At NXT TakeOver: War Games, NXT Superstar Peyton Royce will be one of four women competing for the vacated NXT Women’s Championship.

In an interview with, Royce discusses her NXT Women’s Championship aspirations, how she has been preparing for the upcoming Fatal 4-Way match and shares her thoughts on her Iconic Tag Team Billie Kay being left out of the match.

On why she feels she is the favorite to win the NXT Women’s Championship at TakeOver: WarGames: “The most important thing going into this match is confidence. If I were to doubt myself, I wouldn’t even have a chance to be competing for the NXT Women’s Championship. Since I was 10 years old, I’ve always lived by the motto, ‘Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right!’ I’ve applied this theory to every aspect of my life, and clearly, it’s a good one because look at me now. I’m about to become the most Iconic champion the WWE Universe has ever seen!

On how she has been preparing for the match: “If I were to publicly give away my secrets, I’d be dumb. I am an intelligent woman who is focused on the prize. All I can say is I’ve pushed and pulled more numbers in the gym than I saw at the NXT Combine this year. I’ve been picking the brains of multiple coaches at the WWE Performance Center, like Norman Smiley, Terry Taylor and Sara Amato. Not to mention, my diet has been 100 percent on point, and my tape study has been never ending.

Thoughts on Billie Kay not being part of the match: ”I gave myself 24 hours to go through the emotions that came with realizing I’d be in the match without my ‘Iconic Life Partner.’ I went from shocked to livid to depressed, and then managed to pull myself back together. Billie is my support system, just as I am for her. It was actually Billie who told me to move on and get focused, which I have. The two of us always have a plan, whether we are in the match together or not. Knowing B.K. has my back has boosted my confidence, and I know she will be the first person to congratulate me on my win. After all, she’s my best friend.

On how she will change the NXT Women’s division if she wins the NXT Women’s Title: “The first order of business would be to make this division absolutely iconic. If you thought Asuka was a dominant champion, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I’m going to be the face of the Women’s division, and I’m going to bring all the ladies up to my level through tough love and competition. I care about the NXT Women’s division a lot, so by being its champion, I can really do wonderfully exceptional things for our futures as Superstars. The women might not know it yet, but they will surely thank me later. Every woman on the NXT roster learns from me every day, and they will continue to learn from me when I become their champion.”

Royce also shares her thoughts on her TakeOver: War Games opponents Ember Moon, Kairi Sane and Nikki Cross.

You can read the full interview here.

What did you think of the interview? Would you like to have seen Billie Kay compete at TakeOver: War Games? Who are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Shady ?

    With Emma gone, Peyton is the #1 woman that’s long overdue and deserving of a title run in wwe. She’s the most deserving of the 4 women in the match IMO. I won’t be upset if she doesn’t win (a heel turn and a win for Ember would also do wonders for her and be very deserving) as long as she and Billie arrive on smackdown the following Tuesday

    If they decide to not put the title on Peyton AND keep her in NXT then yes I will be very upset

    • Nicola Byrne

      I don’t see the title on any of the other women yet. I read reports that both Billie and Peyton are expected to debut on the main roster of Survivor Series but I don’t think they are ready, need more time.

      • conan_kun

        Is there anyone said Alexa is not ready for main roster last year during WWE draft.

        • Nicola Byrne

          A lot of people. she only wrestled a handful of televised matches. If she wasn’t so god damn good on the mic and extremely pretty she wouldn’t have been brought up

          • Maddox

            And Carmella? She’s average on both the mic and ring, yet she was brought up

          • Shady ?

            Carmella is fantastic on the mic

      • Michael Max

        It’s kind of funny when people say “not ready for the main roster” when honestly, the competition in NXT is stronger, they get more time and storylines generally, so honestly staying in NXT is a blessing because the MR tends to ruin a lot of the NXT standouts. They somehow rarely translate well to the main roster. I.E Bayley and Asuka for example.

