After heading over to Manchester for RAW last night, the SmackDown Superstars are following suit. And with a match set for tonight, this could be quite an interesting episode…

For the past few days, James Ellsworth and Carmella have been fighting with Becky Lynch on social media. Ellworth and ‘Mella insist that Miss Money In The Bank deserves to be the captain of the SmackDown Women’s team. So, to settle the argument, Cathy Kelley announced during Monday Night RAW that Ellsworth and Lynch will face off in Singles competition tonight. Oh boy.

Backstage in the Manchester Arena, Ellsworth asks Tamina to get Carmella from the locker room. But instead of his girl that’s a friend coming out, it’s none other than the Lass Kicker. Although Becky is pretty confident about the upcoming bout, Ellsworth insists that no matter how hard she tries, she’ll lose – because she’s a woman. And as they’re in the city of MANchester (and not WOMANchester), he’s sure that those in the audience will agree. Lynch however, isn’t taken aback at all. In fact, she compliments his words, saying that it’s pretty “ballsy”, but it’s a “pity [he] doesn’t have any.”

Later on we see Tamina, Lana, Naomi and Charlotte Flair outside of the ring for the match. Ellsworth – sporting the words “Captain Ellsworth” written over a Becky shirt – and Carmella first make their entrance – with James telling Carmella to back off so that he can do things alone. Becky, eager as ever, makes her way to the ring.

Before the match can begin, Ellsworth attempts a few push-ups to warm himself up. The crowd gets involved in the match by chanting “Becky’s gonna kill you” to Ellsworth’s dismay. Lynch then tries to put her opponent in the Dis-Arm-Her but he quickly grabs onto the ropes to get out. This is when the shirt comes off. It’s on. James gets a little bit of offense in by taking Becky to the ground, but each attempt falls flat as Lynch gets right back up.

At one point, after being rolled and spun around, Ellsworth contemplates leaving. But unfortunately for him, a stare from Tamina blocks any thought of an exit. Nice one, Snuka! He then gets back into the ring – after stopping himself from puking – and pushes Lynch outside of the ropes. Now he’s really pushed it.

After some showing off to the other women, Ellsworth is on the receiving end of a dropkick from a quickly recovered Becky. He then gets kicked in the mid-section, hit by the rope and Bex-plexed outside of the ring. Ellsworth attempts to exit, but is blocked by all four women outside. And although he still insists on not returning to the ring, a little push from Flair gets him where he belongs. He then gets on his knees and begs for forgiveness from Lynch, even going as far as kissing her hands and hugging her. And then during the hug, Becky quickly implements the Dis-Arm-Her on James, forcing him to tap. Looks like it’s a win for Miss Lynch!

During Becky’s celebration, Carmella enters the ring, yelling at the captain. And, as James gets to his feet, Miss Money In The Bank boots him straight in the face, knocking him right back down. Cue the “yes!” chants!

When asked about her actions, Carmella says that one “can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” and states that Ellsworth will be spending the night in a “literal doghouse”. Ouch.

Ellsworth then insists that when people are in “relationships” they will fight, so things between him and Carmella will be “okay” in the end.

We soon get backstage as Charlotte and Shane McMahon are talking. Women’s champion Natalya quickly interrupts them, insisting that she will “accept” McMahon’s offer to not only defeat Alexa Bliss at Survivor Series, but take Flair’s spot on the SmackDown team. Unfortunately for her, that isn’t the question he was going to ask.

Shane recalls how Natalya escaped Hell in a Cell as champion with the use of a chair – something that Neidhart refers to as “self defense.” Moving on, McMahon announces that Natalya will defend her championship against Charlotte next week, and the winner will go on to face Alexa Bliss at Survivor Series. Woo!

Thoughts: So this won’t go down as the most prestigious night for the women, but it will go down as a great one.

After weeks of lacklustre stories, this week’s antics offer a fresh side to the division: a comedic one. It’s great when things aren’t taken overly seriously – especially when the past few weeks have been abysmal. Seeing Becky have fun in the ring in a somewhat anticipated match is great. She’s got such a great sense of humor and character that when we get to see her truly lay it all out, it’s such a treat.

The match itself is pretty entertaining. We see both of their characters come out; James’ egotistic yet cowardly persona is seen, as well as Lynch’s funny and courageous side. When James gets in the ring, Lynch is having a laugh, and when he tests her patience, we see that fearless attitude creep its way out.

