Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s Impact Write-Up. With Bound for Glory less than a month away, the time has come to start building up the card to Impact’s biggest wrestling PPV of the year!

This week, the Knockouts take a break from in-ring action and instead come together to set up our official Knockouts Championship match come next month. So wait, with things converting back to Impact Wrestling, does that mean the previous TNA/Impact Knockouts Championship belt will make a comeback over the GFW one?

Our Knockouts segment of the night starts off with the reigning Knockouts Champion Sienna (accompanied by her no business cousin KM) making their way to the ring to address the Knockouts division. She finds it weird that the current Knockouts Champion isn’t schedule to defend her title at the Impact Wrestling’s biggest PPV.

She claims to have already beaten the entire Knockouts division to a bloody pulp (only partially true if we’re still counting the likes of Alisha Edwards, Diamante and MJ Jenkins) and comest to the conclusion that the reason she must not be competing at Bound for Glory is because she is the inductee for this year’s Hall of Fame. After taking in some flattery on the unofficial news, Sienna selects KM to induct her and goes on to say she may as well retire as Champion – the one thing Gail Kim could never do!

Last year’s actual Hall of Famer inductee Gail Kim comes out, looking as fierce as ever, to confront Sienna. Gail reminds Sienna of how long and hard she has fought for the Knockouts division. Gail adds that their Knockouts Title match Destination X was only won by Sienna due to the interference from Taryn Terrell.

Well speak of the devil… or rather everyday nightmare! Here comes Taryn Terrell next to join her fellow Knockouts in the ring. She borrows Sienna’s mic to grab everyone’s attention for a little history listen. She correct a previous statement from Sienna about the Knockouts Championship. Actually Sienna, the longest reigning Knockouts Champion in history is none other than TARYN TERRELL!!!!! You’re not wrong about that! And just for kicks, Taryn tells Gail to worry about the fact that she’s never beaten her. Well… now I have to say you are wrong about that Taryn.

Allie’s music hit and she hesitantly makes her way to ring. She acknowledges that Sienna is the current Knockouts Champion, Taryn Terrell is the longest reigning Knockouts Champion and Ms. Gail is a Hall of Famer but she’s Allie! Oddly enough, this is enough to fire the Impact Zone up and chant Allie’s name. Even though I think Impact missed out on some opportunities to capitalize on Allie’s peak, its still cool to see her beloved by fans. Allie goes on to say because she has been working so hard, she deserves a Knockouts Title shot too.

All that being said, out comes Karen Jarrett to address the Knockouts inside the six sided ring. She brush off the idea that Sienna will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at Bound for Glory. Instead, she announces that Sienna will defend the Knockouts title against Allie, Gail Kim AND Taryn Terrell!

With our Bound for Glory Knockouts Championship match now officially in place, Sienna comments on how special this year’s event is to her knowing that she is going in as champion.

Meanwhile Gail talks about wrapping up her career at the end of 2017. She says every wrester wants to finish their careers on their own terms. During her time away, she missed the fans and the adrenaline from performing,

There is also a Laurel Van Ness sighting this week as she continues to roam around the Impact Zone for companionship. Ugh, at least she doesn’t have to wear that wedding dress anymore?

Thoughts: When I first heard that this year would be Gail Kim’s final year as an in-ring competitor, I really didn’t know what or how her final match would come together. Initially, on Impact Wrestling television anyway, I thought it would’ve been great to see Angelina move on from her feud with the Edwards to enter in one more feud with Gail. Both women are truly pioneers to the Knockouts division since its birth – which will celebrate its tenth year soon! But with Angelina’s requesting and being granted her release, that idea idea went out the window.

Fast forward a few months later and Taryn Terrell makes her shocking return to the wrestling world! As one of Gail Kim’s greatest rival, this put me a bit more at ease for a fitting send off for Gail. However since then, its been a bit disappointing that the new Gail/Taryn chapter has been meshed with Sienna as I really think these two have enough history to feud outside the title scene. I suppose the company just wants to, at least, have Gail end her career on top.

Despite all that, I am looking forward to seeing how this Fatal 4-Way match will play out. It hides Taryn’s ring rust, allows Gail to help elevate her opponents and the title match and gives a spot to new names Sienna (who has really made the most since the breakup of the Lady Squad) and Allie to be on the card. Even though I find Allie’s reasoning of “working hard” not exactly being a valid one for a title opportunity, I think this will be a chance for Allie to really showcase what she can do in the ring. Hopefully it leads to Allie being seen more as a serious competitor.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Impact? Who are you rooting for at Bound for Glory? Do you think Bound for Glory will truly be Gail’s final match before retiring? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Women’s Revolution

    Why I took GFW off my DVR…

    Sienna’s Championship reign has been a joke since defending it against Gail Kim. She hasn’t defended it ever since…. Her promo is cringe worthy and doesn’t carry herself like a champion….

    Gail Kim doesn’t age and looked flawless ? but her run down I worked hard to build this division didn’t serve much of anything, but she’s entitled to a rematch since Taryn Terrell cost her the match…

    Speaking of Taryn Terrell, I found her to be cute promo and all, but what hasn’t did anything to insert herself into that match.

    Allie ?????????????? I just love her to pieces but I honestly think she should break out of this shy character she’s playing. She should’ve found her niche awhile ago and serve the division.

    Since they have threw this match together, they should’ve inserted a non deserving Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary, who was also robbed of the championship in a tables match.

    Laurel Van Ness needs to get back into the division

  • DivaLicious?


    Like all I seen in that promo was cringe?after cringe ?after cringe!!! Are you kidding me??????

    Sienna just needs to drop the title, you can’t save this failure we got on our hands. She horrible in all aspects of what she does. The jobber that she is managed by he is a complete waste also.

