Last week the women ended the show and they ended it in a very confusing… yet predictable bang. It’s clear to see that there’s a big target on whoever the Champion is and with No Mercy just a couple weeks around the corner, the ladies of RAW are once again trying to climb to the top. Let’s see what was in store for the women this week!

Before RAW it’s announced that Sasha Banks will be invoking her rematch clause to challenge NEW RAW Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss, at No Mercy.

The woman who caused the storm, Nia Jax, is backstage with RAW General Manager Kurt Angle and she’s not happy about hearing the aforementioned news, especially since she laid them both out last week. Angle reminds her that Banks’ shot at the title is due to her contract and reminds Jax that this isn’t the way to go about making opportunities. Speaking of making opportunities, Emma butts her way into the conversation and reminds everyone about starting the Women’s Revolution again.

Nia isn’t happy about being interrupted, which causes Angle to remind them both that they don’t just ‘ask’ for opportunities, they need to earn them. So tonight, Emma and Nia Jax will team up to take on the team of Sasha Banks and RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss. If Emma and Nia win, then the match at No Mercy will become a fatal-4-way match for the RAW Women’s Championship, but if they lose then it shall remain a Singles Match.

Following the announcement for this match, Alexa catches Sasha backstage. Sasha breaks down the stats and tells Alexa that she ‘needs’ her if she wants better chances of walking out at No Mercy with her Championship. This doesn’t rub Alexa the right way, who warns Sasha to leave her ‘Boss’ ego at the door and she should “Get over it!”. This strikes a nerve with Sasha who warns that once they win tonight, she’s going to make Alexa tap out at No Mercy.

As the women make their way to the ring, Emma debuts another theme which has a bit more of a rock vibe – still not as good as her old theme, but definitely better than the Christina Aguilera rip-off from last week. In a weird way, the match cuts to commercial break during her entrance and when we come back the action seems to have started.

The unorthodox tag teams for this match provide most of the story telling in this match. On one side, we have a deadly team of Sasha and Alexa who have had months of animosity towards each other who try to one-up each other throughout the match. On the other side of the ring, we see Nia who has no respect for Emma and pretty much watches her take a beating for most of the match.

The match mainly consists of Alexa and Sasha trying to cause more damage to Emma and trying to avoid getting Nia in the match. Once Nia finally gets the tag, she goes straight for Alexa who slaps the woman that is almost twice her size… bad move! Nia ploughs down Alexa and after a beatdown, she finishes her off with a Samoan Drop. She goes for the pinfall, which is broken up by Sasha! Alexa manages to get the tag to Sasha, who tries to put up a fight against Nia until she’s met by a running avalanche block.

A flattened Sasha becomes an easy target for Nia, who goes for the final leg drop. However, as Nia hits the ropes, Emma tags herself into the match and runs to cover Alexa as Nia gets up to her feet. 1.. 2… 3! Emma and Nia Jax are going to No Mercy! The duo celebrate together, but much like last week, Nia doesn’t do celebrations and she flattens Emma with a Samoan Drop! She signals for the Women’s Championship around her waist as her three No Mercy opponents look on in shock.

After the match, Nia Jax continues her ‘message’ by reminding everyone that she took out all three challengers tonight and will do the same at No Mercy.

Finally some RAW action that I can get behind! Sure, this match wasn’t amazing but it’s all about the storytelling. You’ve got two teams that hate each other, that need to get along: one team from a long developed program and another team formed of two newer developing stories. Booking-wise, it was a perfect situation and one that I certainly didn’t expect for our backwards RAW writers.

Last week just seemed like a bit of a clusterfuck and everyone here seemed to agree with my thoughts that it was all just a bit unnecessary. Thankfully, they’ve found a way to turn things around and actively spark interest into both Emma and Nia Jax. If we had another Sasha VS Alexa singles match, I’m sure we would have a lot more to complain about. This will at least help make use of some of the characters that we’ve got going on now, but having 4 women involved helps to give a lot of breathing space.

