Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s Impact Write-Up. As seen last week, Sienna was on the hunt for the GFW Women’s Champion after Karen Jarrett broke the news that both Impact Wrestling and Global Force Wrestling would be merging into one company. Global Impact anyone? Sienna gets her wish as the GFW Women’s Champion Christina Von Eerie is scheduled to defend her title on this week’s show!

Sienna wastes little time finding Mrs. Jarrett backstage with questions as to where the “alleged” title holder of the GFW Women’s Champion is. Mrs. Jarrett invites Ms. Sienna to pull up a chair as Christina Von Eerie will be in action very shortly. In addition, Sienna should take some mental notes as Karen also announces that next week, it will be Sienna’s turn will square off against CVE.

And who is CVE’s opponent? Why it’s none other than Ava Storie! So, is there a reason behind Ava suddenly becoming the number one contender to the GFW Women’s title? Was a random name pulled out of a hat from the back? Sigh Let’s just bring out the champion.

CVE comes out and proudly raises her GFW Women’s title in the air before handing it over to our acting referee Earl Hebner to get this title match started.

The bell sounds off and an evasive Ava tries to call for an unofficial time-out, which lasts for about ten seconds. CVE kicks Ava in the mid-section and takes her down with a snapmare. The GFW Women’s Champion lands in some more offense, delivering kicks to Ava’s back and running the ropes to connect a big boot.

CVE scoops up Ava over her shoulders but she is able to escapes by raking CVE’s eyes. Ava then grabs a handful of CVE’s hair and throws her down to the mat. After a few punches to CVE, Ava side slams the champion and goes for the cover.

CVE kicks out, which angers the rookie Knockout and causes her to pick an argument with Earl. CVE turns the attention back to action with a chop, forearm and snapmare combination to Ava. A series of headbutts follows next and towards the end of the match, CVE is able to trap Ava in a corner and hit an elevated back stabber that puts Ava down for the three-count. CVE remains your GFW Women’s Champion!

Post match, in an Impact Digital Exclusive, CVE refers to Ava as “the first little obstacle” she had to face and makes mention of setting her eyes on the Knockouts title next. Hardly an obstacle if you ask me.

We move on to a very well put together hype video package documenting the heated (and currently my favorite) feud between Davey Richards/Angelina Love and Eddie Edwards/Alisha Edwards.

Angelina is at ringside for Davey’s Grand Championship match against current title holder Moose, who has DeAngelo Williams and Gary Barnidge in his corner. The match ends in DQ when Eddie Edwards (sans Alisha) runs in to brawl it out with his former tag team partner.

Other Knockouts serving as ringside managers this week are Laruel Van Ness and Sienna as their ‘Unleashed Fury’ Kongo Kong wins another squash match, this time against Matt Sigmon.

And making appearances on this week’s main event tag team street fight between The Decay and LAX are Rosemary and Diamanté respectively. As expected, Rosemary tried helping out her team midway throughout the match by blinding Ortiz with a mist but this backfired when it hit Abyss instead. Diamanté took care of Rosemary from here and in the end, LAX were able to retain their Tag Team titles via blockbuster through a table on Crazzy Steve.

Thoughts: For the first ever GFW Women’s Title match taking place on Impact Wrestling, this match was pretty flat.

One of the issues I had going into this match was seeing Ava announced as the challenger for the GFW Women’s Title match, I mean how random is that? This isn’t a dig to Ava, as she was clearly brought in to these Impact tapings to serve as a generic babyface and/or heel talent enhancement, depending on the week.

I’m still not sure of what Ava’s official status is with the company but if she is signed, I hope to see an improvement in her ring work as some of her offense here was a bit awkward. I did like CVE’s finisher and she showed spunk in her introduction video. With CVE now signed to Impact, I hope we get to see more from her than we during her first short-lived run with the company as Toxxin.

Maybe it’s just because I haven’t exactly followed GFW throughout the years but I’m not completely sold on the GFW Women’s Championship. If there are any GFW historians reading this, please fill in on the history behind this title!

With all this talk of unifying the Knockouts Title and the GFW Women’s Title, I can only assume that the purpose behind the latter being brought to the spotlight is for Impact to introduce a new Women’s Championship for their division in the near future. Or at the very least, a newly designed Knockouts belt, since the current belt still carries the “TNA” logo which is a tag that is being phased out of history.

As far as The Decay’s final dance, I’m sad to see the group end. I’ve been a fan of the team since they first came together and truthfully, they have been one of the hottest acts Impact has had in years. I’m not too worried of what will happen to Rosemary with the group parting ways, as I’ve always seen her as the star of the group. So on that note, thank you Crazzy Steve for all the memories, dating back to the Menagerie days and good luck to whatever is comes next!

What did you think of this week’s episode of Impact? What are your thoughts on the chance of the GFW Women’s and Knockouts Title unifying? Will you miss The Decay? Let us know in the comments below!

  • CVE impressed me in that interview of hers. The match was basic, but it served its purpose.
    So it looks like the plan is to unify the titles, I wonder if they’re gonna start a new title out of it or just continue with the KO title.

