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Welcome to this week’s NXT Redux! After disappearing from the title scene, Nikki Cross is featured on this week’s episode. She’s been wrapped up with her team of anarchists as they completely trash the midcard.

On this week’s episode she’s sending a clear message to the women’s division that no one is safe, no man or woman. Before we get to our match, however, we join Asuka by the pool as she lounges while recapping her own path of devastation through the women’s division. 

She says the moon never shines brighter than the sun and the sun is Asuka. The video package that follows highlights Asuka’s godlike dominance. Asuka says there is no women’s revolution, there is only Asuka. She says she runs the division and Ember Moon‘s fate will be like all the others.

After the package airs it’s time for our women’s contest of the night as Nikki takes on Macey Estrella, formally going by the name of Macey Evans. Let’s watch:

As Macey makes her entrance commentary introduces us to her and fills in her background, honing in on her former military experience, saying no one should mess with her.

Nikki makes her signature entrance accompanied by Sanity. Nikki thrashes her coat around before going after Macey with hard punches. She tosses Macey across the ring. Macey comes back with a punch to the throat. Nikki, enraged, flies back at Macey. She takes her down with a swinging neckbreaker. She picks her up for another as Sanity eggs her on. She picks up Macey again and continues to plant her with neckbreakers.

Nikki picks her up again and plants Macey with a final neckbreaker to end the match. After the bout No Way Jose and Tye Dillinger run in for a beatdown on Sanity. But Jose and Tye are easily dispatched by Sanity.

Thoughts: This seemed like another blink and you’ll miss the action episode. But let’s start out with the positives.The overall theme of this episode is carnage. It’s relayed well with Asuka’s segment and with Nikki blatantly trying to decimate Macey.

I enjoyed the video package highlighting Asuka. Since there’s no interaction between Ember or Asuka leading up to TakeOver according to spoilers, NXT must build this contest with backstage vignettes.

This is exactly what I’ve been asking for every week and what NXT needs to do more of. It helps build angles and effectively introduce us to new women that we should be rooting for or against. Ember vs Asuka is a monumental bout in NXT since they are both undefeated. It should be getting more special treatment. I’m encouraged to see this.

My hope is that next week we have a backstage segment further fleshing out Ember. I’m all for mysterious characters but, Ember has no background outside of being a fantastic wrestler. She desperately needs character development.

Now onto the negative, I’m tired of these short matches that almost do nothing for the wrestlers involved. This match does showcase how much of a maniac Nikki is but, we already know this. What’s the different takeaway here? Obviously No Way Jose and Tye are going to recruit a female to help them take on Sanity since intergender wrestling is a no-no here but, I was really so much more interested in Nikki’s frantic seemingly short lived obsession with Asuka. WWE is truly missing out on something special by cutting Nikki out of the title picture completely.

Onto Macey, she did well for someone that basically couldn’t get any offense in, she sold beautifully, and her punch to the throat looked hard. I’m intrigued by her bad ass pinup army gimmick and I see a bright future for her. I really want to see the other girls, like Daria Berenato, Mandy, and the others just waiting at the PC, square off to further build the division. Why is it so difficult for creative to focus on multiple women’s segments when these matches are less than 10 minutes?

Also, why no more mention of the Icons? No follow up to Billie Kay‘s minor injury or Peyton Royce‘s campaign to ban the Eclipse? Where’s the continuity?

My overall weekly complaints remain the same, NXT needs to step up its writing. Asuka is right, there is no Women’s Revolution, there is only Asuka since creative completely forgot how to build anyone else.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off in the comments below.

  • Shady

    NXT is so trash it’s kinda funny

    • Luna Lovegood

      How is WWE NXT is trash?.

      • KellyKellyisbeast

        I think because we only have 2(and 3 to an extent) as leginiment contenders for the NXT Women’s Championship and everyone else is made to look weak

  • Cathy Kelley.

    Can’t we just go back to the days where the women had good back and forth matches? How is Macey supposed to showcase her talents when she’s in a 2 minutes match and can’t even get any offense? As usual, nothing special happens. Asuka’s promo was funny and now I’m pretty sure that she’ll retain the title, and I don’t see her leaving until August. Somebody needs to fix this mess of a show.

  • Sass.

    I’m sorry but Asuka being smug as hell, lounging by the pool, casually taking selfies in a cute dress whilst clips of her destroying the women of NXT gave me ALL the life I needed this week.