Tonight’s contest is a great one, but if I may criticise one thing, that’s the fact that James was allowed as much offense/defense as he got. He shouldn’t be pushing Becky around – even to the point of her falling out of the ring. His attempts should be minimal, only leading to a step or two back. But alas, it’s still a good, funny and engaging match.

Carmella’s turn on Ellsworth is something that the division may truly need. Based on the lack of a reaction for Miss Money In The Bank tonight, she definitely requires some form of change with her writing. Allowing Carmella to be her own individual is something she’s needed for a while. She needs to gain her own heel heat and not attract what James is giving her. And now it’s sink or swim. She needs to really take ahold of this new change – and WWE need to give her some good material to work. But what could it be?

If Charlotte defeats Natalya next Tuesday, could a Carmella cash-in be possible, and thus spoil the crowning moment for Miss Flair?

And speaking of the title picture: this is expected. If Charlotte wins then we’ll be seeing an intense match next Sunday. Alexa and Charlotte have both been the “it” girls on whichever brand they’ve been on. And during the Shakeup, they even switched brands at the same time – and remained supreme. It’ll be a battle of the top dogs, but it does deserve a bit of a better build-up. The two have had such a good parallel over the past two years that a longer story would have worked. But if we get it without that, then it’ll still be great. Let’s just hope that they can tell that story within the span of a few days.

Also, just a bit of reaching before we end the redux. Shane states tonight that the winner of the championship contest will go on to face Alexa at Survivor Series. So, if Charlotte wins by disqualification, would she then be facing Bliss next Sunday but without the belt around her waist? Maybe so. But we’ll find out next week if those words were purposely said that way or if it was just a miscalculation.

What do you think of this week’s episode? Are you rooting for Flair or Neidhart? And if Charlotte is out of the elimination match, who will take her place? Let us know your views in the comments below!

  • Izzy4lw

    Honestly, last night felt like 2013-2014 all over again; A comedic spot with Lumberjills, no true challenge, and no real change on the outcome of the match. Basically; it was the definition of a bathroom break. Which by itself wouldn’t have bothered me, if there were something ELSE last night as well – there’s no jockying for position, Natalya and Charlotte were once again out of action, I don’t even know if this was a face turn for Carmella or what, and just… overall, bland. This has been a bad week for the WWE in terms of their women, and this was just the ugly close to the week. Honestly my only point of curiosity at this point is whether Nattie will fill Charlotte’s spot, or if the long awaited Paige return will mean Nattie is sitting out this SS. Other than that, boring week full of filler crap until the go home shows.

  • Vito

    if carmella chases in and its carmella vs alexa i will sue

    • Izzy4lw

      LMAO sue for emotional distress. I don’t think I could handle that as a serious match.

      • Vito

        same! i love alexa but she needs to work with a vet like charlotte or nattie to help her, carmella would do her no justice, that would be a MESS


    Trash, but at least Becky looked strong by beating a prototype of a man like this.

    I’m rooting for team RAW so far, they have the most dynamic team and more interesting characters there.

    • Maddox

      What do you mean Prototype of a man? Lol

  • Hoooshi

    This match should have happened straight after MITB and honestly not even James is giving Carmella heat. The girl gets chance after chance and she’s not happening as we thought she would, which is a shame because I think she can add something to the division, but the writing is not helping her.

    Also if Charlotte wins I hope Carmella doesn’t cash in. Carmella vs Alexa? No thank you.

    I read someone who was there saying that SD was 40% less crowded than Raw and we can see why, it’s so boring it’s difficult to believe this show was thrieving before the shake up.

    • Izzy4lw

      Carmella has always done her best work as a manager who wrestles rather than as a solo act- she got over with Enzo and Cass, and then as soon as she was brought up on her own, she sort of became this bland character – She no longer had the character or gimmick to mask her mediocre wrestling skills, and the generic spoiled entitled heel trope doesn’t work for her. She would do better being paired with Cass again to bring back the magic they had, since I don’t think she’s quite mastered how to get herself over without strong direction.

      • Hoooshi

        I agree, I think the best thing for both of them would go that manager/couple route when he comes back next year until she improves as a wrestler and the writing thinks of something strong for her.

  • OJ Von Erich

    I really wanted to enjoy the Ellsworth/Lynch match, i was hoping James would try & bring the fight & Becky would pure out wrestle him, but they really didn’t mesh well together, the whole ordeal felt kind of awkward, which is a real shame.

