Mike Johnson at PWInsider.com revealed a shocking change in how Impact Wrestling will handle ownership of characters. According to Mike,

After digging in their heels on the ownership of the Hardys’ “Broken Universe” for the last year, Impact Wrestling, under Anthem Media, has made a complete about-face on their position when it comes to ownership of characters. PWInsider.com has been told by several sources that going forward, all contracted Impact Wrestling talents will be given and retain complete ownership of their intellectual property.

What this means, using EC3 as an example, is that should EC3’s deal expire and he decide not to sign a new contract with the company, he would be able take the rights to his name and all the IP associated with it (mannerisms, moves, catchphrases, etc.) to his next destination, whether that be WWE, Ring of Honor or elsewhere.

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This will surely come as a nice gift to wrestlers that would like to use their Impact characters on other shows. It’s also a boost for independent promoters that are looking to help promote their shows with more familiar TV names.

What are your thoughts on this decision made by Impact Wrestling? Is this is a wise move or should they be more protective of their IP? Sound off in the comments.

  • Dark Heel

    The most talent friendly agreement in decades. A lot of wrestlers will be enquiring with Impact now as they can make 5 figures on top of Indie bookings.

  • Damn!

    Matt can use his broken gimmick yesssss

    • martin rioux

      Yet when he started the gimmick on Monday, you could hear crickets

      • Kvngbalor

        That crowd was horrible the entire night cheering lets go mayor at Kane I’ll never get why ppl spend their money to go to a WWE show & just sit there

        • Windy

          It could easily just be bandwagon affect. I get anxiety just from helping certain customers at my job, so if everyone in a whole arena is being quiet, it can force a lot of other people to be quiet too since they’re afraid to make noise.

      • RadicallyRadic

        I mean there were SOME DELETE chants, but yeah I never understand why crowds stay so quiet. It’s not the discussion I know, but thats why I sometimes prefer indie shows. Cause more often than not, whether you know the names or not, people won’t sit on their hands for the whole thing.

        Plus the tickets are MUUUCH cheaper.

        • Windy

          okay people might hate me for this, but i still don’t know what the broken gimmick is. All i know is that people shout Delete at him and he looks kind of insane.

  • martin rioux

    That’s why impact will never succeed as a business. It’s a really good news for the wrestlers and for every other promotions out there. Impact will put money into creating characters for their company and then if or when these guys decide to leave, whoever decide to sign them won’t need to create a new character for these wrestlers. So how will Impact ever be able to make money if they go and just don’t care about making sure that what you create stay inside your company so that nobody else can make money out of it.

    • Dark Heel

      Uh no, it allows Impact to promote them under the same name and character even after they left for the GWN/DVD Sales after they’ve gone to WWE etc.

    • RadicallyRadic

      Well people can still make money off your character so long as they merch under the company’s label. I would also say from live events, but Impact doing live events? That was once a pipe dream…

      • Dark Heel

        March, Toronto or Montreal. Do keep up.

        • RadicallyRadic

          Where’s the announcements of these shows. I’ve heard literally NOTHING from Impact regarding these shows.

          • Dark Heel

            Will be announced in January.

      • Randi

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    • Mick

      TNA Impact is not in a position where they can act as a big company. They are more like ROH or any other indy wrestling promotion going on. This will help them with the talent coming in and going out for the little money they pay. Due to the Hardyz’s situation, I’m sure quite few pro wrestlers felt the need to be good with TNA to keep using their characters elwhere but also this was blocking people from creating something good for the company due to fears they wouldn’t be able to use it elsewhere.

      • Troy Smith

        But this makes it WORSE for Impact. Now it opens them up to just be used and abused by every wrestler out there. This literally helps everyone EXCEPT them. They will spend their TV time, creative and resources getting you over then you leave and take all their work to make money for another company. It guarantees that they company can never grow. They won’t be creating anything for Impact. They’ll be using Impact to work out the bugs and then take the finished product to make money for someone else. Impact will invest all the time and money into building the star and then someone else will get all the benefits.

        • Mick

          TNA Impact shouldn’t marry to too many wrestlers. They should have a selected group that will be getting constant pushes and will be the face of the company. The rest is talent that comes and go. The only reason to make someone stay for long would be due to a long story or because it was good enought to enter to that selected group. That’s how they should run it.