    • Cathy Kelley.

      Giving me Emmalina vibes.

      • Mitchell Roberts
        • Asuka in to Asukalina hahahahaha

          • Pearlita Marie McGee

            She’s taking the gimmick omg. Raw debut confirmed. HAHAHA jk

          • Ken Lushh

            I’m choking!!!

        • Maddox

          Sorry what did Nikki say that made them go “Damn!”?

        • OJ Von Erich

          Give me 7 front row tickets to the possession!

    • Angelica Marie MoNae

      Except the dress wasn’t cute lol but I did actually, surprisingly like the segment.

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    • limfox

      “They should just call it ‘Asuka division’ or ‘Asuka title'”

      I was SHOOK to my core

      • crukepruga

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      • Katherinepcozart

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  • Luna Lovegood

    No one don’t want mess with Macy Estrella. Loses in two minutes.

  • Issac Gore

    Neckbreaker city.

  • saul de la efe

    omg nxt is nothing compared to the nxt of 2014,15, and early 16… i love nxt and i’ll continue watching it cuz i hope it gets better, but shit, this is TRASH

  • Robert Guerra

    Off Topic: WWE officials seem to be unhappy with Alexa Bliss, is said that they have the feeling she don’t have chemistry with anyone other than Becky Lynch and that’s why they face each other everytime possible. Road-agents were said to be particularly unhappy when Bliss could not deliver a good match this week on SmackDown, despite being paired with veteran worker, Mickie James. They do acknowledge her mic work though.

    • It’s no shade, but it’s not a surprise. Not only was she called up WAY too soon, but I honestly don’t think she even has chemistry with Becky. I mean, she managed to make a MAIN EVENT Steel Cage Match feel like a 4 minute “Divas” match.

      • Robert Guerra

        I truly believe if they’ve had a good match that day the Smackdown women would have more main event spots today.

        • Robert Guerra

          I think it was fair having her being the first to get a shot at the title but she should’ve never won it, she has been the reason why the SD Women’s Title don’t have a great match other than Backlash on its legacy.

      • Jo9834

        I totally agree, all these stipulation matches went to waste on the Smackdown womens division. Becky herself hasn’t had a standout singles match bar her match with Sasha on Takeover. They really need to have two horsewomen per show to lift the level of matches overall. Bayley would have been perfect on Smackdown.

    • Gail-Rollins Fan

      Love Alexa but this is true. She needed another 6 months in NXT and Carmella needed another year at least. I mentioned in the redux yesterday that I think this is why we’ve yet to have a great title match from the Smackdown women..

      • Robert Guerra

        I think heel Becky vs face Naomi could be that one match that puts the entire division on notice.

    • Wrestling.fan.from.France

      While her fantastic character work and mic work combined with a lot of charisma is something that helped her a lot in the beginning when the division was still in its start, now that she got to where she’s at, her in-ring performances aren’t that acceptable really. She’s dragging things and limit the quality of matches. She’s has so much potential but wrestling do matter in this era and she will need to do a lot more than that to stay where she’s at.

      Major fan of her work since her debut and she’s truly one of the breakout star of SD but her in-ring performances are pretty much not… good enough and she has no IN-RING chemistry with anyone on that roster really.

      • Kvngbalor

        Same can be said about Bayley her best match has been with Sasha she has no chemistry with Charlotte nor Nia nor Dana at that matter Alexa wrestles like AJ when she was heel her size is a disadvantage she’s not a powerhouse and she’s not as skilled as Sasha who is small but i won’t say she doesn’t have skill she carried that triple threat match in NXT with Nia and Carmella

        • Wrestling.fan.from.France

          That’s not true. Bayley’s worth as a wrestler has been proven already.
          Not to mention, Bayley’s match with Charlotte in Raw’s main event AND at RR proved that she and Charlotte are totally capable of producing magic. That no chemistry argument is still some imaginary thing. While their chemistry together isn’t their best one, it’s fine.
          When it comes to Dana and Nia, both had strong showing against her on the MR and Nia on NXT had quality matches against Bayley.

          Bayley is a reliable name who has shown being able to carry talent and make others look good as well. Her and Alexa are very different on that département. No wonder why Bayley gave Alexa her best showing on NXT…

          • Kvngbalor

            That’s your opinion just lile mine is Bayley & Charlotte lack chemistry call it what you want but lot of ppl agree they also agree that her best matches has been with Sasha im not saying she’s a bad wrestler we all know she can go

          • Wrestling.fan.from.France

            Fair enough, we can agree to disagree.