Obviously, my personal choice would be for Emma to come out strong in this push, but there’s a very small chance of that happening. Either way, they can really turn her into a threat now and take her out of the RAW division sub-league where she and a couple of girls have been stuck in. This just goes to show that the WWE can get it right sometimes, but we have a couple weeks to go until No Mercy so let’s see how they handle it. Nia is getting better, Sasha is re-established as the top face, Alexa is now the sneaky heel and Emma is the fresh grass in the field – I’m intrigued!

Are you happy with the fatal-4-way set up? Would you prefer a singles match between Alexa and Sasha? How do you feel about Emma’s new new theme? You now what you do!

  • #RiotWithRuby

    Last night’s episode was a lot of fun. And for once I’m excited for a Raw PPV match.

    It’s an A from me, Raw.

  • Aye Mate
    • KellyAJNaomi#Slay

      Neither did I apparently????ur imagination is tunrt

    • Match of Year Maker


    • Shan

      Wait, Alexa doesn’t know the difference between the Hardys?

      • Aye Mate

        I’m sure she does; I was just riffing off Sasha’s promo she cut after GBOF ?

        • Shan

          Oh. Because if she didn’t know the difference that would be a serious problem.

  • Aye Mate

    WWE: So Emma, we got you a new entrance theme as a reward for all your diligent Twitter promotion.

    Emma: …..

    • Robin Zabriskie

      she is in ppv too

  • Diva_Fan

    I enjoyed RAW last night for once it felt fresh ! I think Nia needs to win this fatal four way tbh . She has the momentum and it’s time for something new and someone other than Alexa or Sasha as champion . Plus when Asuka eventually comes up her and Nia have great chemistry in the ring so a rivalry for title between them would be good .

  • Nadia

    This was a real solid episode of Raw, character and story wise. Sasha just lost the Title after an 8 day reign and she showed intensity and frustration in her backstage promo while not taking any spotlight from Alexa/Nia in the tag match. It was a pet peeve of mine when she’d come out smiling after she’d lose to Charlotte. Than she got pinned by Emma so I’d like to see more of bitter, angry Sasha going forward. Plus all the Sasha/Alexa memes had me dying. They really do play off each other well.

    The Nia/Alexa scream spot was hilarious and this Fatal 4 Way is going to be fun. I think Nia is going to win, feud with Alex for a while than Asuka is going to come up and slay the beast so to speak. I don’t care for Nia/Asuka in ring chemistry but its good story to establish Asuka right off the bat.

  • #Hooligan ?

    You know what, I’m just happy for Emma, to me she was the highlight of the night. After all these months where she was treated like shit with this useless gimmick that she used for one night and 30 seconds, that championship match was long overdue, finally! Whatever the outcome of the match at No Mercy, I’m just happy that she gets to be apart of this.


    Sasha Banks and Alexa again, effortlessly showing how strong their chemistry and their dynamic as characters are… You missed money there big time WWE. That backstage segment was everything I needed and the ending was when it got even more intense between them two was awesome.

    They built the tag team match pretty well as well having two backstage segments setting it up. Them letting more and more Emma a chance to voice her unhappiness which builds her characyer and it was nice to see them let Nia explain herself (even tho, she wasn’t very convincing).

    The match itself was fun, it was fresh. It was a new dynamic and I enjoyed it. Adding Emma into the mix really makes it fresh. I am very happy for her. She deserves it and so much more. While I would understand Alexa retaining to continuing to build her feud with Nia or Nia winning here to began her reign of dominance, I would be for Emma winning the title out of nowhere just for the sake of it being NEW.

  • Troy Rochester

    I would laugh if Emma ended up doing a Jillian and winning as that what she pretty much is at this point Jillian 2.0 .

  • for once raw felt fresh

  • ???

    Good . Now put the title on Emma!


  • YonceLuvsDivas
  • conan_kun
  • Wicked Bliss

    Title on Emma then feud with Sasha. Alexa vs Nia on a side feud. Looks good to me.

