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Carlee Bright Makes Her NXT In Ring Debut! Natalya & Karmen vs. Shayna & Lola Set For May 21

It’s NXT so you know what that means?! A jam packed episode full of women’s content, bc you know NXT never disappoints! Let’s get right into it ———

Qualifying Match: Sol Ruca vs. Izzi Dame

Sol is entering with style! She does a walking handstand all the way from gorilla to the middle of the entrance ramp! Great way to show off Sol’s athleticism considering she placed #1 in the Combine. Izzi is no slouch either but this match is an absolute showcase of Sol’s athleticism. Commentary really hyping up the entire time how Ruca is made for a ladder match.

Izzi has a more ground and pound approach, keeping Sol pressed against the mat as much as she can. The match gets competitive, but Dame doesn’t get any tide turning offense in. Ruca surprises everyone though by hitting an incredible Sol Snatcher from the corner for the win!

Winner: Sol Ruca

Lash Legend and Jakara are out next for Lash’s qualifying match against Raw superstar Ivy Nile!

Qualifying Match: Ivy Nile vs. Lash Legend

This match started out with Ivy having to figure out how to overcome Lash’s size. Ivy’s not lacking in power but Lash is just really showing out here! Legend’s definitely improved in the ring. I really enjoyed watching how Ivy and Lash turned that top rope spot into a bulldog, fun chemistry between these two. Jakara slightly throw’s Nile off her game which allows Legend to hit the Big Boot for the win!

Winner: Lash Legend    

So I was so wrong last week thinking Lola/Shayna vs Karmen/Nattie wasn’t happening bc that backstage altercation was a BRAWL!!! More follow up from this segment later in the show!

Carlee Bright is backstage speaking with General Manager Ava where she pleads for a match against Lola Vice. Ava grants the match unbeknownst to her, Tatum Paxley is in the background peeking through the blinds from inside the general manager’s office. 

Carlee Bright vs. Lola Vice

Carlee lives up to her name, because she certainly is Bright! It’s cute and to her credit, I thought she did well in her debut! Carlee will have to figure out how to make this character her own bc it’s been done only 1 or 2  times. And Lola was a good dance partner, leading the match, definitely the right call having her win instead of going for the debuting upset. 

Winner: Lola Vice

Post Match Lola beats down on Bright but Nattie & Karmen makes the save!! The challenge is made and it’s official, next week we’re finally getting Natalya & Karmen vs. Shayna & Lola!!!    

Also next week:

Thea Hail vs. Fallon Henley

Brinly Reece vs. Jaida Parker

Check out some of the fallout from NXT below!

Also to note, there was shockingly no NXT Women’s Champion this week on the show, so Roxanne should make her presence felt next week in a big way. It was the Women’s North American qualifying matches that took precedent tonight. All solid bouts with the right outcome for each. Thea vs. Fallon is one to watch next week, and I’m looking forward to Brinley vs. Jaida too. Until then, sound off in the comments ya’ll and stay phonie!

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