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Hello Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s Impact Write-Up! After the events of Slammiversary, where we have seen Sienna defeat Rosemary to become the Unified Knockouts Champion, Sienna looks to stay at the top against Rebel in a non-title matchup. Let’s go straight to the action.

First we see Gail Kim chatting with McKenzie Mitchell about an announcement regarding her future. What could it be? That will happen next week!

And next, we see Rebel taking on the Unified Knockouts Champion Sienna one on one. A kick to the gut from Sienna starts off the match followed by whipping Rebel to turnbuckles. Rebel goes for a kick but Sienna rejects it, takes her down and kicks her down. Sienna goes for Rebel in the corner but Rebel counters it and tries builds momentum with her Cartwheel Elbow Smash but Sienna caught it and nails the German Suplex.

Sienna builds up her own brand of momentum but Rebel stops it temporarily. Sienna tries to regain that momentum but Rebel starts rolling with a forearm smashes, running hip attack, running double knee and the cartwheel clothesline.

Rebel then went after Sienna’s cousin KM by stomping on his hand, and attempting a diving crossbody the outside did not work, but she slaps the guy. Once Rebel got back in the ring, she tried for a finisher, but Sienna countered it with a variation of the Guillotine Choke and Rebel taps out.

Thoughts: Say whatever you want about Sienna, my thoughts on her don’t affect her in any way. But at the rate she’s going, she is looking to be more dominant by the minute.

Also, this was a great showing by Rebel. Coming back from her STARDOM trip really helped her get some confidence. But don’t underestimate the champ, she is on a roll this year. Hopefully a rematch with Rosemary down the line will spark some interest, but that is up to management as well as the fans.

Also, I wonder what Gail Kim has to say next week. If she’s going to say what I think she is going to say, I have to respect it. The future is looking bright in GFW Impact, and it starts with the strong Knockouts division.

What did you think of this week’s Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Shady Sequence

    TNA stays doing the stupidest shit it hurts at this point

  • Kvngbalor

    I just can’t watch not interested even tho i like Allie & Rosemary. Always would see pics of Allyison Kay and highlight vids and internet hype i thought she was the shit and couldn’t imagine why WWE hadn’t signed her but after seeing her i understand why she’s bland boring and just nothing connects for me at all no matter what she does i just can’t get into her

    • MK126

      The thing is Allysin was given WWE tryouts (she was on an episode of Breaking Ground) and they didn’t sign her. She, like some of the NXT women and even the TNAGFW women there is no solid character development. Her “gimmick” is ‘pinky up’ but what does that mean. She’s supposed to be this enforcer type woman but now has her “cousin” coming out with her at ringside. The only solid characters right now are Rosemary, Allie, and LVN (not counting Angelina, Alisha, and Diamante cause they aren’t actively in the division right now). All the other girls have no characters and aren’t being used to give them characters. They’ve gotta pull something out of their asses since Gail is retiring soon

      • Beverlypschild

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  • Monkey Tennis

    Do TGNFAW…. I dunno, whatever they called this week..have zero faith in their women’s division right now? They just can’t seem to stop teaming up female talent with boyfriends/husbands/family/etc.

    Whilst that isn’t the only reason why their women’s division currently seems so splintered and unfocused, it certainly isn’t helping the situation at all.

  • ralfikh

    I think sienna is getting good. Not my fav but i like her growth.
    Hope LVN n Allie got big push this year. Hoping the KO will be used more properly in the future

  • Rebel did surprisingly well in this match

  • I really like how much Rebel improved as a wrestler. I hope the next set of tapings after this months will lead to more women involved in the division. I wouldn’t mind seeing Rebel officially signed.

  • DivaLicious?

    I had no idea sienna was on a episode of WWE “breaking ground” she must didn’t stick out to me. Which shows why now. Impact need to really make people care about her. I just can’t see it happen for sienna. She needs a complete gimmick & ring attire Change. She kinda reminds me of Tamina. She was always just “there” wasn’t seen as a real relevant factor to anything going on. The crowd could care less about them. The 4HW would wrap circles around sienna in ring ability.

  • GailKimStan

    It’s a totally unpopular opion but i’ve been enjoying Sienna so much lately, i think they’re finally doing something good with her.
    I also think she looks like a real boss bitch with that make up and the two belt on her shoulders.

    • Steven5812

      And even though I mark for Rosemary and (still) Decay, I agree.
      One thing that hasn’t been pointed out adequately was that The Enforcer won the belt fair and square (More or less): No outside interference (Hi, Chelsea), though the shot with the belt could have DQed her. Compare that to that FARCE of an ending to the inaugural women’s Money In The Bank ladder match.
      And yes, I am looking forward to Rosemary/Sienna 2: The REMATCH; and I’m probably not alone.

  • GailKimStan

    The problem of the overall booking of the division still remains: why the hell would Rosemary wait to confront Sienna after loosing her title? Like that shit doesn’t make any sense.
    Also nobody gives a shit about seeing Rebel wrestle a random match.

    • Aye Mate

      This. It’s a sign of how thin the division really is. Also doesn’t do much to advance the characters of the division when they’re up against irrelevant passing through names.

  • Neutral

    Why they named the video Sienna defends the GFW Knockouts Championship? scream GFW or TNA or Impact Wrestling is such a mess

  • Ev???

    Hoping BFG is Rosemary vs Allie vs Gail VS Sienna

  • Aye Mate

    I have been waiting for Allyson Kay the wrestler to emerge in Sienna for quite some time now – and she is, slowly but surely. To be completely fair to Rebel, she looked a lot more improved than she did last time I saw her wrestle.

  • Haraya

    Even I love her indy work, I found Sienna’s work in TNA/GFW is so plain & boring. Thx god she use Guillotine Choke as new finisher (at least it better than The Silencer).

  • Women’s Revolution

    I’m not sold on Sienna either. She’s just not
    getting it for me.

    Here’s to hoping Gail Kim take that title soon and pass the torch to Rosemary.

    Dezmond Xavier ??? I’m only tuning into impact wrestling regularly for him.