Roll up one and all to October’s RAW PPV, TLC! We have an amazing card of 3 women’s matches tonight and although none of them had anything to do with tables, ladders or chairs, we’re still got a debut and a title defense to look forward to, so onwards to the review!

First up on the Kick-Off show, we’ve got Kayla Braxton with Emma ahead of her match against the undefeated Asuka. Emma is still angry about all the attention going to Asuka and her debut, so tonight she’s ready to get the spotlight on her first PPV singles match and have #EmmaBeatsAsuka trending on Twitter.

We also have an exclusive interview with tonight’s challenger for the RAW Women’s Championship, Mickie James. She’s sitting in the social media lounge with Charly Caruso to answer questions from the WWE Universe. She says that age isn’t a factor, she’s not as old as some of the male competitors and she’s confident to bring her Championship back to her son.

To round up our action on the TLC Kick-Off show, we’re set for in-ring action between Alicia Fox and Sasha Banks!

Foxy makes her way down to the ring first and seems to have traded her traditional furry scarf for furry folding fans… making her look more like a peacock rather than a fox, but hey I appreciate the effort. This match has a nice spot to get the crowd warmed up and the two get straight into it with the aggression. Alicia is back to her crazy and rough-housing offence and seems to have most of the control in the match. That’s until Banks works her way out of a hold and this causes Foxy to try and fake calling a truce, Banks realises this and dropkicks her out of the ring.

When we come back from the break, both of the girls seem to be even until Alicia shoves Sasha from the top turnbuckle, causing her to fall to the outside. Alicia even tosses her out and skips around the ring to get the crowd to call the count out. Sasha manages to get back in the ring by 9, but she’s still easy pickings. Alicia hits two Northern Lights suplexes, but it’s still not enough to put The Boss down. After an attempt at a roll up, Sasha manages to kick Alicia out the ring and this buys her enough time to get some momentum going. Alicia tries to go for her Scissors Kick, but Sasha ducks it. She still receives a slap from Alicia, who tries to go for another tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Sasha counters it and manages to hit the Backstabber into the Banks Statement! Alicia taps and The Boss picks up another well-fought victory!

Following the match, Kayla catches up with Sasha Banks who praises her opponent for tonight but once again she’s been able to prove she’s the ‘Legit Boss’. She also mentions how her new attire is themed after one of her hero’s Owen Hart.

Now onto the main Tables, Ladders & Chairs show! What a better way to start than with the long-awaited debut of Asuka!

The lights dim, her classic trademark mask appears on the screen and the live crowd is on fire for this one! Asuka is finally on the main roster! However, Emma is out to prove a point too and this isn’t as much of a squash as we may have predicted. Emma tries to go toe-to-toe with Asuka’s chain submissions, but Asuka seems to one-up her. It’s only after Emma manages to counter an ankle lock that’s she’s able to flip Asuka out the ring and slow down Asuka’s scarily fast offence.

Emma gets a couple near falls following a curb stomp, a stiff hair pull, and an Emmamite Sandwich, but Asuka manages to power out of them all. After out-striking Emma, Asuka buys herself a little time with a swift Shining Wizard. Her stomps are wicked as she stamps on Emma’s fingers and face, even hitting a missile dropkick, but Emma won’t stay down. Emma does the beautiful ankle lock into the German Suplex, but Emma manages to escape to the outside. Now trying to stay one step ahead, Emma throws Asuka onto the mat and flings her back into the ring. But one more step ahead is Asuka, who greets Emma with a boot and locks her into the dreaded Asuka Lock. There’s no escape as Emma taps out and becomes Asuka’s first main roster victim!

Backstage, Emma isn’t happy! She calls for a rematch with Asuka tomorrow on RAW!

And time for our ‘main event’ of sorts with the RAW Women’s Championship on the line, Mickie James looks to try and make history against Alexa Bliss. Before the match starts, we’re treated to a neat promo video highlighting their feud with Alexa defeating all the other women at No Mercy and targeting Mickie’s age.

