According to a report from Squared Circle Sirens, MJ Jenkins has been released by Impact Wrestling. Jenkins made her Impact Wrestling debut at this year’s One Night Only: Knockouts Knockdown event. During the spring, Jenkins took part in a Gauntlet Match on Impact’s main show but for the most part, worked Xplosion matches.

Jenkins took to Instagram to comment on her release from the company, thanking fans and her fellow wrestling stars for their support:

Thank you @realjeffjarrett for the opportunity to be apart of an amazing division. IMPACT Wrestling, I wish you all the best and much success. To those who saw something special in me thank you for pushing for me…. Gail Kim ( you're the best), Al Snow,  Shane "Hurricane"  Helms, Rockstar Spud ….thank you for being a supportive and real. Your words of constructive criticism and encouragement means a lot. TriForce (my fans), I cannot stress how important you are to me. Thank you for rooting for me and supporting me. This is only the beginning; revitalizing moment for us. Make sure you tune into Bound For Glory and continue to support IMPACT Wrestling. Lets go for that pot of gold hunty! See you all very very soon 😉- MJ Jenkins *Pats her AfroHawk* . . . #MJJenkins #Afrolicious #GravityDefyingHair #TheTrifectaWorldTour #NoQuit #Nevergiveup #Keepmovingforward #ShedidntquitTho #moneymoves #BeastMode

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The site also reports that Canada based wrestler KC Spinelli is set to make her debut on the tapings following this weekend’s Bound For Glory PPV.

What are your thoughts on MJ Jenkin’s release? Would you like to have seen more from her on Impact Wrestling’s main show? What do you think will happen during next week’s set of Impact Wrestling tapings? Let us know in the comments below!

  • #RiotWithRuby


    • MK126

      The one who had that match with that spot at that xplosion episode ???

    • Kelly_Killer

      Ewww, Ruby Riot fans you be quite. Of all the people exactly you are asking who SCRM better luck next time Dori dear.

  • MK126

    She has fans?

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita

    Idk who she is but she’s gorgeous

  • Troy Smith

    It’s sad. I like her look and watched some of her indie stuff online. I think there was potential with her to be a great babyface. I hope they bring her back one day.

  • 3???????

    Welp impact cancelled , I believe she was the only black girl signed to the company and I was looking for that representation ?????

    • Asa Von Erich #ThankYouEmma

      Kiera Hogan is supposedly signed, but hasn’t debuted yet.

      • 3???????

        She’ll be cancelled next

        • KellyAJNaomi#Slay

          Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of representation of us in wrestling and when there are they’re always dancing and like her when they aren’t dancing they aren’t being used

          • 3???????


          • YonceLuvsDivas

            Which sucks! The New Day was suppose to be more like a Gospel heel group. But once they started dancing around and ripping stuff from black twitter that’s when they get pushed. And we can see the difference in careers wit Naomi and Foxy just based off that.

          • Sable’s Bumps

            im tired of the WWE making all their black people dance and im not even black. its offensive lol. when sasha started dancing with the cruiserweights i lit a candle of grief.

          • Troy Smith

            You should watch some old TNA then. The original Knockouts division was very good with showcasing women of different races.

        • YonceLuvsDivas

          No shade! I can see that happening. And she is so good in the ring.

      • Kelly_Killer

        The 2 new girls made a cameo in a LAX segment.

    • EYECON

      Agreed and now that gail is gone I don’t want to see the Blondes attack…besides RoseMary

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    Why all the good people getting released this week? MJ definitely has the potential to be a stat and her ring skills was good. I hate that her talent was just wasted. Yet the likes Taya Valkyrie is around ?

  • GEO

    This entrance by MJ still makes me scream.

    • Kelly_Killer

      That crowd, that disrespect, queen is putting a 5 stars broadway musical for them and treat ha like that MESS.

      • PYM #TakeOverSmackdown

        lol it seems like a heel gimmick atleast she got a reaction

    • PYM #TakeOverSmackdown

      Her “red carpet” is a damn paper towel roll scrrrrr

  • Rookie

    Does anybody here believe the saying, “Not everyone can be pushed.” I don’t think I do. I personally do not see the point of having jobbers. Local or people who are actually signed. I mean if I was in a position of power in a wrestling company, I would at least try to push everybody. Right?

  • Women’s Revolution

    She had an amazing spots in the gauntlet match. I saw potential in her, better than Ava Storie.

    I think it’s the timing. This company TNA, GFW, Impact Wrestling (Keep the title) just been cancelled. Financial reasons, investments, creative booking, producers etc. They’re just a mess and one of their biggest PPVs is Sunday and they’re not prompting it.

    I doubt WWE will look at her, but anything is possible. She’s beautiful with potential.

    I wish her the best of luck to the fullest. At least she’s pursuing her dreams. It’s not about who she is or if she has fans. She working hard to bring people aboard the Tri Force (I love her fan base name).

  • Queen of Spark

    She had potential in that company, but I get worried when she does High risk.

  • Rhys Hawks

    I didn’t see much coming from this sadly. But hey, there’s always the Women of Honor!

    • Women’s Revolution

      Great suggestion! I didn’t think of them. I wish they had more exposure.

      I grew up on WWE. Sadly I feel she’s likely to be less successful or make the cut there nonetheless.

      I know there’s more opportunities elsewhere regardless of color, sexuality, religion etc. That’s a better suit for her.

  • Mmmm shame IMPact don’t use properly their talent. See a lot of potential on her.

    • Kelly_Killer

      As if WWE do. Is that why they wasted so many girls. Layla, Cam, Summer, Emma. And now they are doing the same with Mickie, Fox, Dana and Lana.

  • I really liked her matches on Xplosion wished I saw more of her

  • LBOneOfKind

    Such a shame she got got signed and never even got her opportunity to show us what she can really do

  • LBOneOfKind

    her best and probably only match we really got she of her was her match with Rosemary and Knockouts Knockdown

  • ralfikh

    No! Waste of talent. Sad to c her go

  • Omar Zaal

    I guess Hania and Kaira Hogan are next.

    • Kelly_Killer

      I actually think that they made room for them.

  • Kelly_Killer

    Ugh She had the potential to be TNA’s Naomi but they wasted her. Why are these writers so bad ffs. They should give some storyline at least to Ava.

  • Edwards1992

    I would like to see her in WWE.. Mj vs Bianca would be money.

  • jbrizzy

    Easily the most talented on that roster. Impact is trash af anyways so she is better off

  • C Mack

    The one who said Naomi stole her look? I don’t care if she was telling the truth or not lol. I liked her up until that point

    • PYM #TakeOverSmackdown

      What look is she talking about? Naomi don’t look like toucan sam. Scr

      • C Mack