        • Angelica Marie MoNae

          Nxt ladies stopped getting any good time after Sasha, Becky, and Charlotte left and then even less when bayley left and asuka was the champ. The MR ladies have gotten more time than their nxt counter parts for the last 2 years.

        • Jose Antonio Atienza Lat

          Being MR will ruin them. Make NXT a third brand. Let’s not ruin all NXT wrestlers. Look at Emma, Summer and even the guys

        • Nia

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      • A?.

        More time? They get loud reactions and they’re more than ready for the MR.

    • Organization XIII

      You better give Queen her props ?

    • #FlairfortheGold

      Girl this last paragraph actually happened…?

  • Nicola Byrne

    Honestly, I can’t see any of the other women winning the belt. Her won’t be long but she is next in line. I personally would like to see her win but my heart is with Kairi since I started watching Stardom last year.

  • Donny Donny ?

    Peyton Royce is a gem. I’d prefer for her not to win the championship so when she debuts on the MR she’ll still seem “fresh”.

  • #FlairfortheGold

    TBH I see Ember winning for the sole reason that TO is in Houston,’which isn’t too far from her hometown? Still, Peyton FTW!


      H town stand up

  • K. W. M.

    As much as i wish it would come true, i don’t see why so many people think Peyton will win the title? Sadly i think she has the lowest chance in there with Kairi, Ember and Nikki:/

    • Nicola Byrne

      Kairi isn’t going to win or take the pin either. I think Nikki is taking the pin but it’s Peyton or Ember winning the belt

  • YouCanLook&Touch

    We love a bad bitch. Phantom of the Flopera, Billie Kay looks like a fool next to the Poison Ivy Princess

    • Xaos

      No need to shade the good sis Billie like that, they’re both flawfree

      • YouCanLook&Touch

        She’s the Layla to Peyton’s Michelle.

        • OJ Von Erich

          If I were to compare, I would have put them the other way round.

        • Michael Max

          It’s funny, because originally it was them booking Peyton as the Layla, and Billie was the first to be getting more to work with. Then it kind of took a switch once they officially became the iconic duo.

        • Jo9834

          They are literally a carbon copy of Laycool with Aussie accents and zero backstage pull due to taker. I think they will be treated like stars on the MR, they look like Diva’s and Vince will push them to the moon because they can both work as well.

      • KellyAJNaomi#Slay

        Exactly I love both of them I hate it when people try to bring one down and the other up

        • A?.


      • Kelly_Killer

        Besides both having extremely weird faces but i still stan. Since neither one of my other nxt faves is doing anything.

    • KingsPromise

      I love Billie, but Phantom of the Flopera, I will fucking give you that one.

    • Jo9834

      Omg the flopera?! I cant! I mean maybe ‘Slopera’? but no one can flop around Peyton, she makes everyone even her opponents look amazing.

    • Mark?

      I she a Scorpio?!

      • KellyAJNaomi#Slay

        Yep us Scorpios are Queens & Kings

        • GOD STRATUS•


  • OJ Von Erich

    Kairi Sane – It feels way too early & a bit of a slap in the face if she wins, she’s essentially come from out of nowhere & we haven’t seen anything from her in NXT.

    Ember Moon – The hometown girl, she has great in ring presence & could feud with almost anyone, but she lacks any story behind her, the redemption thing left when Asuka did.

    Nikki Cross – She’s the one with the most build & momentum behind her at the moment, the NXT crowd love her, personally I not a fan, but she’s definitely got something.

    Peyton Royce – Now I would love for her to walk out with the title & finally be given more opportunities in the ring to show of her diverse offence, the only downside is that she is “cookie cutter mean girl” at the moment.

    Anyways, I am looking forward to seeing the women’s division step into a new era & build some new feuds.