Charly Caruso speaks to Alexa Bliss, who praises Mickie for her accomplishments and taking on Hall of Famers, but warns that Mickie’s days won’t be over… they’ll just be ‘old’.

As Mickie makes her way to the ring, the commentary team discuss how she’s on the verge of tying Trish Stratus’ record amount of title reigns. They receive traditional ring announcements and it looks like those ‘Biscuit Butt’ chants haven’t died just yet.

It’s an interesting dynamic with Mickie’s experience going against Alexa’s straight up cattiness and conniving antics. Mickie seems to be one step ahead, outdoing Alexa’s initial locks and holds. Mickie tries to go for her classic Mickiecanrana from the corner, but Alexa throws her over the rope and starts to isolate Mickie’s left arm after she whips it off the rope.

Now Alexa can put the work in, grounding Mickie with holds and constantly targeting her arm. Mickie is able to do her Mickiecanrana, but the damage is clearly done to her arm. The two then have a slap-a-thon until they just start going at it! The tussle ends with Mickie hitting her Mick Kick and Alexa hitting a forearm, leaving them both knocked out. They slowly get back to their feet, but Mickie gets the better of the situation with her signature forearms and bicycle kick for the 2 count. Mickie tries to go for her Mickie-T, but Alexa reverses it to try and go for the DDT. Mickie tries a roll up, but Alexa breaks out at 2. Alexa then tries a sunset flip, but Mickie works her way out of the count.

Mickie climbs to the top rope, but once again Alexa goes for her arm and Mickie lands on it. Alexa them climbs up to go for her Twisted Bliss… but no one’s home! Mickie rolls out the way and then goes to the top rope herself and nails Alexa with a dropkick, but Alexa kicks out! The crowd starts chanting ‘We Want Tables’… I mean, makes sense since none of the matches on the card thus far have had anything to do with the title of the PPV, but I digress.

Alexa looks like she’s had enough and starts pleading with Mickie because she’s had enough, but Mickie isn’t finished yet. She tries to pull Alexa out of the corner, but Alexa reverse the momentum and sends Mickie left arm first into the second turnbuckle. Alexa brings her victim into the centre of the ring and grounds her with a DDT. 1.. 2… 3! Alexa retains her title, but you can see on her face that she struggled with that victory.

Post-match, Charly Caruso interviews Mickie in the ring following her defeat. Mickie says that while she’s disappointed, she’s crowd of her performance and wants to prove that she’s more than worthy. She thanks the WWE Universe for their support and warns that she’s not done yet!

On RAW Talk, Alexa Bliss now has her sights set on Survivor Series… but who know if she’ll align with Mickie James over the next couple of weeks?

Thoughts: I’d call the women’s action from this year’s TLC to be a very solid affair. The whole PPV felt so mix-matched and understacked initially, but seeing the women being given more slots and generally holding it all down well only bodes well for the the future. I know we’re all over whenever someone mentions ‘Women’s Evolution’ on TV, but we really have come a long way and all 6 women involved on the PPV did a solid job.

While we would have loved for Alicia to win the kick-off match, we all kind of knew she wasn’t. This wasn’t a memorable match or one that we’ll be talking about for years, but seeing Alicia get more time and channeling her unique character is what this match helped to deliver. We’ve not really seen her mixing it up with the women lately and she’s only really dipped back into her psycho gimmick. Seeing her tantrums and looking more aggressive is what we need, especially if the whole division is going to take a step up.

We all called the result of Asuka’s debut before Emma was even announced as the contender, but interestingly this match did a lot for her too. From the segment on the Kick-Off to her ‘All about me!’ taunts, this helped to develop Emma’s egotistical character. Not only did it help character-wise, but in-ring-wise, we know what these two are capable of already. They both didn’t disappoint – Emma is so solid that she compliments Asuka’s stiff style really well. I’m excited to have Asuka on the main roster, but let’s hope that they don’t ruin her like a certain Miss Bayley

Finally, our Championship match – if you didn’t know that I was a Mickie fan from my RAW Reduxes, then you should know now! I’ve really enjoyed this feud and they really surprised me here. Having Mickie outdo Alexa’s spots to show her experience advantage was so creative, then having Alexa work on Mickie’s arm did a great job in getting the crowd supporting her. I really really hope that this isn’t the end of this feud or at least Mickie’s push, because she has done an amazing job. Let’s remember that Mickie was barely getting reactions over the last few months, but now she’s at the forefront and the crowd have fallen in love with her again.