          • Maddox

            Actually Alexa’s best matches were with Sasha when she was face and busting out exciting moves

          • Wrestling.fan.from.France

            I disagree, while I do recognized the fact that theses matches displayed Alexa’s potential, Alexa’s match with Bayley really displayed her improvement as a wrestler.

    • Joseph

      Where’s your source on this?

    • Kvngbalor

      Meanwhile making her a two time champ when the belt could’ve been vacated til Mania i take these reports with a grain of salt probably the same ones who swore Dana had heat for management showing favoritism to or the ones who said Charlotte was taking time off after her first title lost to Sasha or was it the same site that swears WWE isn’t high on Sasha despite being a 3 time champ i don’t believe it

    • Gabriella Panajotova

      This is bullcrap of a rumour lol Wouldn’t make sense to put the title back on her if that was the case. They could’ve done a battle royal and gave it to someone else. Plus her work with Mickie and Naomi has been solid too.

  • That Asuka segment was everything and felt like it was out of a video game.

  • Macey has the look, that is for sure, but it is hard to judge her on anything in this match. Kind of wish commentary hadn’t put her over like that before the match, because I feel like putting her over and then letting Cross squash her kind of buried her… And not in a way that make Cross look any better or worse than she already did. Don’t really see the logic in that. I also think if Cross was going to hit that move five times in a row, maybe for the last one she could have done the rope hung variation I have seen her use in the indie’s as the final nail in the coffin… Overall was not super thrilled with this segment, despite wanting Cross to be my favorite.

    • Gabriella Panajotova

      Is Macey a homegrown talent or is she an indy girl?

      • She’s had a couple of indy matches.

  • LaurenYorkStan

    This was just eh

    • Pearlita Marie McGee

      Her look on her first televised match was better than this one. On that match, she really looked eh. :/

  • Don Prima

    I agree fully with NXT having continuity issues. It can be quite annoying at times too ?. I wonder if things would be different if NXT was extended to a 2 hour show instead of 1.

    Macey seems cool. ^-^ I love her pin-up look, but I’d rather see Mandy Rose and Daria Berenato more. It boggles me how essentially Mandy, Daria and Nikki were introduced to fill the void Alexa, Carmella and Nia left, but Mandy and Daria are never showcased. With Ruby Riot debuting next week that’ll be 11 women (if Macey is officially considered apart of the NXT women’s division) on the women’s roster.

    Creative has the tools; just don’t know how to use them.

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    I really like macy’s style. Her pinup looks is amazing and she works it to perfection! We didn’t get to see much of her other than she knows how to take 5 swinging neckbreakers though. I have to say though the match was a big waste of time. Nikki didn’t do anything but a hair mare and a billion neckbreakers but we drag Nia through the mud for having such a limited moves set in the ring. Even at takeover she didn’t do any actual wrestling hardly. Her gimmicks is cool but her ring work and move set needs work to match.

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    After the 3rd neckbreaker I fell asleep.

  • Kvngbalor

    Macey is one to watch saw her at a few live events she has potential to be in same league as Charlotte strong voice natural talker and heel she’s a powerhouse worker impactful can’t wait to see what NXT does with her hate that this was her first 1 on 1 match on TV her and Nikki tore the live events up

  • I’m incredibly uninterested in Nikki Cross. I don’t get what she’s doing in singles matches? I especially don’t understand fans who praise her work…she hasn’t done much wrestling since her debut. I’ve seen maybe 6 moves out of her over the course of 5 matches. Please move on.

    • Five matches hardly seems like enough time to give someone a proper chance.

      • Chance at what? My opinion? She was in a title match at a TakeOver event. She’s kinda fair game..

        • I guess a chance to be close minded. Seriously. She’s had a total of what twenty two minutes on tv in actual matches? Most of that time was just a set up to get her to take an absolutely sick bump.

          • Dionte Brown

            So why praise her as something spectacular if she hasn’t done anything worth praising? That’s what the poster is saying. People are overhyping this chick who has done absolutely nothing to impress.