    • Gabriella Panajotova

      Considering TNA doesn’t keep their ties for long, I’d prefer to keep the KO title just in case the shit hits the fan between GFW and TNA.

      • AllWrestlingMatters

        That’s exactly what I said!!!!

      • Dark Heel

        GFW is dead.

        • Gabriella Panajotova

          But I’m guessing it is some sort of contract between Jarrets and TNA?

          • Dark Heel

            Slammiversary is going to be unification matches. That is when you will see the new belts.

    • Radic

      They’ll likely merge them and replace the belt with an updates design, seeing as they are still using the TNA logo in all their titles other than the Impact Grand Championship.

      From future spoilers the TNA & GFW Titles are being held by the same tag team, and Lashley will be facing Alberto at Slammiversary, who won the GFW Global Title at the tapings.

      I can also see Rosemary VS Sienna for both titles since they are seemingly going for that exchange, as well as Moose (Grand) VS Cody (Nex*Gen) happening either at Slammiversary or the India tapings.

  • Gabriella Panajotova

    Jesus…Ava girl is kind of cringy to watch. The punches could rival Jenna Morasca’s slaps.
    CVE should’ve faced someone more skilled.

    • Number One

      She’s skilled enough

      • Gabriella Panajotova

        For a title match? Absolutely have to disagree.

  • jbrizzy

    All I can do is just laugh. Lol

  • Dark Heel

    Ava is only 20 years old. She is super young and gaining experience, nothing more. Its part of her training with Jay Lethal.

    • Gabriella Panajotova

      Well, okay…but this is not OVW or a training facility. Wish her all the luck and hope she’ll kick ass down the line, but this was not entertaining to watch.

      • Amyjkramer

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      • Raekon

        Well it was like one of the wwes Squash Matches and still more entertaining because she got at least a bit offence unlike the Jobbers the wwe pulls in the ring for nia jax or asuka or others to Squash in the process. At least Ava were seen in Matches before unlike them that are coming in to get squashed and never appear again.

        • Gabriella Panajotova

          Well, I have higher standards for championship matches I guess. After all this was the first defense of the title at TNA and the first impression of CVE to the TNA crowd since forever. This just was the wrong girl to do the job.

          • Raekon

            I just explained how it was booked. You are right that the match was underwelming for a Championship match without any backstory and a random Opponent. I already had wrote in my posting before that I found it to be too Basic for a Championship match. I expected more too. :)

        • Amandawthomas

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      • Helendcruz

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    • Aye Mate

      Because you don’t tear down other women outside of WWE. At all.

      • Dark Heel

        You can’t judge judge somebody when they are super young, Deonna was the same thing, Spud mercilessly ribbed her about it too.

        • Aye Mate

          Why can’t someone be judged for what they do as a performer? It doesn’t matter what age a person is. Of course constructive criticism would be ideal but that ain’t the world we live in. And if Ava isn’t yet of the standard to be wrestling convincingly on TV, that’s on TNA.

          • Dark Heel

            Because she only has 18 months experience. Yes she’s gaining TV experience. Its different.

          • Aye Mate

            At the end of the day she’s no different than anyone who’s equally lacking in experience and thrown on TV in WWE. Regardless of age.

          • Dark Heel

            She’s a jobber! Why even bother rating it?

          • Aye Mate

            … even jobbers have parts to play in a wrestling match being convincing.

    • Juan

      Damn she’s super young!!! Hopefully all these matches help her improve and maybe if we are lucky we’ll get to see her grow over the years(that’s always fun)!

  • DivaLicious?

    This woman division is sad??? That match was awful. Ava is so cringeworthy ? The hits she was throwing I can’t ? I miss Tara, Taylor wilde, Awsome kong, jade, roxy, sarita etc.. I can’t watch this division anymore. TNA as a whole looks lost. I just can’t..

    • Dark Heel

      Then don’t fucking watch you blithering idiot.

  • Wicked Emma #WickedGirl

    Im starting to become a fan of CVE. And Ava Storie. I think CVE could make a great heel. And Ava is good as a heel too. Good match.

  • hitesh khanna

    out of all the new knockouts they they assign ava to go out.. atleast it would have been entertaining to see mj and she is actually better in the ring then the new girls and knows how to wrestle

  • Love CVE’s look and she has cool gimmick be interesting to see how she developes in Wrestling

  • MeddlingDiva

    The match was Eh.
    CVE finisher move was bad ass

  • Radic

    CVE won the GFW Womens Title against Amber Gallows at the TV tapings in 2015… that is literally all that has happened to the title, not even exaggerating. With no TV deal in place for GFW, they never had the chance to really have the title change hands.

  • CVE looked better with her hair all spunky. The match was randome and quite boring, how Ava became the #1 contender?

    • Gabriella Panajotova

      I agree about the hair. I almost didn’t recognize her here. The blonde kind of makes her look older than she is.

      • True! I think the same thing when I saw her and considering that her Titantron has the logo of her with the spunky hair, cause me a confussion.