Moving forward, we’ve got Asuka on the roster and Alexa still looking for a challenger. I don’t think Asuka will be getting the title just yet, but I’m sure as hell excited for how the division will develop as we head towards Survivor Series. New life has been injected into Emma, Alicia and Mickie, we’ve got solid characters like Bayley, Sasha and Alexa and we have our wild cards Asuka and Nia Jax waiting in the wings. The RAW women’s division is hitting a good step right now, let’s just hope we don’t fall off!

What was your favourite match of the 3? Did you agree with all of the results? Are you happy that Asuka is finally on RAW? Send in those comments below!

  • It

    Alexa vs Mickie was a great match… delusionals will disagree

  • Winter

    Let’s talk about Sasha vs Bayley tonight, the winner will be the captain of team Raw in Survivor Series! Hope Sasha wins!

    • ???

      How do you know?

      • Winter


  • ???

    Best match for TLC for the women was definitely Asuka vs Emma ! Never thought the match would be that solid , the chemistry between these two is awesome and they work well together .. I hope they’ll continue their feud because it’s fresh !

    Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James was solid , Mickie did good job being the underdog and Alexa tried her best and gave it all even though I want Mickie to win but if this feud will keep going I’m all for it ! I hope this isn’t the end of Mickie’s push because if it is then how disappointing .

    Sasha vs Alicia was cute , this feud should get more intense because these girls fit with each other well .

  • DivaLicious?

    Sasha vs Alicia – foxx was a snooze fest. The only reason why they even put Alicia foxx on the PPV is because she complained on Lillian Garcia podcast. #simple

    Bliss vs Mickie – was a pretty good much. Even though the botch drop kick from Mickie to bliss was sloppy. I give it a pass.

    Emma vs auska – I loved the 50/50 booking not making Emma look to weak. Auska look great coming from back from injury.

    Now WWE gotta understand that they got something special in auska. She needs to remain undefeated until wrestlemania 34. If there was to be a female WM main event, it needs to be auska in one corner. Who ever in the other. That’s the only way I see a female main event WM. It’s something important on the line. Will she remain undefeated or will she lose it all. That’s big ticket sales right there. Brock lesner vs stone cold vs the rock type level ticket sale. I don’t wanna see auska buried by a simple looking DDT from Alexa bliss. I don’t wanna see that? WWE has to be very careful how they book auska. Again I don’t want her undefeated streak to be a waste because of a stupid DDT from miss bliss.??????? PLEASE VINCE BOOK AUSKA RIGHT!

    • ???

      Agree !! Asuka deserves way better ! I suggest not letting her lose until WM 35 (2019) !

      We need someone strong to end her streak like Ember Moon, Charlotte , Sasha or even Mickie James.

      • DivaLicious?

        It could go either way WM 34 or WM 35. I don’t think Vince gonna allow the streak to go for that long. Knowing him he gonna want it to end sooner than later for shock value. Which I believe WM 34. It has to be a big name to defeat her. Charlotte, Sasha, or a returning AJ lee.

        • Typical Heel

          Sasha vs Asuka vs Charlotte

    • Michael Max

      I think the reason Fox was in the match was because it was spose to be Nia, but she went M.I.A personally, I think Fox deserved the match and she did well. Though I do think she needs to very her moveset some, too many tilt-a-whirl backbreakers lately.

      • Right? I’m glad they went with Fox though…I mean…would we have really wanted to sit through another Nia vs Sasha Pre-show match?

    • For being so important, you can’t even spell her name right

      • DivaLicious?