    Also this whole Charlotte/Natalya feud feels totally lacklustre & this whole match being put together for next week just feels like back peddling, it’s as though the writers are just winging it with no real direction.

    But I did live for Carmella super kicking James!!!

  • Victoria&Melina19

    What has happened to Smackdown?

    Obviously Charlotte for the win next week, at first was thinking Carmella could cash in just to get it over with but I’m thinking Alexa vs Carmella…that a complete no!
    imma need Paige to come through with her new storyline cos I’m bored. The Becky and Ellworth match should have happened months ago so don’t really care. What’s happening with Naomi too

  • Super Mateo

    “Tonight’s contest is a great one, but if I may criticise one thing, that’s the fact that James was allowed as much offense/defense as he got.” I have to disagree here. James needed to get more offense in. It was drawing good heat and having Becky get beaten up a little bit would have made her victory a bit more satisfying. It was a good match (good enough to get me to watch again for the first time since the releases). The only criticism I have is that it felt like they both were holding back a bit. They really had the potential to bring the house down had both gone all out.

    James and Becky did a nice job of bringing out the comedy elements. This match played off of a history between the two and they really tried to build it, even if the payoff probably should have been back in the summer. Hopefully this is just the beginning of the return of intergender matches. I was entertained and that’s good enough for me.

    • DayOneISH!

      I would love to see the girls do what the women do in Lucha Underground

    • Monkey Tennis

      The problem with James Ellsworth getting any offence in (let alone if he’d been able to get any more) is precisely beacause he’s James Ellsworth. I’m all for the WWE having back and forth intergender matches when it’s between proper superstars.

      Mix up the Women’s and Cruiserweight division from time to time and who knows, the WWE might actually be able to put on an a decent match or two, something in line with the considerably higher level of intergender matches we regularly see in the indies.

      But having Ellsworth able to go even vaguely toe to toe with Becky… That felt more than a bit off to me.

      • C Mack

        Right. Not exactly the most polished worker

  • DayOneISH!

    I hate it when Carmella does the super kick it’s like when Alicia Fox uses the scissors kick it just always looks bad most of the time.And on top of that tamina also uses the superkick finisher so someone needs to change their finisher ASAP.

    I remember when Trish said something about how all the girls had a protective moveset.Lita was the high flyer who would do all the hurricaranas and all the lucha moves,Gail was the submissionist with all her crazy submission moves,Jazz was the powerhouse,etc.

    • MK126

      The problem is that the super kick has become just as generic as a DDT. Everyone does them so it doesn’t hold any “special” weight with regards to just being used by a select few. That’s like every face diva used the tilt a whirl head scissors as either a regular move or a counter in some way shape of form. I don’t think it looks bad… it just looks like it has no impact like most of Mella’s moves

      • Maddox

        Depends on who is doing it tho. HBK’s is taken serious, Just like Batistas powerbomb is taken serious but others aren’t

      • Mark?

        That’s so sad because the super kick can look so devastating when done right. Victoria had an awesome super kick.

        • MK126

          Well Victoria wrestled stiff and im sure legit kicked people in the face ??

    • OJ Von Erich

      Carmella – Tamina – Charlotte – James (Sometimes even Lana) all have a big boot, superkick kind of variation.

  • Organization XIII

    I don’t understand why the one criticism in the article is that “The fact that James was allowed as much offense/defense as he got. He shouldn’t be pushing Becky around – even to the point of her falling out of the ring. His attempts should be minimal, only leading to a step or two back.” Why is this? Essewntially he is a man, who is generally stronger than a woman. Why shouldn’t he have been able to take control? We keep saying we’re pushing towards equality & it’s arrived & yet we don’t want it. I don’t understand

    • OJ Von Erich

      That part also threw me off, I almost wanted him to shove her around & look like a threat, only for her to out wrestle him & pick up the win.

      • Organization XIII

        That’s what I was hoping for. I wanted him to be cocky & show his strength while at the same time underestimating her & her capabilities. It was still a cute match tho & I enjoyed it

      • Jean

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    • Shan

      I liked it. It made a lot more sense than just making this a complete joke match. And it made Becky look a lot better.

      • Organization XIII

        Tbh! I conveyed the message to not take a woman lightly simply because she is a woman. I would’ve changed the ending tho. I wanted Ellsworth to try to take advantage of Becky only for her to one up him & reverse it into the DisArmHer. That would’ve been dope

        • Shan

          Yup. It really did look like they were holding back. It could have been a challenge with him using sneakiness and brute strength until she reversed something and put in the DisArmHer. Also I really don’t like the dynamic between Ellsworth and Carmella. She literally treats him like a dog and then superkicks him? Wth? Where is the anti-bullying campaign when you need it?