  • conan_kun

    Emma pins Mickie then steals a pin from Nia against Sasha, Can they give Emma another win to build her momentum before No Mercy like beat Dana next week or two. Though I know Emma is most likely to eat a pin during Fatal 4 Way, but I still dream for Emma shockingly winning the title, even if her title run lasting just a month, let her have a great title match against Asuka once she moves to Raw if rumored said Asuka debuts at TLC PPV.

    • Wicked Bliss

      That was a good one.

    • A?.

      It was hilarious

      • JosefinaCGomez

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  • GEO

    I think my only concern is that if any of the women were to win, what would happen next and how it’s going to be booked. We could see Alexa’s reign of terror continue. We could see Sasha win it again and hopefully NOT get a 8 day reign. We can see a Nia reign dominating. And an Emma reign has potential to be interesting, if WWE don’t fvck it up. The highlight of tonight was the backstage seg with Sasha and Alexa. OOOOOO I could feel that heat.

    • Nadia

      This reminded me of when Sasha/Alexa use to get into it backstage in NXT. I love their chemistry. Please for the love of God WWE give me back Boss Bitch Heel Sasha.

    • Maddox

      Looked like a prison scene ?

  • Mr. Giem

    I enjoyed this a lot! After weeks and weeks of the same inconsistent booking we finally get something fresh.

    I love the chemistry between Alexa and Sasha, even when they are a tag team they compliment each other so well and that backstage segment was everything. I never imagined it would come the day when Alexa and Sasha would do a double suplex together!

    I’m also really happy for Emma. She was given so much crap these past weeks, it’s really nice to watch her in the main picture getting some victories.

    The match was good, I was very entertained. Sasha and Alexa really worked as a team and I was rooting for Emma since she was the underdog in the match. Also, the interactions with Alexa and Nia were LIFE! That scream when Alexa slapped Nia had me dying.

    As for No Mercy I’m going with Emma for that win, I know it’s unlikely to happen but I would book it this way: Since Sasha is probably doing that angle with her fellow 4 HW against MMA 4 HW she doesn’t need the title. Alexa and Nia can keep feuding without the title as well as Alexa pulls a babyface turn in the process. Emma winning would mean she can keep bragging about she started the Women’s Revolution which would lead to Paige returning, that would be Emma’s first championship feud, she would win this one and it would be finished in time for Asuka’s debut and her inevitable championship win. Fantasy booking but I feel hopeful after last night.

  • DivaLicious?

    Finally something different. I know Emma is happy just to be in the position. The tag match was alright. I loved the tension between Alexa & Sasha backstage.

    I think I know how this 4 way is gonna go. I believe Emma most definitely will take the pinfall. I believe Nia just may take it all. Sasha has already been embarrassed enough, so she shouldn’t take the pinfall. We all know Vince loves him some Alexa bliss she is the most protected female on the roster. so you know she ain’t getting pinned. Emma I believe was thrown in the match just to take the pinfall. But I could be WRONG????? But I predict nia will win. Have auska come in and take down the big bad wolf.

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    This was a great RAW for the women. I loved the match and the ending was so fresh and made sense. Keep it up RAW! Now hopefully Nia or Emma wins at No Mercy. Asuka vs Nia or Asuka vs Emma for the title would be good.

  • #FlairfortheGold

    Team Bliss or Emma at this point!

  • DayOneISH!

    After Taking a long nice rest after being excited for Emma even though I think she should be the next women’s champion I honestly don’t wanna see Emma win the belt in this fatal 4 way.However I don’t wanna see Emma take the fall either.

    They can’t even pick a theme for her to keep and she’s going thru some changes in the looks department with new attire and stuff so I would hold on her for minute.Maybe Early 2018 if Asuka doesn’t show up on Raw.I don’t want Emma’s first title Run to be rushed and not make her feel like she’s just a placeholder for some other girl like what they have done to Sasha,Naomi and even Natalya(Who I don’t see keeping it too long).

    I’m just tired of the multiple womens champions in less then 2 months,champions not even being the main focus on PPVs, and having boring and not creative storylines which makes these title runs forgetful Emma doesn’t deserve that.But it’s WWE so I’m not keeping my hopes up at all.