        It’s called auto spell check. I type so fast. I don’t even be paying attention. Everybody makes miss spells. The world is not gonna end because of it. ?????

        • Gayomi.


  • Jonny

    I think Alexa vs. Mickie was my fav match of James’ since she returned and Bliss’ best match period? Just me?

  • Kurt

    Mickie James and Alexa had a good bout. I hope this continues and that mickie wins the title off her.

    Asuka and Emma was really good that I hope they book them for another match as well..

    Finally, Alicia vs Sasha was ok. I don’t need the match again but I hope they get a new storyline

  • Michael Max

    Mickie James and Alex was my favorite match, you can just feel the passion when Mickie James steps in the ring, that’s what makes (me) and everyone fall in love with her and support her. Even when she was heel in the famous Trish Stratus feud, everyone was rooting for her.

    I just hope they don’t drop her push because she honestly was a leading factor in what rejuvenated the RAW women’s division once they started using her. She is one those rare whole package type deals, mic work, passion, ring skills. Don’t fuck it up WWE.

    • Jaded

      Everyone ?
      The crowd surely don’t agree ?

      • MinervaCoretex

        You are saltiest MFer on this thread. ?

    • Andrew Soto

      I do agree that EVERYONE is starting to get behind her. I think people are trying not to see it, but it’s there .You can clearly hear the audience rooting for her again.

      • Michael Max

        I mean, she was the standout star of her generation. I think (besides being booked badly) most of the fans now don’t remember who she is or something. Didn’t make sense to me when the fans weren’t connecting, because Mickie is one of the all time greats in women’s wrestling.

  • tessa

    i loved mickie and alexa’s match tbh, the best part being the reversals into the double knockout

  • Mike

    Mickie definitely was the star of the night in just a few weeks she got the crowd to fall in love with her proving why she’s the legend that she is. Alexa should have won as she’s been built as the u,timate heel so when Asuka goes over her it will be a big deal.. they just should’ve had Alexa cheat a lot more than she has to keep the title as she’s now made the rest of the division look kinda weak. Alicia did good and Emma and Asuka was good like I expected it to be.

    • Gerg

      Right? She’s been given AJ’s push but at least AJ got her ass kicked a couple of times and Tamina as back up to win. Alexa’s booking has her flat out win clean.

      What’s gonna happen during her eventual face, she’ll win clean.

  • WWE shocked me! While all the winners were what I expected. I didn’t expect Foxy and Sasha to have much time in their match and they put on a very entertaining show. It was a really good outing for both.
    Emma vs Asuka, I expected to be a squash, but man did they make Emma look strong as hell. Not as good as their first match together, but by far Emma’s best match on the main roster.
    Mickie James vs Alexa. I didn’t have high hopes for this match, but I was pleasantly surprised with how strong they made Mickie look. I don’t think the feud is over yet.

    My negatives on the PPV, while I expected Sasha to win, did she really need it? Having Foxy win the match or lose via disqualification could’ve revamped Foxy and continue the feud between the two since Sasha has nothing else to do. Foxy has tapped out the last 3 times they’ve met in the ring…what can she say now? where do they both go from here? Fox just got merch, does she go back to catering? Does Sasha get fed to Asuka next or will that be Fox? which one?

    No real negatives about Asuka vs Emma

    With Mickie vs Alexa, I don’t like that they did the Sasha/Foxy dynamic by throwing those punches, especially since it had already been done that night. Also (I could be wrong) but it seems like Alexa always throws her opponent head first into the ropes or turnbuckle then hit the DDT for the win. Is their a new formula they could use, because that’s kind of stale.

    Overall a very good night for the women. I hope SDL steps it up for their next PPV and gives us good matches and more than one women’s match

  • GEO

    Asuka and Emma had a MATCH, I hope the main roster crowd sees the amount of talent in both of them. I wasn’t a fan of Mickie vs Alexa and the outcome, but it was a good match nonetheless. Sasha vs Alicia was cute and very hard hitting. The BOSS was serving looks last night tho oh my

    • MK126

      Def one of her BEST looks

    • Jaded

      All three matches were mediocre .This is the first time I’m seeing an Asuka match, hope she isn’t overrated

      • Malcolm James

        Exactly peoples be watching these matches blindfold

    • Aye Mate

      Sasha looked painted by the gods last night!