    • PeppermintButler

      Agreed on Kairi, I think Nikki doesn’t need the belt right now she can shine without it. Even though I’m leaning on Ember and Peyton to win, I feel like Ember is gonna be boring because as you said she lacks story I don’t understand her mystrious gimmick. Really wish they just kept her indie name and made that her gimmick Athena the goddess of war she likes challenge and to fight. On Peyton I hate that they’re kind of a clownish heel , both her and Billie have a villainess gimmick they need to be evil not just mean BUT I love seeing them interract with other superstars backstage it’s always funny to me.

      • conan_kun

        Only if Iconic Duo moves to main roster, then Ember may win and turn heel to be the top heel.

      • IconicTrio

        I feel like they missed a trick with Billie & Peyton. They really should have had them play more sinister heel roles. Less talking more destroying. Ruthlessness, not pettiness.

        • PeppermintButler

          Ikr? I hate it when they do that pointing and laughing thing they do

        • Women’s Revolution

          It started out like that unfortunately it didn’t stick.

    • wysna

      I agree on all the points you raised though. Ember would make for good matches but she needs some damn character progression that makes sense and Kairi would be a pick that’s way too early. Only viable and interesting champs are Nikki and Peyton. I love both, actually. Nikki, to me, is especially ready for a title run. Her character is solid, her ring work is interesting and it’d be interesting to see how the division would fare with her as champ. Peyton is pretty good too, actually. But I fear that the company as a whole have yet to show any signs of turning her into anything other than your placeholder mean girl. She deserves a decent chance though (and again, some better ring gear.)

  • Match of Year Maker

    The winner will be Ember or Peyton for sure

  • Maddox

    From the Rebellious Anti Diva champion, to the elegant and Confident 2nd generational champion, to the sassy boss champion, to the lovable champion, to the dominant unbeatable Champ. NXT needs something different from their last champ and it has to be either Peyton Royce or Nikki Cross.
    Ember Moon and Kairi Sane might seem like Asuka 2.0 in some ways. They should go with Peyton Royce who can be a cowardly champ with a back up in Billie Kay but also back it up in the ring or the psychotic Nikki Cross

  • KellyAJNaomi#Slay

    I got so excited when I saw Peyton Royce and Championship I thought she won it then I read the whole headline and I was like damn. One Day

  • A?.

    She better win, idc. Her and Billie have improved so much and they’re literally one of the best down on NXT, they’re so funny and talented.

  • 3???????

    I really hope she wins . As much as I love ember moon , Payton deserves this more

    • Typical Heel


      • 3???????

        Why not

      • OJ Von Erich

        I’d say she’s more than proven her worth in the ring, she’s solid on the mic & has an establishes character, she’s also been there a lot longer & played the role of talent enhancement long enough to deserve it.

  • C Mack

    Baeeeeeeeeee. She better win

    • Zeek Jones

      No Ember is Baaaaeeeeeeee ;)

      • C Mack

        Lol I like her too

        • Zeek Jones


          • C Mack

            Still need to hit me up??

          • Zeek Jones

            I know man :( theres a good reason why I haven’t though im sorry man

          • C Mack

            It’s all good bro!

          • Zeek Jones

            honestly I didn’t want to come off as somebody who is desperate I was just caught up in the moment I do apologize bro

          • C Mack

            Lol we having this whole convo in public. You’re good tho! I’m always down to make a new friend!

          • Zeek Jones

            lmbo I knew you was gone say that

          • Zeek Jones

            and cool new friends it is

  • Though Peyton deserves it… I would give the edge to Ember or Sane just simply due to the rumors. I rather Peyton takes the belt or Nikki. Those neckbreaker variations are brutal and effective….Nikki keeps me interested.