          • Organization XIII

            lmfao I don’t like the whole dog thing, I think they can find a better way to exceute Carmells controlling him. They were on the right path when it seemed like she was flirting with him. They should take it back to that route

          • Shan

            I don’t know how the hell they’d do that. That’d just make it look more like they’re in an abusive relationship. What message would that send?

          • Organization XIII

            lol it is a little too late to revert back. Honestly she doesn’t really need Ellsworth. Just let her talk on the mic. She’ll do fine

          • Shan

            Or let her go back to being a manager/valet and work from there to try and repair the damage they’ve done to her character so far.

          • C Mack

            She’s a heel. Bullying is a heelish behavior

          • Shan

            There’s being a heel, and then there’s showcasing an abusive relationship in a comedic light for kicks.

  • So will Diva.dirt say something about Manami Toyota’s retirement which occurred a couple days ago?

  • OJ Von Erich

    I really wanted to enjoy the Ellsworth/Lynch match, I was hoping that he would bring the fight to Becky & that she would out wrestle James, but they really didn’t mesh well together, the whole match felt kinda clumsy which is such a shame

    This whole Charlotte/Natalya feud feels really lacklustre & put together last minute, which again is a shame because they’ve shown incredible potential in the past, but I don’t care for either woman right now.

    I did however live for Carmella super kicking James Ellsworth.

  • OJ Von Erich

    A part of me wants Carmella to cash in & win the title before Survivor Series & go on to face Alexa Bliss.

    They had good chemistry in their NXT days & it would be somewhat refreshing.

  • #BrieForPeace ?

    I actually disagree, I believe James should’ve gotten more offense in because it felt very ” let’s not have him hit Becky cause that’s bad publicity”. I felt if Becky took a beating and still rose above it, it would make her seem even more of a badass/underdog. But anyways, someone really took the writer off of SDL and sent him to RAW because this match made no sense and should’ve happened MONTHS ago. I seriously hope Nattie retains even though Charlotte vs Alexa sounds great on paper I cannot tolerate another never-ending Charmaggedon title reign.

  • I was actually entertained by the match, it was back and forth enough and went on longer than I expected.

    Next week they’re in Charlotte’s hometown so we’ll see how it goes. What I expect

    – Charlotte wins, faces Alexa
    – Charlotte wins, Carmella cashes in
    – Raw girls interfere, making it a DQ

  • conan_kun

    “If Charlotte wins by disqualification, would she then be facing Bliss next Sunday but without the belt around her waist”? Survivor Series is Raw champ vs Smackdown champ, so it’s still Natalya vs Alexa if Charlotte doesn’t win the title.

  • conan_kun

    SD women teammates enjoy watching Ellsworth’s ass gets kicked

    “Becky’s gonna kill you!” chants need to be a thing, it will fit her Lass Kicker name better

  • ???

    Not the greatest episode but it’s definitely not the worst , the match lasted longer than I expected .. it was just a comedy type of match and it didn’t even have build up long time ago to make it that serious .

    As much as I would love to see intergender matches to be back but I don’t see it because we are still in the PG era , but at the same time I don’t want the women to get their butts kicked all the time like in the golden era .. why they can’t be equal to the men ? After all WWE is all about entertainment I really want to see women kick some ass and get hardcore like queen CANDICE LERAE

    • Robann

      As long as the McMahons are a part of the current Administration, and they have active Anti-Bully, Be A Star and MAW campaigns going on….that kind of Hardcore will not happen. From a business standpoint that’s corporate suicide and it’s hypocritical. But we can dream, right? Lol

      • ???

        Especially Vince , I desperately want him to go home and retire and leave it all to Triple H .. he ruined every superstar who came from NXT .

  • Rodney Holston

    This was ok simply because they were able to use all the women and make them look strong. With Ellsworth taking the pin, Becky looks good without going over another girl. Plus Becky is genuinely charming so this was actually pretty good for comedy filler.

  • ???

    It’s so predictable that Charlotte will win next week , but I really do hope that they’ll not Sasha her and loses it quickly to Carmella (after cashing in)

    TBH thank goodness Natalya vs Alexa Bliss will most likely not happen , Alexa is boring in the ring and Nattie has no charisma plus Charlotte and Alexa never faced off in the MR .