    • Match of Year Maker

      My boss

  • Miguel

    I have to disagree with the writer on just one topic. Alicia Fox versus Sasha Banks will come out to be memorable. Specially because it was their best match and in my opinion the second best. Foxy & Sasha made a fun match to start a fun PPV. Mickie James versus Alexa Bliss ended up being super fun. I really enjoyed their work, this felt personal and it was a fight. By watching the match I see that Mickie helped a lot putting this together, this brawlings she used to do with Victoria in TNA came back in my mind when I saw this match. Mickie James was really the star of the match and came out winning even with a loss. Emma & Asuka ended up not being a squash after all, it was a fun match but this is not memorable at all. It felt special because of the aura she carries but the action is forgettable and it doesn’t surpasses their first encounter.

  • Rosanna

    Bayley vs Sasha tonight whenever wins is caption of the raw’s side for . Natayla vs Alexa Bliss champion vs champion match for SS. But probably by then it will be announced as bragging rights.

    • Mike

      Which means Bayley gonna win since Sasha can never beat her lol

  • All predictable choices, Raw stays being Raw. I didn’t expect Asuka to lose, but the other outcomes did NOTHING to the winners. I’m prepared for Asukaggedon to take over.

    • NoWayHoeSay

      All predictable but it’s a soap opera

    • Jaded

      Predictable but the best choices..
      A 38 year old woman ,with barely any reaction or merch can’t be the champion of their flagship show. And Alicia has no business beating Sasha.

      • Have you watched the match? Mickie got amazing reactions and don’t be an ageist, when half of the roster is older than her. Alicia has every right to be a contender as well.

        • Jaded

          38 is by no means old.
          But 38 with over 15 titles and 20 years in the game. Time to take a back seat and let the young ones have their moment .

          • Sister, she’s only had 6 titles in WWE and that’s all that matters here. And she HAS taken a backseat, Alexa, Sasha, Bayley, Naomi, etc all were champions. She deserves it as well.

          • Jaded

            What of Emma, Nia Alicia, should she be pushed over them? What of summer that don’t even have a spot?
            Only six titles ?
            Seriously, you call six titles only?

          • Yes, while Alexa in one year has FOUR, Sasha in one year has FOUR, Charlotte has FIVE, Bayley already has one title reign and a WM moment, I can go on. Mickie hasn’t been there in 7 years so it’s not like she has been there present all the time. This is in fact her first singles title match since returning.

            Others deserve something as well but you just said Alicia doesn’t deserve to even pin Sasha and have said Nia is dangerous and sloppy, so I don’t take your recommendations seriously.

          • Mase Will

            You’re clearly pressed about Mickie , all the girls currently in wwe would wish they had the accolades as Mickie so bye

          • Kvngbalor

            Girl by she’s the only women in WWE right now who is at legendary status honestly she should of been in HOF before Beth but she wasn’t ready she chose to keep fighting all this queen and goddess bs when the only true one is Mickie

      • Scarelisha?????

        What does her age have to do with anything?

      • Mase Will

        Who tf you’re talking about watch your mouth cuz u not coming for Mickie James. Who cares about merch gurl bye take several seats

    • Mike

      Alicia winning is the only one that could have went unpredictable st this point. Mickie winning wouldn’t have made sense as they’ve been building up Alexa for Asuka. Raw booked themselves into a corner which probably why Mickie even got this push in the first place honestly smh

      • They should’ve had some sort of change before Asuka and now we’re stuck with this, going from one pushed woman to another.

        • Mike

          I agree but not this late in the game if anything Sasha should’ve never lost the title or they should’ve just given it to Nia and finally let her be a monste before dropping it to Asuka which would’ve made Asuka look even more dominant.