    Taryn terrell OMG! You are so annoying it’s not even a compliment of your character you suppose too be. I just can’t with her. I literally cringe the whole time she was talking. Plus she needs to change her outfit because it’s awful, looking like she came back from filming an adult XXX movie. It doesn’t work, knowing her Christian background. I feel like throwing dollar bills her way everytime she comes out.

    Allie you just need to grow up already. I’m tired of the annoying little girl who wants her mommy attention. The annoying little girl who crys and throws tantrums about not getting her way. Just grow the hell up!????? She could be the next Trisha stratus of GFW if she would get more serious. But NO, they rather her be a complete annoying cry baby. Plus she was looking like she was going too a strip club later WTF is going on around here.

    LVN is back at it again??????? you gotta be Kidding me right now. You have nothing eles planned for this girl? Karen Jarrett? LVN is a complete joke! I’m sorry it’s over for her. LVN could be the Charlotte of GFW if they give her a chance. Pathetic man.

    Now you wonder why the GFW live discussion thread is always dead. Because the company is DEAD?

    • YonceLuvsDivas


    • Nicola Byrne

      Well said!! It’s a knock off of the divas divas division!!

      • DollieLGary

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    • ???

      I don’t watch TNA and don’t know Taryn that much, but from what I saw in this episode I remember the WWF divas clothes in 1999-2007 were much worse and more revealing than Taryn’s !

      Her outfit is still slutty though .. LOL

      • Maddox

        Funny considering she
        Wrestling before cuz of her Christian faith

  • A?.

    The hell happened to Alisha

  • Poor Gail deserves better than her last match. Should’ve just made it her vs Taryn.

  • Jorge Hernandez Moran

    Gail’s “I worked hard to build this division” promo is for GFW what Sasha and Bailey’s “This was my dream since I was 10 years old” promo is for WWE.

  • Gail-Rollins Fan

    I really had hope for Gail’s final run once they brought Taryn back, but they’ve somehow managed to fuck up what should have been an easy story to tell. I mean seriously, I could have booked this with my eyes closed:

    I would leave Taryn’s return and the segment the following week the exact same. Have her come out, do her promo, and the run from Gail.

    The following week I would start Gail’s “retirement series” of singles matches. Starting with Allie. Really tell the story of Allie’s improvement, and have Gail make her look really good. Have Gail pull off the win with a rollup after a hard fought match, so that Allie still looks strong. Have Taryn come out after the match and lay waste to Gail. Really work her over.

    The following week have her face Taya. This time Taryn comes out during the match, and Taya wins due to interferance/distraction from Taryn. They both beat down Gail after the match, Rosemary makes the save. Rosemary then cuts a promo on how she wants Gail in a singles match the following week, respect, blah blah, etc.

    The following week Gail and Rosemary would have a long match, and then Taya/Taryn would interfere to cause the DQ.

    Gail & Rosemary vs Taya & Taryn the following week with the heels getting the win. Have Taya put Rosemary through a table or something post match to set up their own separate feud. Then have refs/officials have to separate Gail/Taryn.

    Last Knockout Standing number 1 Contenders match in the main event the following week with Gail/Taryn. End the match with some big screw job where Sienna pushes both through a table from the stage where neither can make the 10 count. Karen comes out and announces Sienna will face both of them at BFG.

    Gail pins Taryn at BFG to end their rivalry and retire with the belt.

    • ok this would’ve been perfect

      • Gail-Rollins Fan

        Exactly. Gail gets her happy ending, and some of the other women get the rub on her way out..

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    Awful, that’s all I can say… This promo was horrible from all the part. Sienne was bad but she wasn’t even the worse. Gail Kim has never been famous for her mic skills and tonight was no different. Allie’s problem is essential due to the fact that she needs to evolve as a character but I will get to her later. Taryn was the worse. Her delivery is absolutely horrendous. Her acting is poor as welll which makes up for a cringe worthy moment.

    Now, this match in itself was basically put together and makes no sense as multiple people pointed it out.

    You would think that for Gail Kim’s retirement, she would have a much better match to work with. She should have won at Destination X and then she should have lost her title in her last match putting over Allie IMHO who needed such a moment in order to get serious and evolve as a character. This childish thing she has going on isn’t going to last so long with me.They are staling her by not allowing her to evolve. This BFG should have been hers.

    Lame match. Disappointing retirement match for Gail with little logic. Poor promo work.

  • Shady

    Gail deserved a way better sendoff. I can’t believe she let her loyalty guilt trip her into going back to GFW. I’m certain wwe would have liked to approach her for the mae young classic and she could have easily made it all the way to semi finals. If that’s not true she could have easily done a stardom tour and it would have been awesome still.

    This is just BS. She spent her last months in terrible mic promos that have always been her weakest suit and now her last match ever will be a weak fatal 4 way match with fvcking Sienna.

  • IconicTrio

    Cruel joke that the WWE womens division is at the top of its game and the women are more vital to the show than ever before, and the show that pioneered that idea to begin with ten years ago, is now producing this repugnant trash. Its a shame.

    Tbh I don’t rate any of the women here apart from Gail. All the other talented women TNA had they either mistreated, wasted or just missed opportunities with.

    My only hope for the KO division is they get the other three out of the picture, get LVN back in the ring and maybe debut some of the newer girls.

  • Aye Mate

    It’s sad to see Gail Kim bracketed in this misguided mess of a division. And it’s not a lack of talent, certainly it’s there, it’s just that there has been a horrible job positioning the players. The thought of Gail Kim retiring always left me feeling blue but now I feel little to nothing; great job, Impact.

  • LBOneOfKind

    can’t wait for BFG, i know alot of fans might hate on this but Gail i think needs to go out on top and break the record to become first 7x Knockouts Champion in her last match, she truly does deserve it.