          • But why discredit her when she hasn’t been given too much of a chance…

          • Dionte Brown

            I can only discredit what I have seen of her. And so far she is anything far from special. She hasn’t done anything and has been completely unimpressive. That’s not something that is made up its true. Take Paige, Sasha, charlotte hell even Sophia Cortez when they were in nxt they were great. They were impressive. Did they need some fine tuning absolutely but they were still impressive. Nikki has not been at all.

          • D<3

            google her work peasant.

          • Dionte Brown

            Now now now. There’s no need for name calling. If she is so great she should bring that greatness to nxt. I have no time to search her prior work partly because I don’t care. What she has done in nxt has been anything but impressive. It’s been pretty lackluster/

          • Pearlita Marie McGee

            they’re talking about her nxt work, not past work. If her past work were good, why isn’t it projected well in nxt? That’s their point. :P

          • Thank you for understanding where I’m coming from!

          • Dionte Brown

            I understood exactly what you meant because i absolutely 100% agree.

    • Radical

      Thats because her character isn’t to put on a technical wrestling match, it’s to act unhinged and beat women up. If you go out of your way to watch work of hers before her appearance in NXT, you can understand the hype of why people think her wrestling is amazing. She just hasn’t been given the right chance to show it off her. She’s playing crazy right now, not wrestler.

      • Okay I hear you.. my point is that I’m not interested in her. The product she’s giving to NXT is uninteresting. My thoughts have reached this conclusion due to her NXT performance, where she’s “Nikki Cross” because that’s who we’re talking about.

        • Radical

          No that’s fine. That can also be creative’s problem since they have not been doing good things for the NXT women for awhile. Heck, most of NXT these days is quite lackluster honestly.

    • PYM #TheRoadTo5

      Ikr? People have been praising her indy work, but since she’s been called up, I have yet to see what all the hype is… I kind of wanted to see what she’d be like outside of the “Insanity” gimmick, but I also think she might just be even more boring.

    • Gabriella Panajotova

      I liked her when she was against Asuka. I wished they’d make a full feud out of it.
      In this little match I felt like she was very bland.

  • MyleneCruz

    The crowd sucked completely. They are the reason I couldn’t get behind any of the show. They were dead for almost every segment. NXT maybe not all that but who pay all that money just to sit there and not even clap? Like what? I don’t get it.

    • LaurenYorkStan

      What else they gonna do with a boring ass show tho….Nxt crowds usually always good….that should tell you something

    • Gabriella Panajotova

      “All that mone?” as if an NXT show is worth even a fraction of what RAW/SD tickets do. It’s the entertainers’ job to entertain their audience. When the audience is not given anything to be overly excited about why should they humour the entertainers?

      • MyleneCruz

        1st of all it maybe other SD or RAW but those tickets cost a good amount of money. Sorry if mommy and daddy can toss you tickets as a fluke and a drop in a bucket but to some ppl those tickets are a meal they maybe missing just to be there and support. 2nd of all the show wasn’t even that bad. The womens spot bad yes but there were exciting spots in the show and the audience was radio silent. Why even be there if you’re not even going to audience a lite excited or give the entertainers something to work with. Those ppl only do what they are told. If the storyline is that bad at least don’t make the entertainers feel bad abt what they are doing especially when they are trying. And you miss the point. Forget the wrestling and mic spots they were dead even when they came out to their entrances. No kind of pop at all. They were just boring and chose to be that way. Goodbye now.

        • Gabriella Panajotova

          LMAO, honey don’t try to project insecurities into me. No, mommy and daddy aren’t rich, I work for my own money.
          What the hell is wrong with you that you felt the need to react like this? My point was that no matter how much money the tickets are people are not obligated to like and be excited about something that just doesn’t do it for them. SMH.

          • MyleneCruz

            Insecurities? Since when are people not being able to afford things an insecurity? Goes to show a lot about the lifestyle in which you grew up in. And good for you I get residual checks every six months I’ve been writing books since I was sixteen I am now twenty-four and they maybe not best sellers but THEY SELL okay. I made my talent a career. I have ghostwritten best sellers for top authors. And also I never said they were obligated to clap either. If you could read at the end what I originally wrote was “Like what? I don’t get it.” So you’re coming at me crazy for what purpose exactly? Cause you clearly just want to have an opinion when no one asked you for it. You will learn when coming at me to come with a reason or do not come at all. You are dismissed. GOOD DAY MISS!