          • Yes exactly. But now they are stuck with this so yeah.

          • Mike

            Probably why Nia took the LOA she knows at this point there’s nothing for her on Raw anymore

          • Jaded

            Nia is an entitled spoilt brat. She’s been pushed over her betters and she still has the nerves to be ungrateful. Power house my ass, even Nikki Bella does more power moves than her.

          • Mike

            Ehhh while I’ll agree about the Nikki Bella part lol Nia has been in a limbo since she debuted. She’ll look really strong… but then lose she’s had really inconsistent booking which probably made her frustrated. One minute she was about to be champ, the next she Alexa bodyguard, then she turned on her then they were friends again. And now with Asuka there she’s really never gonna get the right booking so i can see her frustration

    • The Wicked Bitch

      Predictable but better than SD sis

      • It is better since they have stories but it will never prevail if they have women stay where they are. These women don’t move up the card, they just get momentum and it’s squashed the very next month. It’s tiring.

        • The Wicked Bitch

          That’s true too. Honestly both shows are good but have their own flaws too.
          Raw needs new champions, Smackdown needs more stories and less tag matches. It’s like they swapped places.

          • Exactly! Raw has finally found a way to have more storylines and use more women, but they need to let them win too, and not just give them filler stories!
            SD previously had both, but now it’s just all women in one segment or a match. But I still like that I can’t really predict who’ll win those matches so that’s fine at least.

  • NoWayHoeSay

    Is what it is guys! 3 women’s matches is crazy! Years ago it was like Brie Bella vs Kelly Kelly in a 4 minutes divas title matCh! There should be no negatives spoken! All had good time all gone well, results predictable but then it’s all made up at the end of the day ?

  • NoWayHoeSay

    I can also see vince not liking Asuka cus her body is toned and kinda out of shape. NOT that is it should matter

    • Jaded

      It does matter when you are half naked

  • The weakest match for me was the Title match, there were a few miscues, that being said, all 6 women did really well, with Emma and Asuka being the best of the three. I’m hoping RAW will give all its women something to do, especially if it’s leading to a 10 person tag at Survivor Series.

    • #FlairfortheGold

      Personally, I felt the pre-show match was the weakest. Nothing against either one but it didn’t feel special or big. May have been due to the lack of storylines, but there are cases where even with lack of build, they still deliver

  • Welchy

    Alexa vs Mickie was great.
    Asuka vs Emma was a MATCH.
    Sasha vs Alicia eh

  • A?.

    Raw has been doing a good job, 3 women’s matches and booking basically all of their women. But my problem is that they seem afraid of taking “risks”. You know, it’s always the same girls winning, Emma, Alicia and Dana may get some screen time but they hardly win any matches against top competitors, which makes them look like a complete joke.

  • A?.

    Also isn’t it crazy how this was Emma’s first singles PPV match? After all these years, poor girl. I hope she gets a better treatment someday.

  • Donny Donny ?

    Mickie James will win her 7th championship eventually. I don’t see her retiring from the WWE without the accolade.


    Great night! Very pleased with all the matches in terms of quality.

    Alicia vs Sasha was really fun! Very competitive match with a lot of intensity, it was a real battle! I love how hard hitting they are with each other and this makes a real difference. One thing I have to say about Alicia is that I think it’s time she expand her moveset because it has been the same for years now. On the hand, I absolutely loved her character work! Absolutely fantastic!

    Alexa vs Mickie was better than I expected actually! Very solid match here. Strong dynamic between the two here and the build up helped the crowd’s involvement. Big fan of the post-match interview with Mickie. That was truly what she needed and that’s a way to keep the spotlight on her. Exactly the type of things I would like to see more often with babyfaces.

    Women’s Match of the night was obviously Emma vs Asuka. Great work from both of them and happy that it was just a squash. Both shined and delivered. Great first impression for Asuka who came off looking like a major superstar and I hope this match will remind everyone how good Emma is.

