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Diva Dirt Hype is back!

Get hyped for WrestleMania 33 with Diva Dirt Hype, highlighting the 6-Pack match for the SmackDown Women’s Title, 4-Way Elimination for the RAW Women’s Title and the Mixed Tag.

Check out the Diva Dirt Hype clip below:

Music: “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Lorde

WWE.com previews for Wrestlemania 33:

RAW Women’s Championship, Four Way Elimination match (Bayley [c] vs Charlotte Flair vs Nia Jax vs Sasha Banks)

Bayley’s run as Raw Women’s Champion has been a dream come true, but she’ll have to deny her best friend, her most ardent foe and an unstoppable force at WrestleMania to prevent a rude awakening.

The beloved Raw Women’s Champion will defend her title against Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, and Nia Jax in a Fatal 4-Way Match at WrestleMania 33 that began to take shape as far back as December. That’s when Charlotte wrestled the title from Banks in a grueling WWE Iron Man Match, sending The Boss into a minor tailspin while Bayley rose up as The Queen’s most prominent foe in the process.

Even though Charlotte fended Bayley off at the Royal Rumble, a recovered Banks provided her friend with a decisive assist on Raw to dethrone The Queen — and then another at WWE Fastlane, snapping Charlotte’s pay-per-view streak and all but assuring Bayley will walk into her first Showcase of the Immortals as Raw Women’s Champion.

Thanks to Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon coming down on Charlotte’s side that Sasha’s interference cost Flair the Fastlane match, The Queen was able to wheel and deal her way to the big dance. Banks joined the field at the end of an impromptu friendly against Bayley that booked her passage to Orlando, and Jax followed suit two weeks later by defeating Bayley in a non-title contest to earn her place in the match. The next week, a pre-Raw announcement complicated things further, transforming the bout into a Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match and rendering Bayley’s grip on her title in more danger than ever.

In a sense, perhaps it was always fated to be this way: The four most dominant figures of Raw’s Women’s division — the beloved champion, the dominant Queen, the rebounding Boss and the near-unstoppable Jax — finally clashing in an every-woman-for-herself battle. At the center of it all is Bayley, the dreamer who finally reached the mountaintop. But tonight, streaming live at 7 ET/4 PT on WWE Network, we will see what happens when dreams and ambition collide.

SmackDown Women’s Championship, Six-Pack match (Alexa Bliss [c] vs Naomi vs Becky Lynch vs Mickie James vs Carmella vs Natalya)

SmackDown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss is in for the title defense of her life tomorrow at WrestleMania.

WWE’s Wicked Witch will face Becky Lynch, Natalya, Mickie James, Carmella and, now, Naomi. The gigantic title bout came together after General Manager Daniel Bryan, in an effort to demonstrate that Team Blue is WWE’s true land of opportunity, ruled that any woman on the SmackDown LIVE roster who is available to compete would be eligible to vie for the division’s crown.

Naomi, who forfeited the SmackDown Women’s Title as a result of an injury, became the latest competitor added to the match when she returned by surprise on the March 28 edition of SmackDown LIVE. Now that she’s back in action and determined to regain the title, will Naomi make the rest of her opponents “feel the glow” tonight in her hometown of Orlando?

Even though this probably isn’t the WrestleMania dance card she hoped for, the fiery champion won’t fall easily. Bliss’ hair-trigger temper would prompt a charging bull to change course, and with her back against the wall, it’s frightening to think what she could resort to as she stares down the challenge of almost the entire Women’s division.

Can Alexa Bliss make it out of Florida’s Orlando Citrus Bowl as the SmackDown Women’s Champion? Don’t miss the SmackDown Women’s Championship Match when it takes place tonight at The Ultimate Thrill Ride.

Mixed Tag (Nikki Bella & John Cena vs The Miz & Maryse)

We’re a culture obsessed with power couples: Jay-Z & Beyoncé, J-Lo & A-Rod, JT & Jessica Biel.

So, when John Cena & Nikki Bella square off against The Miz & Maryse at WrestleMania 33, we will not only be seeing two couples of this variety collide, but also witnessing a knockdown, drag-out, awesome (no pun) melee with a ton of personal pride on the line for both sides, as they attempt to find out who SmackDown LIVE’s “it” couple truly is.

For years, Cena & Nikki did not acknowledge their relationship within WWE arenas. Total Divas or Total Bellas was one thing, SmackDown LIVE was another. However, after two-time Divas Champion Maryse brutally assaulted Nikki with a lead pipe, and Miz and Cena eliminated each other from the WWE Championship No. 1 Contender’s Battle Royal, the rules suddenly changed.

With these two conflicts merging, all four Superstars began to rip one another to shreds on the microphone. The Cenation Leader was a guest on “Miz TV” — the perfect time and place to badmouth The A-Lister. Miz followed with an appearance on Talking Smack, which proved to be an excellent opportunity for him to tell the WWE Universe why he believed Cena is a “robot” whose relationship is manufactured for the benefit of reality TV cameras. Fearless Nikki told Maryse to keep her hands off her man; Maryse retorted by calling Nikki Bella a fraud.