          • Gabriella Panajotova

            What is wrong with you? How are you trying to play victim when you tried to make uninformed conclusions about my lifestyle? I haven’t questioned your intelligence or your hard-working yet you did that to me. Good day to you too, judgemental person.

          • MyleneCruz

            Wait? What? Who are you? Oh. Irrelevant.

  • Hangga

    whats wrong with nxt booking ? they are very inconsistent , one appears and disappears randomly. asuka vs ember it totally mess, they better change the card into 6 pack challenge with peyton, nikki, aliyah and liv or book battle royal to determine whos in the next line for the title. nxt needs shaking up its women division

    • Amy

      Bitches be rolling a dice to see who’s gonna take care of nxt, raw or smackdown

  • Macey a queen, I stan. NXT needs SERIOUS revamp after Takeover.

    All we see is random singles matcges between different people with no story. No feuds, no storylines, champion is barely there. Just…

  • Black Rose

    I guess its no news flash that NXT has been rather lackluster lately. Its hard to believe the place that helped plant so many seeds of the women’s revolution as we know it, has come to this quality. But with RAW’s occasional 4-5 star main event matches.(Regardless of the random booking and mistreatment of half the roster, most high stake matches are brutal and stand out in quality.) And Smackdown’s consistent storytelling and 3-4 star matches. I guess I can settle with NXT being a little dry right now, I just hope we have better things to look forward to in the near future.

    • Crazy. #RIPMae


  • Oh I’m so dissapointed by This week edition of NXT, I’m glad that Macey Estrella debuted on a singles match, I want to see more about her.
    But that match was pointless and out of context. Like the writer said, No storyline progression, the feud between Asuka and Ember feel’s unreal. IDK! They really have to put good backstage segments to increase the lack of intensity that this feud has. The vignette of Asuka was weird but I tried to understand the point and for me was, that she is on a vacational break because no one can beat her, so she is showed with a lot of Confidence, feeling like Moon is not competition for her.

  • glassjaw

    Not much to the match to really gather an opinion of Macey Estrella yet. She has a unique look, certainly, but hopefully we see more of her potential soon. That hair mare was straight up ugly.

    Loved the video package on Asuka. I do wish they would air some vignettes to profile Ember Moon more, but I can’t say it enough: their match has the potential to be the best women’s Takeover encounter yet.

  • ?K . A . T ?

    Asuka’s promo was exactly what I love seeing from her, the cocky “I’m better than everyone else” attitude suits her so much!

  • Skipt Skipt Skipt

    The way NXT Creative team think look like “We have plenty of full potential girl, send squash match to them!”… so disappointed.

    Everybody who seen Macey’s work from NXT Showcase said she’s great, but from someone who know her first time (by this match) will say ‘another enhancement/jobber’. She is one to watch but if NXT give her a pathetic like “She’s ex-military, don’t mess with her” & then she got squash… *rolling eyes*

    Nikki Cross, typical crazy & psycho who destroy opponent easily. She has great ability but her work look very standard & didn’t ‘wow’, that’s why crowd not into her.

  • Gabriella Panajotova

    I like the Macey chick. She seems spunky and fun.

    As for Asuka vs Ember, I think I can get on board if I treat Asuka as a heel. This promo sold her as a heel to me.

    • MK126

      I hope they keep these promos going. I understand why people on here hate her reign but with promos like these it makes sense why shes not wrestling. She has no competition worth wrestling besides Ember. She should be allowed to take as long a break as she wants until rightful competition steps to her. They should show this over cocky side shes gotten throughout her title reign up until TakeOver. Much like they did by showing what happened last week between Ember and BIllie they are trying to sell The Eclipse as this career ending move and im all for it.

    • glassjaw

      I was checking out Macey’s social media and she has a strong military background, coupled with impressive physical conditioning. I kind of get where she’s going with the “pin up strong” look, but it just feels a bit too… I don’t know, polite and elegant for someone who looks like they could really tear it up in the ring. I am very interested to see more of her though!