  • The Wicked Bitch
    • Izzy4lw

      Thats a rumor though- isn’t Starcade before then? if this is the case then we know Charlotte is losing the match which is… weird for a leak.

      • The Wicked Bitch

        I dunno. That IG page is usually on point with the rumors. Guess we’ll wait and see. But I think Survivor Series is a week sooner than Starcade. Not sure

      • Starrcade is 6 days after SS.

        • Izzy4lw

          Oh Crap – welp I guess it will be Alexa/Nattie. I am going for Nattie so she can have momentum heading into Starcade, but I think Alexa and her DDT of doom may come out on top.

      • It fits in with Jinder vs Brock and the rumors of Usos vs Dean and Seth. Looks like we’re having champions vs champions this year.

  • Wicked Bliss

    Get that belt already Asuka. Or have the “list” gimmick like Victoria did.

    • Izzy4lw

      omg Asuka with the ‘list’ like Queen Victoria would give me all the life I need to survive!

    • Mike

      That’d be cool I think if she ran through the entire division except for like Sasha or Bayley (preferably Sasha) and then won the title setting up her Mania feud

    • Mase Will

      Omfg I remember Victoria’s list lmaooooooo that’s how you know we’ve been fans of WWE for a long time!

      • Typical Heel

        Right lol i remember too, I’ve been a WWE fan since Jacqueline vs Sable lol

      • Wicked Bliss

        Been a fan since the Golden Era! Lol

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    Well.. all I could say is that I’m excited to see Asuka destroy Alexa Bliss in their title match. The crowd will be living for Miss Asuka and booing Bliss. Should be a fun match.

  • SkilledDeathArtist#1

    I honestly don’t know what’s worse, the fact that all 3 winners were predictable or the fact that Asuka/Alexa will continue their undefeated reign of terror til god knows when. I hope to god Asuka’s streak doesn’t last too long. This is coming from someone who actually is a fan of hers.

  • TheRealest #ItsBossTime

    Cute matches, Mickie´s post-match speech was really sweet and I hope she´s right about this not being her last title match.

  • Kvngbalor

    Everyone is complaining about Asuka vs Emma and after rewatching i get their point Asuka promos built her as a monster unstoppable just killer and she comes out and is being out wrestled by Emma the women WWE has booked like a joke took it to Asuka Emma was the star and showed last night she has what it takes to be the top female on RAW everyone is praising Emma and on the fence with Asuka who worked much slower really held back and there was non of those stiff strikes she’s known for and commentary already fucking up Graves calling her dangerous and vicious for Cole to turn around and say Asuka likes to play and have fun in the ring tf

    • Gerg

      “Asuka likes to play and have fun in the ring” lmao. It was so cringey when Cole said that im like wtf

      • Kvngbalor

        Did you notice how quiet Graves & Booker got when he said that

        • Gerg

          Lmao yeah…felt like i was playing 2K18 XD

  • Super Mateo

    Wow. Three matches at a single event. It’s good to see. Who would have thought that Raw would ever have three women’s matches and not need Bayley in any of them?

    The matches felt similar to the MYC matches. They were simple wrestling showcases without any of the BS that normally WWE can’t resist. They all had clean endings.

    Not fact at all, but I really think this Alicia push was Sasha’s idea. They work really well together and I would think WWE would rather use Sasha in a higher spot on the card. I like the fact that Sasha gets rotated around the card and spending time on the undercard gives her something to do while keeping her runs in the title scene fresh. I believe Sasha is doing this for Alicia, and that’s a good thing believe I think Alicia can be quite entertaining given a chance.

    Emma and Asuka went much better for Emma than I expected. Even though Asuka winning was a foregone conclusion, Emma was given chances to look good. That’s one thing that Asuka has been consistent with. Not only does she look good, but so do her opponents, even though they get a loss in the end.

    Alexa and Mickie was good, but Mickie’s postmatch interview really got to the meat of her character. Meanwhile, Alexa truly looked like she just finished a fight.

