The landscape of women’s wrestling has dramatically changed within the past few years since the “women’s revolution” started. Some people would argue that the “women’s revolution” has been happening long before just the past few years. The argument at hand will also say that the revolution stalled during the “Diva’s” era, however there were plenty of women during the 90’s and early 2000’s that paved the way for the current athletes that we see today. Lisa Moretti, better known to fans as Ivory, is one of these pioneers. Recently, her name has been brought up as a possible inductee to the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame.

Ivory has had many stand out matches with current Hall of Famers such as Trish Stratus, Lita and Jacqueline. Many people only know Ivory from her time with the WWE, but her career in professional wrestling started way before her WWE debut in 1999.

Tina Ferrari is the name that was used by Ivory in her early years as she successfully auditioned and then performed for the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW). Known as an original lady of GLOW, Ferrari went on to become tag team champion with Ashley Cartier and even held the top title, the GLOW Championship. The tag team of Tina and Ashley were known as T & A (not to be confused with Test & Albert).Before Ivory became Ivory, she defiantly had already become a decorated wrestler.

Ivory was introduced in the WWE as a storyline love interest for Mark Henry. She would perform in intergender matches with either Mark Henry or his tag team partner at the time D’Lo Brown. During this time the women were mainly known for their “sex appeal” rather than their in ring talent. Even though this time period seemed to hold the talent of the women back, Ivory was always at the forefront of a match. She put on many matches with both Tori and Luna Vachon.

Ivory became a 3 time Women’s Champion in her tenure with the company. Her first two title wins however were from a valet (Debra, who won the title in an evening gown match), and although a legend, a 76 year old The Fabulous Moolah. She lost her second title to Miss Kitty who was an untrained talent. It wasn’t until Ivory’s third title reign that she won from Lita that showed the best from Ivory. At this time she became a member of the Right to Censor stable. The Right to Censor stable arguably had the most annoying entrance theme.

After leaving the WWE she became the ECCW Women’s Champion after she defeated the first champion of the promotion, Rebecca Knox (Becky Lynch). She would hold on to the title from April 2006 to October 2006 when she lost the title to Nattie Neidhart. Ivory would continue to work the indie circuit sporadically, performing for promotions such as Women Sports Uncensored (WSU).

Recently Ivory was on WWE’s Table for 3. In the clip below you can see her speaking with Alundra Blayze and Molly Holly in regards to a time where women were made to do pillow fights and bra & panty matches.

Are we excited about this rumor that Ivory may be in the HOF? Who else would you like to see in the women’s wing of the HOF? Molly Holly? Sable? Chyna? Let us know in the comments!!!

  • All you need is a few memorable moments and be good with Vince to go into the HOF. That’s all it takes.

    But if we are taking it seriously, Ivory sure is HOF material.

    3x Women’s champion.
    One of the only two women to have a singles match at all big 4 PPVs (other being Melina)
    The only woman to pin Chyna.
    Memorable feuds with Moolah, Lita, Chyna, and her whole Right to Censor stint.
    She was also a Tough Enough trainer and a commentator during her 6-year career.

    • Izzy4lw

      Imo Ivory was definitely HOF material, but i figured she’d never go in because she’s been so vocal in the past about her disdain for HHH. I’m happy she’s going in, but super surprised.

      • Probably why she hasn’t been in by now, but in the recent years she’s been in those Network specials and at HOF ceremonies, so they are on good terms.

      • Dylan Gutierrez

        And not to mention she called out Stephanie being corrupted by power and changing horribly because of it.

    • I always dream of Ivory coming back as a commentator.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    Is Ivory Hall of Fame Material? Wtf type of question is that ever? Um….. Duh!!!

  • Joey

    Absolutely- Molly Holly deserves to be in next year.

  • Randall

    Uh of course she’s HOF material. She should have gone in the HOF back in 2015. Ivory was one of the first women in wwe who had the total package in my opinion. Beautiful, good in the ring, and good on the microphone.

    3x women’s champion
    Competed in I believe one of the first hardcore women matches in wwe at the time against Tori.
    Good feuds with Jacquline, Lita, Molly, Trish, Tori and Chyna
    Excellent on the mic.

