Exclusive: Kristal Marshall on TNA Rumours, Racism in WWE, Fitness & More

kristal4Since leaving WWE, former Diva Kristal Marshall has found new callings — mother and rising fitness model. Since giving birth to her and Bobby Lashley’s son, Myles last year, Kristal got herself into amazing shape and has taken the bikini modelling world by storm! Just this past summer, Kristal earned her pro card by winning the top prize at the NPC USA Championships.

And it’s not just Kristal making waves right now — beau, Bobby Lashley is the latest top acquisition by TNA Wrestling. He’ll make his wrestling debut for the company next Sunday at No Surrender.

With Bobby in TNA, it wasn’t long before rumours swirled that Kristal may follow suit. Speaking exclusively to Diva Dirt‘s own Tiffany, the ex-Diva addresses the rumours for the first time!

We also talk to Kristal about her departure from WWE, the shocking racism she and Bobby experienced at the hands of one company official and much, much more!

Listen to the interview below:

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For more on Kristal, visit her official site www.mykristalonline.com and you can visit Bobby’s official website at www.fightbobby.com. Kristal and Bobby are also featured in the latest issue of Muscle Mag which is on newsstands now!

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  • divafan23

    She is so sweet! I’d love to see her go to TNA and wrestle again.
    Awesome interview!

  • stephens61086

    Aww I Really Liked This Interview, Loving All The Interviews Are You Guys Are Doing, Keep Up The Good Work!

    I liked Kristal when she was in wwe, shame about the treatment she was getting from Michael Hayes though, and it seemed that Stephanie McMahon wasn’t really putting her foot down much and helping the girls who were asking for help. Kristal was definitely was of the few diva search girls who showed a lot of personaility and personality and its a shame she left wwe when she did.

    Booker T/Sharmell vs Bobby/Kristal haha that would be interested some day if it were ever to happen!

  • NT86

    Great interview. Kristal told us everything. She looks AMAZING, the fitness training she’s done has re-defined her whole look. She seems to be in a very different, happier frame of mind than ever. Hope she does well in whatever path she takes.

    Didn’t surprise me one bit when she brought up the Michael Hayes name. Why does WWE still have this guy around? He is a disgusting racist who’s made various comments in the past about other African American (and other races too) performers. He was suspended not too long ago after making derogatory remarks to Mark Henry’s face. I’m sort of aware of his bad blood with Lashley but didn’t know it extended to Kristal too. There was also a reports of how in 2003 or 04 Stephanie McMahon brought in an African American writer who was basically met with animosity by Hayes. It was so bad for him that he quit in months. Furthermore the ex-WWE writer, Ranjan Chhibber who is Indian was the victim of horrible racist abuse by Hayes. Adding to all this he made remarks about Obama before he was elected, questioning whether he could read the constitution and said if he was elected he’d move to Canada.

    OK I went off there, but the point is guys like Hayes and Bill Watts should realise that it’s 2009 not the days of segregation.

    It is a shame they let go of Kristal. When I first saw her debuting in WWE I really liked her. Had a good work ethic and seemed to improving nicely in the ring.

  • jcristo

    I actually really enjoyed this interview. Kristal seems so humble and from the internet it seems like she almost despised WWE, but apparently that’s not true because she was speaking very highly of it other than having to work with Michael Hayes. I just think she seems very professional and she looks amazing. I have just garnered a lot of respect for her. Thanks Diva-Dirt!

  • lavadius


  • http://www.diva-dirt.com Erin

    Chill lavadius, maybe if you listened to the interview you could have saved yourself a conniption.

  • xxChristinaxx

    I really think she would be in TNA in 2010.. Since, she said that Dixele is interested in her and that she is interested in becoming a knockout.

    I would LOVE to see Kristal in TNA not just a velvet but a wrestler. We haven’t seen her in the ring in years so she can easily be improving and better for all we know. Bobby is making so much money so, I’m pretty darn sure she have a great trainer.

    I knew Michael Hayes was a racist. They should have been fired him a long time ago. I really think Vince is a racist as well because the things he said about Carito. So, I guess Vince doesn’t really care about minorities wrestlers since they don’t really get a push like others do.

  • Goodvibes

    Great Interview, Kristal is one of my favourite Diva’s that never really reached her potential in the WWE. Its sad to see backstage politics and personalities hinder the product the way it does, as if Diva’s didnt have it hard enough already!. She’ll do well in TNA and the WWE will probably want her back in a few years, watch this space.

  • TheBeautifulPeople

    I hate the race card

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com Erin

    TBP – Really… REALLY?