  • Shiza Manzor

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  • Sweet Episode Of NXT And Wow How Brutal Is Nikki Cross I Love It

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  • MK126

    Why do squash matches still exist… especially for Nikki Cross?! It was alright prior to the F4W at the previous takeover as it gave her the opportunity to show much of a wildcard/dark horse she is to the match. NOW is the time where we don’t need squash matches. We need full fledged LONG-ish matches that showcase both people involved in the match. Cant say I was impressed by Macey but if she’s as good as yall say she is then she’ll have no problem in long matches. Like someone below had pointed out why would commentary build her as an ex-marine and shouldn’t be messed with but then have her squashed by someone who shes taller than! I just don’t get it…
    As for the Asuka promo I loved it. It really showcased how dominant shes been in the division. As much as I’d like to see her on tv more it doesn’t phase me especially since she’s been built with this undefeated streak. What would you like her to do when we already know the outcome of the match? These promos could be good as a way for her lose at TakeOver for not taking Ember so seriously as a threat to her title. Let her snap on Ember after the match making her a full fledged heel and then have her play mindgames with Ember until TakeOver: Brooklyn 3

  • Lushluke

    Giving Major Gunns vibes

    • Sitinjak

      Tylene Buck?

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    While I appreciate the character of Nikki Cross, I just wonder if is going to last. Honestly, this is a hit and miss thing like many crazy gimmicks. They work for a while and then after they are no longer the biggest threat, is done. I also don’t like the fact that she’s too crazy for the championship picture, is like she doesn’t care about winning or loosing. I also don’t feel the intensity on her but can’t take away how good she’s been doing her job. She is really good in the ring and with her character. Already in the top three girls in very little time.
    NXT needs to create some heat between Asuka and Ember. Let them team up vs Peyton & Billie and they would fight over dominance. That would make that one on one so much more interesting if they are competing to show who is better.

    • glassjaw

      At first I was all for Nikki Cross in Sanity because it had potential to take her to a main event program with the men. She has been integral in their booking and on occasion at the house shows she’s competed in well received mixed tag matches. Now with that being said, the gimmick of her being an unfettered screwball somewhat limits the action in her matches as they’re often structured as short or uneven. And the character doesn’t really afford Cross much of an opportunity to flex how dynamic her skills are in the ring.

      • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

        The character is holding her back in the ring but not everything is just showing off a lot of moves. Her character does most of the work, she’s this insane girl that attacks viciously and torture the opponents. Is not really about technique with her (even tho she has it). My problem is that is also takes away the fact that she could be champion.

  • Sitinjak

    Macey needs change her look or if she plan to stick with 50’s,try do Rosie The Riveter,it’s look manly for her.As for Asuka,i don’t believe she will go to Main Roster whether she lose or win after Takeover:Orlando

    • Charlie Flickinger

      Has it been confirmed that Asuka signed anything beyond an NXT contract with WWE ever? There were so many reports when she was signed that she was only being signed to go to NXT for 5 years, but they had no intention of bringing her up to RAW or SmackDown.

      • Sitinjak

        I can see that she will retire or go back to Japan when her contract expire,she will 39 in 2020 when her contract is up

  • Summer_Slay #KellyToSaveRAW

    Macey i will find you and i will burn that skirt.

    • Marcia Brady


    • Gabriella Panajotova

      I liked it… :/



  • Organization XIII

    NXT is just sad. Video vignettes for women who interacted with each other twice? How is that build up? Neither one has any promo time. They don’t interact with the other women in backstage segments. We know the match will be awesome based of their ability displayed in the indies but WHERE. IS. THE. STORY??

  • 6SidesSteel

    Macey looked ‘classic stripper body’ gorgeous, and in fact if it were not for the army background mentioned in her resume, one would think she had just worked a bachelor party. I could enjoy watching her lose all day long, as the beautiful jobber everybody wants to see regardless of ring skills.

  • -B


  • B J

    It feels like Nikki Cross is going to be added to the match at takeover – interrupt the match at takeover – or come down and beat the winner at takeover. IMO sAniTy should be added to each of the matches, tag, heavyweight and female divisions. It would be even better and more dramatic if they all won the titles. Just have ultimate domination. Fresh. Interesting.

    Either way, I don’t care what anyone else says. Ember Moon vs Asuka is going to be fucking EPIC!

    • I wish they had went this route, but I think Sanity will be in a four versus four tag match at Takeover.

    • Diva_Fan

      I wish Nikki was added to the match I still think her and Asuka have some unresolved business and I’m annoyed they kind of just cut off her and Asuka’s little fued they had going on .

  • Katherinepcozart

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  • ralfikh

    Any1 has link for their match? Better video thn above?

  • Bev.duo

    So much life given to me from asuka shashaying her way around the pool! Screaming!!!!!