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Today, SHIMMER gave wrestling fans SHIMMER 87 & 88 at the Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago, IL, where Kellie Skater finally became SHIMMER Champion. Here are the full results courtesy of @ProWresLand on Twitter.

SHIMMER Volume 87 Results:

RISE offer match:

Main Show:

SHIMMER 88 Results:

Stay tuned tomorrow for results from the final two tapings of SHIMMER this weekend in Chicago.

  • Lee montgomery

    Taeler Hendrix won her very 1st match at shimmer.It could be a sign of Taeler Hendrix becoming a major star in Shimmer.Becomeing Shimmer Champion.

  • Monkey Tennis

    Great to see the belt on Skater. I’m hoping this isn’t just a transitional reign though, considering how she’s won it at the start of the tapings (notwithstanding Friday’s tag match that earned her the title shot).

    Fingers very much crossed she doesn’t end up dropping it today to Baszler.

    • glassjaw

      Baszler winning the title today would feel far too much like a gimmick. Skater’s got one of the best personalities going on the independent wrestling circuit and has come a long way from the comedy jobber for which she was originally popular in Shimmer.

      • Monkey Tennis

        Yeah, it’s the gimmicky aspect of it that bothers me. Skater’s far too good to simply be a plot device to move the title from Martinez to Baszler just because she’s got a modicum of ‘celebrity’.

        Shayna’s not bad in the ring, not at all.. But she’s been wrestling what, just over a year? And in that time, her style has remained 90% pseudo-MMA stuff with the occasional wrestling move thrown in.

        • glassjaw

          It would be a shallow move on Shimmer’s part to, say, prep Shayna for a likely WWE stint by putting the belt on her – maybe as if to say, “We made her first!”

          I don’t know, the Shimmer Championship is one of the most prestigious women’s belts out there. It deserves the cream of the crop.

  • EVAN?

    Ugh whys KLR losing

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