There have been rumours over the last few months of new womens wrestlers debuting for Impact Wrestling. Well one of these names has been made official.

Confirmed by Impact official Jeremy Borash on his Twitter account during the final night of Impact Wrestling’s taping this week, Hania the Howling Huntress appeared after a match between Rosemary and KC Spinelli and attacked The Demon Assassin.

She later on appeared where she competed against Spinelli for an Xplosion match.

These appearances are set to air in early January 2018. The Xplosion match may be later as these are usually aired on a longer delay.

What do you all think of this? Are you excited to see Hania debut with Impact as it’s newest Knockout? When do you think other names like Kiera Hogan will debut? Are there any other names you would like to see debut with Impact in the new year? As always, let us know in the comments below!

  • Rosanna

    She’s already on the tapings but it won’t air until 2018

    • Rhys Hawks

      The article already mentions this, that is what the entire article is about.

  • Nicola Byrne

    Why do TNA have all new knockout debut and attack Rosemary?

    • Malcolm James

      Because she the most popular knockout

      • Anne

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    • Juan

      That’s what happens when you’re the top woman in the company.

    • Troy Smith

      It’s a simple story line. Attack one of the top dogs. To date Rosemary has had only 1 clean loss in her Impact career. Her total losses are less than 10. By my count, 4 losses since her debut.

    • Rhys Hawks

      One of the top Knockouts. Not just in popularity, but also in working with other women/putting them over.

    • QuentiliusMax

      They’re in Canada, and Rosemary is from Canada

  • Wicked Emma

    If this was WWE y’all would have alot of negative things to say about this.

    • YonceLuvsDivas

      Why would we? This is how TNA films their episodes. We pretty much get the same treatment with NXT.

      • Wicked Emma

        I meant was if WWE signed a new female wrestler.

        • Rosanna

          Huh? That doesnt make sense. Why would we be negative?

          • Wicked Emma

            Made sense to me. Some of y’all be negative saying that WWE have enough women on the roster.

          • Malcolm James

            Because WWE keep signed female wrestlers and not debut them or they take time away from other girls that are already sign and not been seen in months

        • YonceLuvsDivas

          By now yea because we get a new woman signed like every week now.

    • wysna

      Because TNA needs more talent. WWE has more than enough female talent that it can’t even use properly. The bitching does not revolve around WWE hiring new talent; it revolves around the fact that it keeps hiring new talent without even fixing the current creative pool that does not know how to use those talents properly.

      • Looking Glass

        Just because they need more talent doesn’t make any of what they do good. The Taya/Rosemary storyline was built on nothing but attacking each other but people on here were gushing over how excited they were for the first blood match. Gail’s last match was a mess, the ending was anti climatic but people still say “oh give them a chance”. Outside of PPV there’s not been a KO match that’s lasted longer than 5 minutes, but again it’s accepted.

        Whereas WWE have roster depth, they introduce new girls and fair enough they don’t utilise them enough in their shows, but theres usually more than one feud on each show and there’s usually at least one match or segment. If every week on Raw and SmackDown was KC Spinelli getting her ass best for a month, I’m sure you’d have something to nag about there as well.

  • Can they think of a more original debut, rather than attacking the babyface because she needs to buy time until her rival is back.

    Also we could’ve seen something better than KC Spinelli in every match. She’s no part of the roster and it makes zero sense to feature her this much.

    • Looking Glass

      Exactly what I said about originality before the wah-mbulance pulled up on here.

  • Women’s Revolution

    They’re using Rosemary to put over new talent, until their final match in their feud, Taya will cost Rosemary the match.

    Therefore, Hania climb up the ranks towards the title, while Rosemary resume feud with Taya, unfortunately putting her over in the process.

    The talent roster is small
    *Diamante is inactive

    I also think Madison and KC aren’t officially on the roster, they’re just overseas to add depth to the roster and put the girls over.

    • Malcolm James

      They still have Alisha Edwards and Kiera Hogan plus Diamante should be fully recovered when Impact start they next sets of taping

      • hitesh khanna

        what happend to diamante?

        • Malcolm James

          She broken her ankle

    • hitesh khanna

      also there is ava storie

  • Omar Zaal

    Nice I hope she succeeds

  • More talent for TNA, desesperately need some KO’s to fill feuds.

    • Catherine

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  • -V

    What a mess this TNA is.. I wonder when they will finally stop using Rosemary to build the newcomers, ugh.. What was the meaning of her ‘strong’ title reign (ended by a flop) when she’s basically losing to everyone new?

    This division needs help, like desperately…

    • Gail-Rollins Fan

      You use your most over babyface to build new heels and get heat for them. That’s how things have gone since the beginning of time.

      I agree with you about Sienna being a flop and she shouldn’t have ended Rosemary’s title reign. But the booking with Taya and now Hania makes sense.


      Surely the fact that Rosemary is being primed to feud with stellar talent is a good thing? These two can serve a very intriguing undercard while Laurel Van Ness and Allie duke it out for the title. Not to mention, Taya will be back soon.

  • Damn!

    I just hope Impact can get their shit together and finally start fresh cause their roster looks promising rn


    Hania is an incredible performer. If it’s true that Tessa Blanchard is also signed, we could have a dream division for next year.

    • Nicola Byrne

      No Tessa hasn’t signed, but if WWE or TNA don’t sign her they will be beyond stupid!

      • YonceLuvsDivas

        Yea I actually like me some Tessa. She’s like a mix of Brooke Tessmacher and Emma.

  • LBOneOfKind

    are you kidding me, we got wait til January to see Hania Debut