  • NT86

    I don’t like when the race card is used for benign things, but clearly the Michael Hayes stuff is NOT playing the race card because a number of WWE employees, past and present have been the victim of his old-fashioned, bigoted mentality.

  • Hen

    I seriously don’t want her going to TNA, I know she’s a wrestler but the Knockouts division is stacked full and she’ll get put into a shockingly bad rivalry against Sharmell, TNA should be renamed WWE rejects graveyard

  • TheBeautifulPeople

    @Erin Yes

  • Ricardo

    Great job, Tiffany!

    Kristal was one of my favorite divas. Even though that Michael Hayes (douche!) couldn’t appreciate her, we all know that Jim Ross LOVED him some Kristal! lol Who could forget his “I’m very proud of Kristal!” comment? ;) Woo!

    o/~ I can tell that you’re feelin’ me! o/~

  • Luis

    she sounds so nice =]
    great post!

  • xxChristinaxx

    @TheBeautifulPeople: If you would have google Michael Hayes you would know she wasn’t playing the “race card”.

    He called Mark Henry the N word in his face.

  • MarBu13

    If I heard correctly, Kristal didn’t even leave the WWE just because she knew Michael Hayes had some prejudices towards minorities ( AKA: Racist ), she left because she was put in an awkward position where someone who was her boss openly had a grudge towards her boyfriend as well as spewed hate towards her kind. And it seems like she didn’t want someone else’s personal agenda to be carried out against her either. How in the hell does that make it ” the race card” ?

    If anything, Michael Hayes shouldn’t even have a job right now instead of punishing and sending him to rehab. I guess that’s as far as WWE is willing to take it. Rehab can make you sober but it can’t stop you from being an asshole.

  • KiKi

    Great interview and its a shame, the terms in which she left WWE on. Its nice to hear that she isn’t bitter and is happy in life.

  • http://myspace.com/albertalonsocastaneda Albert Castaneda

    its sad how theres still racism today, wonder what else goes on in the daily life of a wrester whos a minority and has to deal with Michael Hayes. . must totally suck. i love Kristal, shes one of the few divas who actually has drive, the baby weight she lost almost instantly totally proves it :), id be jealous if i was a female lol, she looks so kick ass now. hopefully she signs with TNA :).

  • Hen

    It doesn’t matter what anyone does there will always be racism, I’m not the most accepting of people I admit but I least give people a chance, but of course then I’d be contradicting myself if I said I liked all white people too because I don’t infact where I live 7/8 of the population are white because you don’t find many Black people in the English countryside for some reason, and most of the people where I live are complete wank stains so it just goes to show that Michael Hayes does suck ass, I mean just the other day someone asked me over MSN if wanted to join the BNP (British National Party) so I said “No I’m not a fan of Hitler or you so you can F&%$ off please” and yes the BNP are proud of what Hitler did

  • lavadius

    she will not join TNA. TNA signs wrestlers not baby mamas who are horribe wrestlers and the last thing she did was win a swimsuit contest in 2008. To be a TNA Knockout you have to wrestle really well and she’s not a great wrestler. Any one can beat her. She has wrestled in over 4 to 5 years. Alot of poeple think that she should go because she’s beautiful and looks has nothing to do with being a Knockout. The TNA knockouts are known for their wrestling skill and they are some of the best wrestlers in the world. She would be a valet for Bobby Lashley and that’s it. Karen Angle was a valet Kurt angle and Sharmell is a valet for Booker T

  • xmelissaa

    She sounds like a great girl. I didn’t really watch it while she was in it, but she sounds like a genuinelly nice person. Shame about the whole Michael Hayes situation.

  • Hen

    Well actually on the other hand I don’t mind her coming to TNA so long as she wrestles, sure she can have a rivalry with Sharmell if she wants but so long as it’s not mostly crap.

    Less crap more fighting that’s what I watch it for

  • MarBu13

    I’d be for her to go to TNA – because in the interview she actually sounded like she was still interested in doing the wrestling aspect of the business. Which is surprising because I guess I thought of the Diva Search girls are being more personalities and only being forced to wrestle in WWE because they had too. But like she said, she’s more fit. She’s extremely athletic and she didn’t get to do a lot of things in the ring that she wanted to do in WWE (sounds like Torrie Wilson). She’s certainly no worse in the ring than Velvet Sky or Christy Hemme.

    And I wouldn’t even mind a Sharmell/Kristal feud. It’ll probably be like the Sharmell/Karen Angle feud a few years ago – purely entertainment. But both women have some sort of wrestling background and is able to get more physical.