  • Champion wish list in order from most wanted to least:
    1. Peyton
    2. Ember Moon
    3. Kairi Sane

    That’s it. Cross isn’t even on the radar. She hasn’t done anything exciting yet. Sure she’s durable and can handle a beating, but she has no offense. A series of neck breakers + punches.. Seriously guys…

    • wysna

      She actually has a lot of offense but they’re not all elaborate holds, slams. She’s a brawler and it’s a style that fits her character. Imagine her being that deranged and wrestling like Molly Holly or something. That would be off. She’s not Victoria 2.0 who is merely psychotic. She’s downright entropy. And in her further defense, at least she’s not like main roster Paige who just seems downright lazy with her repetitive kicks. Nikki actually fights in character. Even her inverted DDT seems in character.

  • Danny?

    If Peyton doesn’t win the title then her and Billie need to go to the main roster the following week because they have nothing left to do in NXT. That’s the only way I will be okay with Peyton losing this match tbh cause she is more than ready for a title run.

  • Since Iconic Duo rised on NXT I’ve been a grwat fan, I wish she wins the titl, but my first pick still is Peyton.

  • Super Mateo

    If I had to guess based on that interview, Peyton isn’t winning because Billie will turn on her.

    • Callisthenes

      Billie and Peyton will never turn on each other at NXT. This is NXT, a development area, where they test and work on their characters to get ready for the main stage debut. BK and Peyton have been working and improving on their gimmicks for a while and is almost main roster-ready. If they were to split up now, what gimmicks are they going to take on once they make their main roster debut?

      If they were to ever split up, it will happen when they both debut on the main roster and had their run as a duo. It will not happen in NXT because their gimmick is coming along nicely and not flopping.

  • The Wicked Bitch

    Legend. She better win

  • Geo14

    Destroy those three boring clowns, queen!!!

  • Mick

    if you put Emma & Peyton in the same position, then you know what is ahead of her. Let The Iconic duo path their way. They can come from the same place but they are different people. Peyton seems easy to work with, she’s been jobber, top team, jobber, top contender, jobber and top contender again, and again, and again. She’s never complained, she takes everything and gets up even stronger. The same with Billie.
    Emma did her thing, left her mark but her last year was very frustrating. Hopefully she’ll return as a bigger star but this also shows that having a good relationship with your boss is A MUST.

  • Troy Rochester

    Tbh I would be happy with any of Peyton ,Ember or Nikki winning . I like Kari but it’s far too soon and the other 3 deserve it more .

    • Gail-Rollins Fan


  • IconicTrio

    My favourite girl in the whole of WWE. I might shed tears if she wins!

    Somehow I think she’s gonna be a dark horse and maybe thrive even more on the main roster. With or without Billie I’m afraid.

  • Almarpar

    Big fan of Peyton. Fingers crossed shes wins!

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    I hope by this little media stint that means she will actually snatch that title. I would have put my money on kairi or ember if not kairi but Peyton is definitely my personal favorite to win.

  • Edwards1992

    Aw bless her heart.

  • NoWayHoeSay

    Oh go on then give her the belt

  • Glitter Bliss Banks

    I asolutley adore Peyton Royce! She is actually my favourite NXT girl, with Biance Bel Air and Ember Moon behind her. I’m pulling for her so badly, I feel the division needs a clear heel champion with all the tweener crap they did with Asuka, we need some clarity and I would love Peyton on top with Billie by her side! I would love for Ember and Kairi to chase her too. Also if she was to win, i feel Ruby should be her first challenger and then move onto a programme with Peyton, Ember and Kairi……those three stand out for me….specially Peyton vs Kairi. The only thing I wish for is for Peyton to put the purple back in her hair! ??

  • Gerg

    I cant believe just turned 25. I thought she was 26/27… since becoming part of the iconic duo in nxt she’s gotten more confidence in the ring even with her prior experience

  • Kelly_Killer

    They will just give Kairi the title. Yall are fooling just you if you think that any of the other girls will win. Having Peyton win the title will eventually lead to breaking up the duo and we dont want that. Cause they will end up like dana and emma. If Nikki wins it will be awkward to say the least. Shes crazy. What champion would she be? And face Ember wont win anything any time soon this means that they will have a face vs face later on because Kairos bound to get that title eventually.