  • Radic

    Definitely confusing having this as a title match, an exhibition would have been fine. I suppose they wanted CVE to retain against someone before she loses the title soon.
    And yeah, not a good showing for KC (I REFUSE to call her Ava, too many As!!!!), but she’s still like, 1-2 years into live shows. She’ll have time to improve, just more seasoning and such. Though a match against someone else would have also been cool. Why they didn’t have MJ at the tapings I’ll never know.

  • Snappy

    That “oi” and dickhead(?) motion on her forehead bullshit was as annoying as Brie cheering on Nikki with “c’mon Nikki” (or was it Kelly Kelly?)

    • Number One

      Kelly never did that

      • MiguelAngl

        Kelly kelly too

        • Gabriella Panajotova

          Just without the “Nikki” part lol
          I just rewatched the Naomi vs AJ match from NXT and Kelly was screaming “C’mon, Naomi” throughout. It was hilarious! :D

  • Juan

    Is Ava Storie officially signed? Because she has been appearing consistently. I know they signed Mj Jenkins but I’m unsure if Ava got a deal too.

    I really want to see Christina Von Erie vs Rosemary so I hope that is the direction we are heading in! Although Sienna might put a wrench in that plan. Someone on creative is clearly a Sienna fan lol

    • KatyaMenelli

      They’re doing Rosemary vs. Sienna. Sienna already beat CVE for the GFW women’s title in the tapings.

      • Steven5812

        No spoilers, please.
        It’s bad enough TNHaters/WWEnablers post them on YouTube. :(

  • Kiana Taylor

    Ava Storie??? i fucking can’t right now

    • Number One

      The girl’s good; give her a chance

  • AllWrestlingMatters

    I hope they do better

    I understand that WWE is using most of the talented women for their tournament HOWEVER their are plenty of women they could sign that are new and better than women like Ava Storie, Washed up ODB who has two wrestling moves, & Rebel

    What’s the point of putting untalented women on TV this is not a developmental company so until some of them are ready they shouldn’t be on TV

    Some of these new girls they bring in have no type of character or they don’t bring anything different to the table

    I miss the unique & diverse knockouts division when they had women like

    Taylor Wilde
    Even Rhaka Khan was different

    • Dark Heel

      Kong, retired.
      Roxxi, retired
      Daffney, retired after Dixie fucked her over.
      Taylor Wilde, retired and lives in England now.
      Tara, in her mid 40s.
      TBP fuck no.

      Rhaka Khan LOL, ok run along now.

      • AllWrestlingMatters

        Kong is not retired she’s going to be on the Glow Wrestling Show on Netflix

        She also wrestles at random
        Wrestling promotions sometimes

      • KatyaMenelli

        Most of Mexico’s female wrestlers are in their mid 40’s( Marcela, La Seductora, La Amapola, etc.) And are still giving out 4-star matches.

        Tara can still go in the ring.

  • John Finnie

    Did anyone notice ava looked as if she has been wearing a corset!! Her waist looked out of proportion’ match was flat’ CVE looks so pretty & different from toxxin

    I think Crazy Steve is on his way to NXT

  • Radic

    Also, people really are picking on KC too much. (I still refuse to call her Ava. Too many A women in Impact as it is) Was her offence weak? Yes. But other than that, she didn’t do bad. It’s not like she botched a whole bunch or anything she touched turned to rust.
    She’s like, 1-2 years into the business. She’ll get better. AND… she’s already much better than Brandi, but again the same argument applies.

    • KatyaMenelli

      Yeah, people are going to hard on Brandi. She isn’t that had. Still has ways to go, but I seen her have better matches with women way less-experienced then CVE. I just think it has to do with being on TV.

  • Windyhawaii

    The thumbnail had me thinking one of the ladies had her boobs out during the match ??????

    Shame that global force had to merge with impact, I thought they had a future. And I like the layout of their shows. As for the match, it was bad, but a lot of stuff on impact has been bad so, I’m not shocked.

    • Dark Heel

      Lol yeah sure, EVERYTHINGS bad on Impact right, you didn’t see the main event obviously.

      • Windyhawaii

        Cause I only pay attention to the women on impact. I don’t know or care about the men on impact

        • Dark Heel

          Casual sexism.

          You really didn’t see the main event if you think it was just men.

          • Windyhawaii


    • Juan

      Lol Trevor Lee has a feminine looking back and really good hair so that’s probably why ???

      • KatyaMenelli

        Don’t do Daddy like that ??

  • -B

    CVE vs Sienna sounds nice, I also loved the CVE promo they aired!

  • Asa Loves You

    Gross. Ava Storie has no business being on TV. I didn’t even know CVE still wrestled. Let’s see if she’ll remain after her losing the title, since that seems to be the only reason she’s there.

  • Raekon

    To be honest I expected more from a Championship match and I’m kinda dissappointed they want to unify both titles into one instead of keeping two Championships for the women. Most of all because the GFW belt looks far better and because two belts would let the women have more to do instead of one.

  • Peter Marin

    Wow what a finisher from CVE! It looked painful but beautifully executed