WWE.com just released the names of four women that will be competing in this summer’s ‘Mae Young Classic’, airing exclusively on the WWE Network.

The names include:

  1. Toni Storm (watch on ClickWrestle)
  2. Lacey Evans
  3. Sarah Logan
  4. Princesa Sugehit (watch on ClickWrestle)

The four women come from across the globe, including PROGRESS Women’s champion Toni Storm coming from New Zealand, NXT stars Lacey and Sarah coming from America, and Lucha Libre champion Princesa Sugehit coming from Mexico!

The aforementioned competitors are the very first official names to be released by WWE themselves. However, we recently reported ten other names that were reportedly announced. The list included both Evans and Logan, so it still has potential on being confirmed.

In addition to the 32 woman participants representing 17 different countries, it was also previously reported that female referees and commentators (along with WWE Hall of Famer commentator Jim Ross) would be included in the tournament.

The Mae Young Classic tournament will be filmed on July 13th and 14th, 2017 at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida with the special live finale reportedly being set for the end of the summer. The first round of the tournament will be available on VOD in late august while the second round being released in early September.

The WWE Network will also be airing a special preview of the tournament on Sunday August 20th.

What do you think of these names? Are you excited for the tournament? Let us know your views in the comments below!

  • Shady

    Great! Hopefully the other names rumored for the classic are false. Just add Kimber Lee and Bianca Blair, as well as Mandy Rose and call it a day. Other than that please give the exposure to experienced and talented women instead of some green trainees that haven’t even had a match yet

    • A?.

      All the others girl in the list have had a match, though…

    • Stacymjohnson

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  • woo so ready for Toni Storm. I could see her going far/winning the whole thing.

  • Bryskers

    Very excited to see Toni Storm. I know her from Progress and Stardom, and she’s amazing.

  • MK126

    Toni Storm was a shoe-in since her scheduled triple threat against Jinny and Daliah Black during WM Axxess this year. Never heard of Princesa but hopefully they have others from Mexico who can wrestle lucha libre so we don’t have a recap of OG Sin Cara again…

  • ABC_1990

    I hope Jinny is apart of this as well, she’s such a great heel

    • Bryskers

      Would love to see her as well

  • Lushluke

    Just read that lita might be the 6th person in the ladder match

    • Matt

      Gosh, really??

    • Iteaseutouch

      where is it?

    • Joseph

      Where’s your source?

      • Lushluke


  • A?.

    Yay! So excited, I hope we get Jinny as well.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    Never heard of any of them besides Sarah Logan.

    • Summer_Slay #SummerTime

      Wait what Lacey Evans, Macey Estrella, Macey Evans ? She’s that girl from NXT with the retro style gimmick.

      • YonceLuvsDivas

        Oh wait I totally scanned through the names. I didn’t even notice her. I’m still getting use to her name change. But that’s makes it two!

  • Kvngbalor

    Thank you ? If you haven’t saw Toni Storm in the ring she is awesome and her swag is everything she’s everything i wanted main roster Paige to be

  • #BrieForPeace ?

    Yay at Toni Storm! She is incredible in the ring. I love Sarah Logan aswell and never heard of Princesa Sugeheit. I wish they would add Shanna too. Evie is pratically a lock too since she’s coming to WWE anyways so she might aswell make her debut in the tournament. Veda Scott and Taeler Hendrix would be good additions too but they don’t seem like they were signed. I can’t wait for this tournament!

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    This is looking better!

  • Summer_Slay #SummerTime

    I was so happy when i saw Toni and Sarah’s names these girls can bring it on. As for future competitors I’d definitely like to see more girls from NXT that will have the chance to showcase what they can really do without serving like a jobbers for Asuka. Such as Peyton, Billie Kay, Liv, Aliyah, Bianca Blair, Mandy, Daria but oh, will i be shook to see some returning former WWE stars.

  • BLKLTR05

    Personally I don’t want the WWE to announce anymore names. Let this be it. Let the speculation run wild and then surprise the hell out of us when he competitors come down to the ring. ESPECIALLY if they plan on bringing back any of their former women like Melina, Victoria, or Serena Deeb.

  • Asa bin Laden

    w o w

  • Jamal

    All good to decent so far

  • FiguredRetro

    Really hoping some classics/oldschool faces show up. Jacqueline, Tori, Ivory, Cherry, Alundra, Torrie Wilson, Victoria would be awesome! Really help make this exciting.

    • Monkey Tennis

      I don’t think that’s necessary. Considering much of the rumoured and potential talent already lined up for the tournament, it’s looking exciting enough already. I’m not sure how adding any (mostly) retired wrestlers from X amount of years ago would add to the excitement. Particularly as surely the whole point of the tourney is about building the women’s wrestling in the WWE for the future – not looking back on the past.

      Also, although my knowledge of guys wrestling is limited, would I be right in saying that the Cruiserweight tournament only had contemporary wrestlers involved?

  • Monkey Tennis

    Toni vs Kairi (or maybe even Io) final?

    We can dream, right?

  • ?K . A . T ?

    Toni Storm is a great pick!

  • Aye Mate

    Toni Storm should get signed easily, I reckon. She looks, talks and wrestles great.