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Each week, The Wrap will wrap up the week in women’s wrestling by compiling the week’s smaller news stories, rumors and gossip – anything not normally covered by Diva Dirt. Got a tip for next week? Send it in.

* Kelly Kelly confirms she’ll be attending WrestleMania weekend and is open for mini-run back in WWE. (Pro Wrestling Sheet)

* Jessicka Havok sits with Colt Cabana on The Art of Wrestling podcast to discuss wrestling her idols Ivory and Luna and how online controversy can effect your career. (Sound Cloud)

* Asuka is schedule to appear at an upcoming SmackDown Madison Square Garden house show, replacing an injured Naomi. (PWInsider)

* Maria Kanellis talks answering the Diva Search casting call, winning the Knockouts Championship and graduating from college. (OVW Radio)

* WWE officials are again making calls about the long rumored women’s tournament. (CageSide Seats)

* CageSide Seats analysis how Bayley’s segment on Raw was a lose-lose situation. (CageSide Seats)

* Natalya blogs on what it is like working for WWE on a typical day. (CalGary Sun)

* WWE has signed Canadian olympic weightlifter Isabel Lahela. (Squared Circle Sirens)

* Rhia O’Reilly shares a celebratory photo from Pro-Wrestling: EVE’s A Day & Night at The Resistance. (Instagram)

* There’s talk of another Raw/SmackDown draft happening in June. (CageSide Seats)

* Laurel Van Ness takes part in the latest edition of Impact Wrestling’s “Around The Ring Digital Exclusive”. (YouTube)

  • glassjaw

    The article on Bayley is completely spot on. I actually liked the segment because it was executed well by the women, but in context of Bayley’s character it was just as odd as that time she joined in the jumping of Nikki Bella during RAW’s invasion of Smackdown around the Survivor Series build up.

    • Charlie Flickinger

      Agree 10000%. Bayley should have hesitated. She shouldn’t have attacked until she was attacked. It was a mess.

    • Wrestling.fan.from.France

      Well I see what he said, I think she hesitated long and showed remorse for that not to be that bad. She indeed talked about the issue and said that it was important for her to be a role model before saying “HELL NO”.

      I don’t think anything is gonna be worse than Bayley during Raw’s invasion really and here, I don’t really think it is even comparable. While her innocence is something she has to preserve, she shouldn’t be this dumb and I feel like her relinquishing the title in this case would have been bad in the sense that it would have made her look dumb and that’s the last thing she needs.

      I think she needs to stick up for herself when it’s needed and that’s a role model in itself while still being innocent. Now of course, things could have been booked better overall but still.

    • Joseph

      I don’t blame Bayley i blame the crappy writing.

    • Angelica Marie MoNae

      Totally agree. Raw ruined Sasha and it’s looking like Bayley is their next 4HW to destroy to leave Charlotte as the difinitive so called “best”

  • Gabriella Panajotova

    I like the idea of another Draft tbh.

  • alexl467

    As I stated before I hope the focus of both the tournament and post-tournament will be tag team wrestling and the formation of an ongoing women’s tag division, which will consists of tournament teams, main & developmental roster pairings, duos of returning Divas, and possibly unsigned & non-tournament participating teams.


  • Shady

    Asuka wrestling main roster live events ??????

  • Glitter Bliss Banks

    Is none gonna talk about Thea Trinidad and Tessa Blanchard filming scenes for the Paige movie after Raw and Smackdown went off air, Thea looking amazing as AJ and did incredible on the mic! it’s official news now that they are re-creating the night Paige beat AJ and recreating the AJ VS Paige feud. After looking at some videos online, Thea was just thenominal, The only thing I find abit confusing is that they gave Thea AJ’S Titan-tron, Graphics,Theme, character etc. but she came out in different a different gear to AJ? I’m very excited!

  • Bryskers

    The Cageside Seats article is a very good read. It helped me put words on what I myself felt during the particular segment and why I felt weird watching it. It’s nice to have these sorts of on-depth analysis of a character/segment, where attention is paid to details. Most articles on CSS actually are pretty smart by the way.

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    I hope this doesn’t mean asuka is coming to smackdown because I really don’t want her there to bury the division. Let her go to raw where they only like to push 2 women at a time.

  • conan_kun

    Why do Bayley need to relinquish the title, she should have said that Sasha was only there to even things out after Dana had cheated. She came across very poorly here. When Steph demanded her to relinquish the title, she should have rebuffed and said that why Steph never asked Charlotte to relinquish the title after winning all those times with the help of first her father, and then Dana.

  • ?K . A . T ?

    Yay for Asuka!

  • mking2590

    Laurel have a sister i smell a future storyline