: Vince McMahon isn’t open to anything new. We all knew Vince was reeling backstage just over the fact the women were gonna be inside Hell In a Cell! The way WWE politics work on the Main Roster is that they have twisted Vince’s arm enough just for the Cell match, the Main Event slot is just pushing it…

    • Windyhawaii

      not really, back in like the 70s women weekly got 18 plus minutes on the card, and this was when Vince was the absolute monarch of the company. He was also the main man or HBIC when Trish and Lita main evented RAW. I think he has a more practical reason for this

  • wwepassion

    Why is Roman and Rusev considered a main event? Anyway I don’t want them to close the show, I think it’s too much at once and I already see fans who were on board at the beginning of the revolution getting bored of the constant women power promos. I’m all for it but once you start repeating it and shoving it down our throats it gets annoying. Let fans keep getting use to women dominating because half are still not totally here for it. Also doesn’t help people buy into the revolution when only a selective few are given opportunities. Revolution means every women gets equal opportunities, so wwe needs to really show that they really want women period to get equal opportunities not just hand picked ones. (Without shoving it)

    • chrissi calvert

      Because its Roman Reigns. Thats literally the only reason why that match is classed as a “Main event”

      • wwepassion

        Who is Roman? He isn’t a main event guy to fans. Only time he considered a main event guy is when he’s feuding with Seth,Kevin etc , has the top title or of course favortism.

        • chrissi calvert

          Roman in Vinces eyes is a main event guy. He has the look that Vince likes in his top guys (muscular, limited moveset, “pretty to look at”. As a fan of wrestling in general, i dont like Reigns and dont think hes main event material. Hes midcard at best

          • wwepassion

            I use to like Reigns until he went solo and showed how lack of he is.

    • Pavement Rhodes

      The “triple main event” tag is a lazy way for WWE to make it seem like they are supporting the women, even if the match ends up going 2nd or something.

      • wwepassion

        I was thinking the same thing.

  • Windyhawaii

    Vince is a businessman, he knows that if he were to take out a womens PPV last minute just because he doesnt like the idea of women headlining it he’d get severe backlash on sexism. He has got to have a more practical reason for doing this, because like it or not HE is the reason we have what we see today in WWE, and although he may be a shadow of his former self, he is still one hell of a businessman and knows how to run a company.

  • Organization XIII

    I mean….I called this from the firs announcement of it

  • Mark

    Good. They don’t deserve it. If the WWE are gonna put a women’s match the MAIN EVENT of a PPV… I want a killer storyline and feud behind it. The matches have been awesome but the storyline has severely lacked. If Trish and Lita and Trish and Victoria never got to main event a PPV for their awesome feuds, then this shouldn’t either.

    • Trish vs Lita at Unforgiven shouldve been the Main Event.

      • Baby Banks


    • #TearTheWeavesDownFromTheSky

      Well, Bleacher Report clearly stated, and rightfully so, that it’s not a Trish vs Lita feud but it’s the best feud on RAW rn.

      • Mark

        I haven’t really kept up with the guys since Trish retired, except for the occasional 2 minute previews of their matches on YouTube, but if you’re right then they deserve it. I just don’t want to look back in history and think the first time the women main evented a PPV it was just for the sake of branding this “women’s evolution” instead of of a fiery, hot feud that was undeniably main event worthy.

  • #4HW #Sanity

    They should wait for the four to main event in a match billed as “The Battle of the Four Horsewomen”


  • howie_ruhl

    To be honest, I’m kind of siding with Vince. The feud lacks the fire to merit a PPV main event. Not the fault of the women obviously since they’ve been milking nearly every opportunity they’ve given. But the build for the match has been dull. Contract signing and then what? Girl, they didn’t even do so much to leverage Charlotte’s PPV streak. If the reason for Vince’s refusal is sexism then he can go fuck himself. Needless to say, creative did a very poor job at leveraging this opportunity. But then again, what else is new?

    • Monkey Tennis

      But isn’t that justifying a bad decision based on previously made bad decisions? Blaming recent bad booking for a current booking decision doesn’t seem like an especially fair reason to deny the women this opportunity.

      And looking at from the flip side, I don’t think anyone is about to claim to the build up to Roman vs Rusev or even Roliins/Owens has been any more compelling. The first is merely a feud to keep Roman on the upper card, whilst the latter is feud where Rollin’s real rival hasn’t been seen for two months.

      Of the three options on the table, I still maintain Charlotte and Sasha’s feud has the most backstory/interest/stakes than either of the male matches.

  • Deadman TCB

    I’m with Vince on this one.

  • Addy

    Sexist fuck.

  • Monkey Tennis

    Here’s the other problem we have now. Had the match indeed been the main event, naturally there would have been a whole lot of pressure on Charlotte and Sasha to deliver. Unfortunately, moving the match down the card hasn’t alleviated that pressure since it’s been widely publicised that this match was, at one stage, very likely to be the main event.