In between the smack-talk and these tumultuous physical exchanges, a massive WrestleMania match has been made. Can Cena & Nikki shut up Miz & Maryse once and for all? Or, will The Miz repeat his performance from WrestleMania XXVII, where he retained the WWE Championship over Cena, and push him and his bride to victory?

Wrestlemania 33 airs tonight, Sunday April 2nd at 7 ET/4PT on the WWE Network, with the pre-show beginning at 5 ET/3PT!

Who do you want to win each match? What are you most excited to see? Let us know your views in the comments below!

  • Jaded

    I just want to feel the glow.

  • Jaded

    Don’t care less who wins the four pack challenge. Everyone there is over pushed and overrated .
    Nia is not yet ready for a title run and if Charlotte wins yet another title in the next 3 years or so, I will rip my face off.

    • vincecabrera

      That’s called a ‘Fatal Fourway’. Lol

    • vincecabrera

      But I agree with your statement.

    • #TearTheWeavesDownFromTheSky

      You can’t really call them overrated. They have been the ones dishing out the A+ matches the last few years. I love Smackdown but their only letdown is the fact their matches never get above a B grade, one of the two opponents is always a weaker wrestler and as a result the matches never reach the level they should. When the RAW women start delivering below A level matches on PPV’s THEN it’s fair to call them overrated but until then that’s just an empty argument.

      • wwepassion

        Nope Raw women are overrated and have not had a great match since the Sasha and Charlotte feud. Matches aren’t what makes you succeed and SD is proof of that. So clearly it doesn’t matter if they didn’t have a 5 star match but it would be nice to see.

        • Vid Trim

          Actually Bayley vs Charlotte on raw is the highest rated women’s match EVER on wwe’s main roster. Smackdown kills it with feuds and character development but RAW’s matches are so much better.

          • rated by who? Meltzer? The same person who rated Dana vs Asuka higher than any Sasha vs Charlotte PPV match? Honey please…

          • Vid Trim

            Well, yeah his reviews are a bit off sometimes but he’s still a man who’s been reviewing wrestling longer than I’ve been alive and he’s the most respected wrestling critique out there. Charlotte vs Bayley was amazing notheless, better than any SD match (except maybe Nikki vs Natalya though it’s debatable)

          • wwepassion

            So Alexa vs Becky raised SD ratings when they main evented. Ratings doesn’t mean great match. Again matches isn’t what makes you a star clearly.

      • Gabriella Panajotova

        I agree, but it has become cool to put down the RAW girls constantly for most people on this site.

  • Jouey

    Im super excited for the show! I will watch it live although im in time zone with about 10 hours difference, but I will do it! I also hope to see Eva Marie, my Idol! Hope she isn’t done with WWE yet.

  • Chargemander

    Hope there’s a surprise entrant in smackdowns women title match. They didn’t save Naomi hopefully Tamina will appear

    • conan_kun

      No, just keep it six pack challenge Instead of adding more women to make it messy

  • Bellatrix Lestrange

    Awesome video

  • I cannot help but feel like this video package showcase the SD girls more. Okay video package I guess

    • Wrestling.fan.from.France

      I guess since they have Raw only have one match, SD girls are more showcased in that sense especially considering the fact that the video is very short and combines all the matches.

      • True! My comment was more so a simple observation rather than a critique. I’m excited to see all three matches along with the other matches on the card. Excluding the mainevent.

        • Wrestling.fan.from.France

          Well depends if the main event you’re talking about is Brock vs Goldberg or Taker vs Reigns which both have been rumored to main event the show lol.
          Personally, I am not looking forward Brock vs Goldberg at all, doesn’t interest me one bit. I am hoping that some matches end up being classics!

          • Brock vs Goldberg is the only matche on the card I don’t care to see. I think this is one of the better WM cards. I can see a ton of great moments from the men and women. But Neville vs AA will surely be the match of the night.

    • TorrieTrishStacyLita

      Because Smackdown’s women’s division is far better than Raw’s

    • wwepassion

      Well there are 2 women matches on SD

    • YonceLuvsDivas

      There’s more women on smackdown actually going to wrestlemania than raw.

  • SD queens

  • Call Up Asuka NOW

    Who I want to win Alexa , Sasha and Maryse

    Who will win Naomi , Bayley and Nikki

    But as long as matches are good that’s all that matters hopefully all 12 women kick butt tonight

  • Rose Márie ?

    Nikki looks amazing I want her to be champion!

  • Ghetto Baby

    My edges are gone.

  • This video package gave me chills, super excited for Wrestlemania now!!

    • lonesuhoph

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  • Aye Mate

    I can’t wait to see Naomi tonight ?

  • StraightUpBitch

    Also, it’s been a year since that video package WWE dropped to hype the triple threat that changed everything. For me that video is slept on. It highlighted the woman of the past and hinted as to what would occur. Back to this post though, they’ve come so far and deserve everything. Such a incredible video package which highlights all the ladies nicely

  • GlowTime

    Naomi’s entrance is going to be fire!

  • Kinda off topic, but does anyone else feel as though they may have moved the SmackDown! Women’s Championship match to the main show so the arena can be darker for Naomi’s entrance??

    • Jouey


  • Danny?

    I am so ready for Naomi’s entrance, what a moment that’s gonna be.