      • Dark Heel

        Uhh anyone that wrestles for Impact on top of indie bookings make very good money. (More than a lot in NXT)

        • Mick

          You just said it right. On top of indie bookings. So TNA can’t act as a big company.

  • TheMissingIconicMember

    Best decision this company has made in years

  • RadicallyRadic

    BRILLIANT NEWS! Mainly for the independent shows who want to use Impact talent. It also keeps Impact out of hot water like they were in with the whole ‘Broken’ rights. Can’t have them threatening to take legal action against WWE and ROH again.

    I’m more interested to see if this means they will create less of their own characters and just have indie stars come in as they are. This would have helped Allie so much. I much prefer her as Cherry Bomb over her Allie character.

    But it has worked for some. I mean Rosemary is a prime example of that.

    • Troy Smith

      But indie shows already were able to use the Impact Wrestling names. I’ve seen Rosemary, Allie, EC3 and others promoted in lots of places over the past few years.

  • RadicallyRadic

    Seperate thing to say, chances are, if they were to go to a place like WWE they would get a new name/character anyway. Unless you are a MASSIVE name like an AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, Adam Cole… you know.

    They would sooner use a new character or the person’s real identity over using a character created from another major promotion unless the talent themselves really want it. Like Matt Hardy and his whole broken thing.

  • I can’t believe this, a big step or maybe two steps backwards for IMPAct Wrestling, anyway I’m happy they did this.

  • #FlairfortheGold

    This is cool and all, but this relates specifically to Women’s wrestling how??? I mean, if they sought to bring news over reduxes, most women don’t have any gimmicks per se, so yea….

    • divadirt

      This story affects all current Impact and former TNA wrestlers, male and female. If you are not interested in the story, please skip it. No need to complain.

      • #FlairfortheGold

        And this gets priority over Reduxes… I mean cool I guess ?

        • divadirt

          http://www.onlineworldofwrestling.com is a great site for results.

          • #FlairfortheGold
          • divadirt
          • #FlairfortheGold

            YAASSSSSS at y’all responding with that gif?? I knew y’all were my favorite site, even if your recent changes have kinda sucked?????? Props for that???

          • RadicallyRadic

            Wow the shade is real.

          • Chargod Flair #5x

            This drag scrrrr

          • Redneck Trump supporter don’t you feel like a sellout misusing Beyonce?

          • Duncan

            Thank you for this. Diva-dirt is really going downhill since Melanie left. And even though I agree that you can indeed skip the news you don’t want without complaining it kinda baffled me to see this kind of reply signed by diva-dirt. Whoever is running this now is clearly immature. You don’t run a successful website by telling your readers to leave just because you get triggered. I will continue coming here – more seldomly. But will indeed start following the link you provided more. Hope more of you guys do the same. They will only change this if the views and comments on the website decreases.

  • #FlairfortheGold


  • YonceLuvsDivas

    One thing about Impact is that they do cater to their wrestlers as far as their personal life and business ventures. Not saying WWE doesn’t but Impact will take extra steps to provide. But like someone pointed out they really don’t make money back from doing all this. Personally I find the company great to work with as far as creative control and liberation in speech. That’s why a lot of former WWE stars go there after they’ve dealt with the puppet show and politics.

    • Steven5812

      And why so few of them go back.

  • ssilva872

    That is crazy.

    I guess filing copyright claims adds up or something?

  • Philip272727

    So we’re getting “The Mad Bride” in promotions all over the world… SWEET!!

  • Maddox

    Wwe wouldn’t let you use your own name if you left lol

    • Mr. What

      That if you are a big name: Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, AJ Style, and Eric Young

  • jbrizzy

    Good for the talent,but bad for the business. They are literally letting the industry walk all over them. We complained about Dixie ,but she ran TNA greatly up until she stopped believing in herself,and let Hogan,Bishoff and Flair fuck everything up. So frustrating

  • Charlie

    Sienna and Alle have been using their TNA names for a while now. Does this mean Jade can use Mia Yim on Impact? (Mia Yim being the more recognised name at this point)

  • RadicallyRadic

    So is like, nobody here watching Impact tonight? If you are, where you at people?!?!