    So now, if the match isn’t an A+, Five Star, all time classic, it’ll give the naysayers all the ammunition they need to say “See, that’s why they shouldn’t have been the main event, the WWE were right to move them down the card!” So essentially, Sasha and Charlotte are now under exactly the same pressure to perform as they would have done headlining the show… just without the prestige of actually headlining the show.

    • Booking 101

      If they don’t perform a move off the top of the cell or one of them bleeds, it won’t be a good match according to the internet experts.

      The pressure is on them regardless of where they are positioned. It’s up to them to shut those guys once again

  • Pavement Rhodes

    Surprises don’t draw in wrestling. You only get one chance to do something first, why waste it on something that hasn’t been hyped as a show-closing main event?

  • Baby Banks

    IMO , the PPV is already being advertised as a 3 main event show so if they were to go last it would discredit them quite a bit. Itd look like they were last but weren’t given the “main event” title . TBH , years from now their match/poster is what anyone will care about or take away from this PPV Anyways

  • Wolf Kane

    They don’t have to main event, they are more than capable to steal the show though, I think that would be more of a slap in the face to vince.

  • Pavement Rhodes

    The smarks better not do any “you deserve it” chants during the match.

  • GlowTime

    It doesn’t need to be the main event – the girls are going to steal the show anyway!

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    Well, the PPV is being promoted with Sasha & Charlotte on the cover. They should be the main event but if they aren’t, they can steal the show. Won’t be the first and they can make the doubters believers.

  • Dysfunctional

    i also heard that kevin dunn hates beckys accent and wants to limit her promo time…old sexists has-beens need to leave asap

  • #TearTheWeavesDownFromTheSky

    Proof that Vince has the most dated mindset of Pro Wrestling. He’s so out of touch with wrestling rn. Just hand the reigns to Triple H already.

    • Maddox

      Not happening anytime soon

  • The Queen #BlissPlease

    I wont mind if they are not the main event. They will steal the show anyway.

  • daniel maldonado

    i have a feeling they’ll stick this match in the middle of the show and have rollins-owens close the show. like it or not vince still has the final say on the main roster.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    WWE would be stupid to not let the women main event. Think of the pop Sasha is going to get from her hometown. Not to mention how much the crowd will be involved in this match. The crowd goes more crazy for Sasha and Charlotte wrestle than they do for everyone else.

  • BlossomingNarcissist

    Y’all are being blind though. The feud, which is now just a rivalry, doesn’t have “main event” written over it. This feud is too based on respect and history, not cowardice, anger, hate or anything that should be fueling a hell in a cell match. I understand we’re women wrestling fans, but you have to see that Seth vs KO is the rightful main event, it has the right elements

  • Jorge Hernandez Moran

    These double, triple main events are bullshit theres only one mainevent its the last match

  • Maddox

    I came to comment section to see people raging and I am quite surprised

  • B J

    It’s a no brainer to have this as the main event. He’s so old, he needs to get with the times.

  • Dethrey

    A bit disappointing.

    I know a lot of people think that the Revolution is being rushed and forced, but I want to live in a post-revolution world where this push translates for ALL the women on TV. I see it slowly happening and I am not entirely displeased with the booking in the last year, but I am ready for the glass ceiling to be broken.

  • Luigi Anthony

    This is some BS vince if you don’t want the woman to main event then say it.
    because triple main event is one big excuse -__-

  • Luigi Anthony

    the same thing happend on nxt takeover brooklyn with sasha and bayley they were co-main eventing but they stole the show… soo to be honest they don’t have to be the main event…….. make it the main event….. and proof vince wrong that old stupid idiot.
    they are going to get the best crowd reaction wait and see i’m telling you

  • Anthony Gutierrez

    And they will shoot themselves in the foot once again when the women’s title match proves to be better than any other match on the card. all this does is make these women work even harder and put on an even better show.

  • Super Mateo

    Because a lot of crap tends to be thrown into the main events, there must be something planned for the Rollins/Owens match that would make it a better choice (in Vince’s mind) for the main event. (Likely outside interference from Jericho or HHH) That’s the only logical explanation for not having Sasha Banks main eventing in her hometown. If that’s not the case, then Vince is being plain dumb.

  • Dez

    The only reason I want this match to close the show is because I know it’ll mean a lot to the female superstars in WWE. It’s symbolic of how far they’ve come in the biz. Aside from that, it doesn’t matter to me where they place the match. It’s gonna steal the show regardless

  • Timalee

    Honestly, I really think Vince needs to just retire and really hand over the company to Stephanie. I feel with her running everything, we would see Women main event more PPV and main shows. WWE better not fudge on this batch of Divas like they did back in the 2008 – 2014 Divas did. Lot of lost potential happened during that time.