    • Troy Rochester

      Naomi was not a place holder lol she held the title for a good while .

      • DayOneISH!

        Yeah she held the belt for a while but I mostly remember her fighting Lana in less then 5 minute matches and her match with Charlotte ended in a no contest because the others came out and she beat Alexa clean.While she was stuck with Lana the others were headlining MITB with the first Women’s MITB ladder match and even closed Smackdown two weeks later her title run was nothing special.

        • Troy Rochester

          Doesn’t mean she was a placeholder just means she has bad booking which could be said for a lot of Women’s title reigns atm tbh .

  • Troy Rochester

    RAW finally stepped it up and felt fresh for the first time in ages. I think it does make sense for Nia to win the title at No Mercy . Have her dominate for a bit then have Asuka come in a fued with her for a bit and beat the ‘monster’.

  • Danny?

    Finally something fresh and new! Get it Emma! Can they just give Emma her old theme back like seriously stop playing RAW, Real Deal was the shit and everyone know it. #TeamEmma

  • Super Mateo

    Wow. Sasha and Alexa just have this great innate ability to understand their characters, the story they’re trying to tell, and the audience they’re performing for. They nailed the detail work in that backstage segment. Alexa has always had good expessions, but paired up with Sasha not just yelling at Alexa, but going within inches of her ear–this is nice work by them both. I’ve enjoyed their promos more than their matches.

    Match observations:
    -Nia was getting the most crowd reaction, especially when given the chance to beat up Alexa.
    -Sasha and Alexa worked together without a hint of hostility. It was weird seeing Alexa stand on the face side of the ring. Perhaps they were testing Alexa out as a face?
    -It sucks to hear Emma not getting any reaction. This is one thing I hope the Raw writers can turn around.
    -When the match started, I saw Sasha as a face working with three heels. I’m not sure where on the face-heel continuum anyone falls after the match and that’s a good thing.
    -After using cowardly heel tactics since her call up, Alexa started with that when Nia tagged in, but then aggressively came after Nia. These two, despite their size difference and off camera friendship, worked very well together.
    -My only problem with the match is that it started during a commercial break.
    -Emma is a welcome addition to the title scene. Her presence is a nice way to freshen the story.

  • MK126

    This RAW was definitely enjoyable. It DEFINITELY brings me back to older times when heels and faces would have to team up before a big match to see if they can put their differences aside… usually the heel ends up eaving the face to fend for themselves. The dynamic of Nia and Emma as a tag team was also interesting given that Nia squashed Emma a few weeks ago and now they’re both in a title match. “Why does Sasha have a title opportunity before me…?” See now Nia you’d know this if you ever won and then lost a title that you get a rematch. You were there for all of Charlotte vs Sasha dont act dumb now ???

  • Kvngbalor
    • MK126


  • Kvngbalor

    I miss Emma new theme it was a bop just not suited for her

  • No shade to whoever wrote this article, but Emma clearly pinned SASHA; not Alexa.

  • Mandoceleb

    Why do you guys post WWE YouTube videos? They’re so short and I used to come to Diva-Dirt to see the full match when you guys would do the redux! This website has gone downhill so quick

    • Joseph

      Cause WWE is cracking down on that.

    • Dr. Tomee

      WWE keeps getting those videos deleted and technically it’s illegal to post them. DD might have received a warning from the company. You could just go and search them on your own, it’s really not hard to find them.

  • Joseph

    Alexa is pretty much a tweener now and it won’t have made no sense to have Sasha and Nia team up.

  • ABC_1990

    Nia was terrible in that backstage promo…I would love if Emma somehow won the title match at No Mercy

  • DJ

    Me when I realized this is Emma’s first real shot at a championship since 2014:

    Also me waking up when I realized she was added for the sake of taking the pin in the 4 way:

  • DJ

    This was surprisingly a solid episode of Raw after last week’s clusterfuck of a booking. Sasha and Alexa just have this insane energy around them whenever they are interacting that you could the tension between two similar BUT opposite characters and it’s clear on their backstage segment. It’s a shame the WWE and their inconsistency failed on writing a proper feud for the two without throwing other women in for the sake of it.