    Honestly, I thought Sasha and Alicia was the best of the three, which is surprising for a kickoff match, but they just hit each other so hard. All three matches, though, brought great brutality.

  • Jasun Mack

    I don’t see how new life was injected to Emma,Alicia or Mickie. They all lost after being somewhat built up as threats. So we’ll be seeing Alexa,Asuka and Sasha staying at the top with no formidable foes.

    Alicia should’ve won,Emma should’ve gotten herself disqualified, Mickie never stood a chance.

    I’m skipping Raw for the next year.

    Not into Asuka at all,she’s all NXT hype. And I don’t watch NXT.

    The writers here are so bias it’s insane.

    Asuka is going to be champion by survivor series. I wouldn’t doubt her getting the title tonight on Raw.

    Call me bitter but Raw’s women’s division is a snorefest. Keep it.

  • Kvngbalor

    Mickie shut everyone up last this feud is just getting out of first gear it needs to continue

  • Kvngbalor

    So nobody caught the shade Nia threw Asuka lasy night bout her being how Asuka is so indestructible yet took her so long to defeat Emma she posted a vid of her crushing Emma instantly Nia wants the same booking and build up as Asuka

    • Izzy4lw

      Nia can act shady when she learns more than a hairpull throw and a body block I cannot with her.

  • Jasun Mack

    Alicia fox had such a great move set, WWE makes her do elbow,nls,big boot and backbreaker. They can’t have her doing matrix’s into rolling headscissors,gorybombs,pop up powerbombs,Canadian backbreakers,running sto,arm wringer face busters, moonsault,tilt a whirl gut busters, side walk slams out the ring.

    Then she’d get cheered over their chosen one’s. It’s not Alicia’s fault they make her look incompetent on purpose.

  • trishlita721

    Id much prefer a different champion to face asuka such as a heel Sasha I don’t understand why wwe hasnt striked while its hot. And if the route was Alexa all along why did she lose the title to Sasha then regain it… Mess.

  • Gayomi.

    Emma looked so good last night omg she came off so strong, finally Asuka making her opponent look good even in defeat.

  • Gayomi.

    Emma vs Asuka was so goodT whew a match, Mickie vs Alexa was pretty decent too I was loving the near falls and desperation of both women near the end

  • Aye Mate

    On the wrestling front, very little to complain about across the three matches.

    Starting with the pre-show bout, Banks and Foxy got a decent amount of time in which the latter was afforded the opportunity to remind us all that she’s got heaps of talent to spare. Foxy sells like a rubber ball I’m inclined to believe she may actually be elasticated. Not a fan of the inconsistent character work; I think the goofy shenanigans detracts from the aggressive heel Foxy’s physically suited to being. Banks looked like she had a lot of fun here.

    Asuka and Emma was the strongest showing of the three, and credit to whomever structured the match for allowing Asuka to shine without being at the expense of Emma. Again, Emma’s booking on the main roster couldn’t dictate that we’d see another Takeover quality match, but this was easily one of the better women’s PPV matches this year.

    The title match was by proxy the least impressive, but I found little to fault with in regards to the performances of both Bliss and James. It was one of the more watchable in-ring performances from Bliss, and James emoted her heart out to good effect. The post-match promo was so endearing it’s a shame that it cued for James to resume midcard status; this was a feud which had plenty of beats left to explore. Hopefully Mickie James’ good work is rewarded once Asuka ascends the totem pole.

  • Nicola Byrne

    Honestly I didn’t enjoy any of the matches. Extremely predictable!!! Sasha didn’t need the win. Alicia need the win to make her relevant again. Emma was good but match didn’t live up to what we seen in NXT. Alexa brings the division back to the divas days.

  • PBV

    Alexa should be on her knees thanking Mickie for the best match of her career

  • PBV

    Also, I’m already done with “undefeated Asuka”. There’s nothing more boring than an “undefeated” gimmick (this is what I hated about Charlotte’s PPV streak)

  • Three women’s matches, amazing! The only bad thing is neither of them were with a TLC stipulation.