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Earlier today, private photos and videos of WWE Superstar Paige surfaced online and throughout social media without her consent.

Since then, the former WWE Divas Champion has released a statement in regards to the terrible situation via Twitter:

Paige’s mother Saraya Knight also chimed in on the matter:

Paige has been off WWE television since last June after suffering an injury and undergoing successful neck surgery.


  1. This is just shocking I didn’t even know her and Brad wss6a thing…and then add Xavier…lawwwd tha tea

  2. Mess. I feel so bad for her but I couldn’t look away. Never though I’d see a threesome between Woods, Paige and Brad Maddox but then today happened. My God.
    NXT 2013 was Dumb Lit.

  3. Just when I thought there was hope for Paige this happens, it is all over Twitter. Paige is trending for all the wrong reasons. Never thought I would see her in a threesome with Woods and Maddox.

  4. I wanna smell Xavier and Brad’s breath while they deep in me fucking the soul outta me making my great great grandmama feel tha pain oooo jerus

  5. I’ve liked Paige in the past, she was a decent wrestler and was somewhat entertaining. Not a huge fan like some but she was likable. But now I wish wwe would just release her for good lol.

  6. Had no idea paige was like this ?, the nudes were one thing. But the fact that she’s sleeping with multiple people on the roster (past and present) & some at the same time ? I low key feel sorry for her but at the same time she she seems fully aware she’s being recorded so…

  7. Honestly, you should be ashamed of covering this topic. As a womens wrestling website, it’s your job to empower women. In this case, a woman got her privacy invaded by some creepy criminal. You should have done what was the best to do here, and that was nipping it in the bud.

    • I understand the sentiment I really do but its still news and they are covering Paige’s response to the situation. It can’t be hidden when its the #1 trend on twitter right now with over 50,000 tweets.

    • Why avoid something that’s public ? Paige acknowledged that it was her , the world seen it. Posting about it or ignoring facts won’t change

  8. I wish Diva Dirt would have ignored reporting this, to be honest.

    In any event, I sympathise with any woman who has had her privacy compromised in such an exploitative way. We should be able to live in a world where what we do behind closed doors shouldn’t be distributed publically; it wouldn’t be fair of me to blame Paige for having created the content in the first place. I feel very sorry for her family having to watch their daughter being humiliated this way also.

    • This times 100. It’s a sad world out there when people are more focused on slut shaming Paige for doing the recording instead of realising she’s the victim of an attack.

      • People are sending screenshots to her own Mother on twitter. That’s completely savage. But then, I’m not a millennial so perhaps my attitude is just a bit old fashioned!

  9. Oh bitch I would’ve done this with Seth and Roman, they were both in FCW at the time. Paige should’ve upgraded her taste to more exotic men. Brad is boring and Xavier is basic. Kofi is the cherry on top of New Day and is the delight of the group.

    • Girl if you were back there and Miss Brad Maddox asked if he could have a go we both know you would say yes mmkay

    • I think anyone making a recording of themselves having sex is a risk to something like this. Paige should have had common sense, sure, but the repercussions of this being distributed publically will extend further than her WWE career. It’s something which will live with her forever unfortunately.

  10. poor woman, it is wrong to exposed someone like this

    …. in other hand this seems as a 14′-15′ time around so, i would totally be doing brad baddox plus finn, cody rhodes, tyler breeze, fandango, cesaro, wade, the whole shield (i know weird about dean), sheamus , tomphillips, randy orton,miz, sandow,even tyson kidd and fucking Sami Zayn ( he is the hottest for me, probably the only one that thinks he is hot)

    thats like half roster LOL such a slut

    • Eww at Tom Phillips, his dick game seems boring af, daddy Corey Graves and Byron Saxton are so much better

      • oh yes Corey too hahaahah i like guys like tom phillips, the think they are so “dirty” and they are so in love with themselves , they think you actually buy their “sexy guy” game, meanwhile you are actually saying “this guy is hot but he is so childish/ highschool hot guy wannabe” … you gotta teach’m a lesson or two about shutting and DOING

  11. I just feel sad for paige she hasnt recovered yet from her previous issue and now this. I have high respect to women wresters so I’m not going to see these photos/videos.

  12. Who could’ve posted the pictures of Paige?. I have heard that someone posted photos of Alexa Bliss too.

  13. I told myself I wouldn’t watch but whatever. Eff whoever released them, but Seth Rollins had his ish put on blast and he won the title soon after.
    Btw, finally seeing Maddox’s butt? Like I SW the damn sun, gorgeous.

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