    The tag match was fine but more than anything I loved the dynamic between four different characters. You have a cowardly evasive champion forced to team up with her equally aggressive arch nemesis, and a woman who embodies a living twitter troll tagging with a big woman ready to cause chaos for the glory she longingly wanted to achieve. The booking served as a freshener for a top-heavy title scene that has plagued the RAW women’s division for more than a year.

    As for No Mercy, Part me of wants Alexa to retain just by the skin of her teeth after stealing the win from Nia, further fueling her angry that will lead to her destroying Bliss in a one-on-one contest at TLC on October. Asuka (as rumored) could then debut at the same PPV and immediately make a statement on Jax. The only other acceptable result for me is booking Emma for a surprise “fluke” win not in a sense breaking the rules, but in the confines of what her delusional troll character will do. Emma could steal the win and justify her claims of starting the women’s revolution which would go one for a month of her just trolling the shit out of everyone with the most bizarre hashtag she can think of, before Asuka ultimately murders her at at TLC.

    Either way, whoever comes out as champion should pave the way for The Empress of Tomorrow.

  • Tunasha

    Good character development by Sasha and Alexa. The additions of Nia and Emma are a fresh welcome, hopefully after the match, we get to see a new feud, whoever wins.

  • Welchy

    Really nice tag match.
    Loved the backstage bits.
    Finally a good RAW with progression

  • I liked the stipulation in the tag match, and Nia & Emma winning was cool.
    I’m tired of them playing with Sasha as if she doesn’t get the job done…

  • It was great they progressed everything.

  • Robin Zabriskie

    at this point i just want emma to win so she can show all of you how ordinary she is, i mean do you even look at her matches??? she is so floppy and heavy in the ring, she can do some nice moves but she looks like she has the feet attached to the ground all the time…..i just want her champ so you can all stop with this emma movement….bianca belair has 1 year experience and she has a better ring attitude than emma

  • Maddox

    That Alexa scream was too funny

  • Alex

    Sort of like what Singh Brothers did with Jinder I wonder will the Iconic Duo make a surprise debut and help Emma win the fatal 4-way & title.


  • Robann

    Raw writers are probably hidden on this site, looking at all of these “Emma is gonna eat the pin” comments like “…..Alright, let’s have Nia take that pin. Switch it up a bit” LOL

    I’m over making bold assumptions about these damn women’s matches because it’s clear that they do these “upsets” and “surprise wins” for cheap shock value, even if it makes no sense. So right now idk who’ll win, nor do I know who would get pinned. Can’t wait to see the PPV match!

    And for the first time in well….a long time, Raw took the W this week with Sasha and Bliss’ segment alone.

  • Organization XIII

    The backstage segment between Sasha & Alexa was everything. I was shook for Alexa when Sasha got up in her face lol Like chill sis! The match was pretty good that scream from Alexa sent me over. I really do hope this will be a push for Emma. We really do need new women in the title picture

  • This raw had a lot of storytelling in it which was great. Also, I’m happy emma is finally getting some spotlight but I really hope she don’t win the title. It would feel like another shock value title win.

  • Tnn Crs

    I actually liked Emma’s theme song from last week but not as much as I love the Real Deal theme… This one is just…horrible
    Anyways, I’m so happy she is in the title picture even though I don’t think she’s gonna win :(
    Last night I was thinking: What if Emma wins the title, then Asuka debuts and get the belt and then in a couple of months Paige returns and ends Asuka’s streak… That sounds pretty awesome to me !

    My face when I heard Emma’s entrance music:

  • Victoria&Melina19

    I actually like Alexa and Sasha as a team.

    Nia…I think she shouldn’t talk. I feel like she should have someone talk for her like how Lana is with Tamina.

    Emma may eat the pin I’m still gonna root for her to win the title.
    Overall I actually enjoyed RAW women’s division this week that Smackdowns.