  • -V

    Actually it makes perfect sense now that I thought of it… Nattie will once again retain next week, since the Raw roster will get their “revenge” on Smackdown, and then she’ll go on to lose the title to Charlotte at Starrcade since it will be in Carolina & her dad will be there.

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    What’s wrong with James getting tons of offense in? I don’t see the issue. I’d rather that than a complete squash match with Becky locking the disarmher in, successfully making James tap in the beginning of the match. The match was actually entertaining and a breath of fresh air. Becky and James having a competitive match actually made sense considering everything James put Becky through.

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    What if the RAW girls interrupt Charlotte and Nattie’s match, attacking them leading to a Carmella cash in the same night? That’ll actually be so iconic! But I don’t want to see Carmella vs Alexa Bliss, tbh. I could see Charlotte winning next week, leading to Bliss vs Flair at Survivor Series.

  • Michael Max

    Okay so the match IS for the title, that makes sense, and I def. see another situation like Styles/Mahal happening because Bliss versus Charlotte makes way more sense and will probably be a much better match than Nattie and Bliss, just like Lesner and Styles is going to be a much better bout also.

    • KatyaMenelli

      Alexa Bliss = DUD. Mickie vs Charlotte or Mickie vs Natalya would have been waaaaay better/

  • Mark?

    It would have been better if James won with a rollup and grabbing the tights and then the SD women attack him. It’s kind of sad and embarrassing at how the WWE treats him. Being Carmella’s pet and manager and now losing cleanly to a woman?… This is too far. Not even Steven Richards got this bad of a treatment.

    • Super Mateo

      Why is there so much shame in losing to a woman? Becky isn’t some small, untrained girl trying to wrestle someone twice her size; she’s a professional that makes a living doing things like this. Much like commentary’s mistake of acting surprised that Becky could easily lift James to perform her moves, it doesn’t make sense. She’s done it before. She’s a trained wrestler. In a real fight, Becky has a good chance of winning. Women aren’t weak, in general.

      I’d rather see intergender matches than something like Nia/Sasha, where Sasha is about 150 pounds lighter, or Braun/James (again, huge size difference) which really was embarrassing. At least Becky and James are of comparable size.

      I do agree on the dog thing, though. That idea should have never left the writers’ room. Between Vince, Road Dogg, Carmella, and James, at least one of them should have nixed it…perhaps even all four.

      • Mark?

        Yeah…. No.

    • KatyaMenelli

      You’re a sexist piece of shit for that. Losing cleanly to a woman? Yea a woman with 10 plus years of experience and a Former SD Woman.

      • Mark?

        Sorry a woman can’t beat up a man

  • tstumo

    People need to stop. That’s was one of the most effective looking super kicks Carmella has done.

    • Organization XIII


  • Jo9834

    Charlotte has been completely shoved to the side since her move to Smackdown, this book one, book all the same type of creative approach has not helped her and is beyond sexist. Why is it that when guys like Randy are out of the title picture, they are all getting side feuds and treated like respectful former champs and characters. She main evented a PPV last year and now and she hasn’t had a five star match to her name this entire year.

    Natalya needs to upgrade, no one wants to see her scream ‘Youuuu guysssss’ ‘ Yeahhhhhhh’ or ‘Yayyyyyy’ while putting Alexa in multiple rest holds , hitting her with the same generic moveset with the intensity of a kitten for 12 minutes at Survivor Series. The WWE is doing her dirty by not switching her up,

    Lastly Becky VS James was fine for what it was, the WWE wasn’t going to give us a Lita VS Spike Dudley type of match in this day and age, I was surprised that James even got to ‘shove’ Becky, he should have gotten more offence if anything not less.

    • Robann

      While she hasn’t a PPV at all since her move to SDL (no women on SDL has), Charlotte HAS main evented THREE actual Smackdown Live’s: Her versus Naomi, The 2nd MITB and the Fatal 5 Way before HIAC. And let’s not forget the 6 weeks she was off TV because that pretty much stagnated any push she was going to get for a while. So while she hasn’t been booked properly (again, no woman on the roster has quite honestly), they made sure she was a part of these “main events” some kind of way.

      Putting that aside, I agree with you 100%!

  • Monkey Tennis

    This was not good.

    I’ve seen a few comments already saying that it was great that James was able to get a little offence in (albeit as PG friendly as the WWE could tolerate) and people were happy the match was at least a little back and forth.

    Now in principle, I would not disagree with that. At least in regard to intergender matches in general. You’e only got to look at the indies, where intergender matches are considerably more prolific to see that back and forth mixed matches work. That’s because, for the most part, those matches are generally just booked… as matches. It’s just two wrestlers, working a match. And sometimes the women win. And sometimes they don’t.

    The problem with Becky vs Ellsworth though stems entirely from the back story here. More specifically, James’ back story. Because this wasn’t (or at least, it shouldn’t have been) two wrestlers on a level playing field having a match. This was a former Smackdown Women’s champion vs a pathetic comedy jobber.

    What should have happened was what happend when Styles went one-on-one with Ellsworth for the title (without Ambrose) and James was spark out in about 20 seconds. But no. What we got was James being able to have a mildly competitive match with Becky. What we got was James being able to put Becky on the mat once or twice. What we got was James pushing Becky out of the ring.

    So what we actually got was the WWE saying that the (kayfabe) worst/weakest male wrestler on the entire WWE roster is still capable of giving one of the best women on the entire WWE roster something approaching a match.

    No thank you.

    • shumiley



    Becky Lynch is just far too good for gimmicky intergender matches in which she doesn’t get to utilise her vast experience. She’s easily the most charismatic woman on Smackdown, by far, and it remains a curious – and criminal – defect on creative’s part that THIS is the best they can do for her. In an age where babyfaces are hard to get over because of WWE’s obsession with burying good guys, and the smark’s incurable tendency to flake on performers, Becky is a beacon of light. And that’s just the tea, as they say.

  • NoWayHoeSay


  • Robann

    What I don’t get is everyone complaining of a back story not being there for Becky and James’ match. IT’S THERE. Did you guys forget that he cost her the first MITB, and almost cost her the second? The beef is there with the three of them (Carmella incl.), it was just thrown to the side for weeks. The slight build up on Twitter made sense, James talking crap as usual and Becky, already feeling some kind of way towards him, answered him. He tries to be sly and challenge her to a match, thinking she wouldn’t accept. Becky being the fighter underdog she is, accepts. Why is that so difficult to grasp?

    And the fact that I also see comments against James having an offense….like what is it that you want? We already knew it wasn’t going to be like how Intergender matches were back in the Attitude/RG Era. We knew that they were going to keep it PG. It was offfense on his end, but not too much. But I bet if it was a squash match a la Lana v. Naomi Part 3 with Becky putting him in a DisarmHer and making him tap out in seconds, ya’ll still would’ve complained. For what the match was, it was decent.

    Lastly, SDL is pretty much putting in place that Char will be the Womens Champ heading into SS. She’s already the only woman on the poster with Alexa and now they have her going against the champ? I’ll be pleasantly surprised if Nattie comes out on top. This was a decent SDL as a whole. Better than wtf happened last week, that’s for sure.

  • Mick

    “Tonight’s contest is a great one, but if I may criticise one thing, that’s the fact that James was allowed as much offense/defense as he got. He shouldn’t be pushing Becky around – even to the point of her falling out of the ring. His attempts should be minimal, only leading to a step or two back. But alas, it’s still a good, funny and engaging match.”

    There are two ways to take this paragraph… if this is a some sort of men shouldn’t be hitting women type of statement. It’s a fail because that’s what people wants to see in these intergender matches. Both genders going at it.

    If I take this as James Ellsworth is such a joke that Becky should easily defeat her, then I agree. I feel like women like Becky can take on a few guys in the tag team division, the cruiserweights and Charlotte could even take on mid/main roster guys. Not stating that she could win, but I would expect her to get some good offense. Charlotte is quick, strong and she isn’t a girl with 100 pounds. She has muscles. So I don’t think that jokes like James can and should get as much offense because they are that, a joke and women’s wrestling is above that.

  • YouCanLook&Touch

    Ew smackdown is so boring.

  • PYM #TakeOverSmackdown

    From top to bottom this was a really good episode of SD live!

  • Last week episode was one of the worst from years, this one is marking the historic return of Intergender matches, but wasn’t nothing but bad.

  • Jose Antonio Atienza Lat

    Hope Iconic Team debuts at Survivor Series and distracts RAW Team so that SDL wins. Iconic on SDL pls!

  • Good send off for Ellsworth honestly. His storyline with Mella got progressively worse. Hopefully we don’t see him in WWE anymore