    • Jaded

      She really wasn’t that beautiful if we are being honest, but she was very sexy.
      And it’s kind of hard to know how good she was in the ring, she mostly did evening gown fights.

      • TorrieTrishStacyLita

        I hope you’re joking

      • Fransisca

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      • Randall

        Ok that’s you opinion I I thought she was a pretty women mainly when she first came in. And most of matches were evening gown matches?…what? She had several normal matches where she showcased her abilities in the ring so not sure where your getting that from.

      • #RiotWithRuby

        “She really wasn’t that beautiful”. Wow, cruel much? Coming for a woman because of her looks. Real classy.

        • Audrey

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        • Dawn

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        While you raise a point, I believe we’ve seen enough of her to know that while she was decent, she wasn’t THAT good. She couldn’t hold a candle to.. let’s say Jacqueline for exemple, that’s like a whole different class.
        She was a passable in-ring worker in a trashy era where wrestling was clearly not the focus which tends to confuse people when it comes to her actual abilities.

      • Mark?

        Wow I hope you’re kidding. Ivory was amazing in the ring. Watch her matches on Heat

      • KatyaMenelli

        How good? No, Ivory was great in the ring.

    • KatyaMenelli

      No sweetheart, it was the first lol Ivory competed and won in the first(vs. Tori), second(vs. Luna), and third (vs. Jackie and Luna) women’s hardcore.matches.

  • Damn!

    YES YES YES 100% Yes no doubt about it….I hope Molly gets inducted soon too

  • Typical Heel

    I feel like she should go in as a group member of Right To Censor

    • Jorge Hernandez Moran

      Well she could be the first woman to be a 2 time hall of famer

      • Typical Heel

        Chyna should get that 1st imo

    • jcott3

      I don’t see Right To Censor going in as a group, much like I disagree with the people who think the Hart Foundation stable (Bret, Owen, Davey Boy Smith, Jim Neidhart and Brian Pillman) should go in as a group. The New World Order should go in, but they won’t until WWE is willing to be associated with Hulk Hogan again. DX should definitely go in but the word is HHH wants to go in solo first.

  • Maddox

    No mention of how feud with Chyna?

  • IconicTrio

    She should have been the next in line after Trish and Lots to be inducted in my opinion. She, along with Jacqueline and Luna were the only women who came close to maintaining a credible women’s division during 1999. Ivory was also might I remind you one of the best promos as far as the women were concerned.

    So for me there’s no question over whether she deserves a HoF spot.

    • Dylan Gutierrez

      Agreed. After Sable wouldn’t drop the title or show up to defend it, Ivory, Luna, Jacqueline and Tori were pretty much all the Division had until they put the focus on intentional nudity and gimmick matches for the likes of The Kat and Terri.

    • Randall

      Yes she should have been in after Trish and Lita. I would have honestly rather seen her go in before Madusa. Hopefully next year one of these ladies will be inducted Victoria, Sable, Chyna, or Molly!

  • Tnn Crs

    Yes but… Victoria first ;)

  • ???

    Is she’s a hall of fame material? Is that even a question? LOL of course she is!

    It’s interesting to see her in the HOF, not only in there also in the RR! that woman looks so young compared to her actual age!

    I’d love to see Sable, Victoria and Melina in the HOF!

  • jbrizzy

    Hell yea she is without a doubt. I personally thought she was going in last year

  • Malcolm James

    Yes but Chyna, Sable and Luna Vachon deserves HOF before her
    specially Chyna because they are doing a Women Royal Rumble and she is the first women to be in a RR

    • Jorge Hernandez Moran

      Agree. All the Golden Era girls deserve to be in the HOF but there are women who should be inducted before they were like Chyna, Luna, Sable (shouldve been inducfed instead of Sunny), Bertha, Bull Nakano, Leilani Kay, Rockin Robin, etc. All these women build a path so the Golden Era girls could have their spot light and they deserve to be honored.

      • Malcolm James

        Yes Yes 1000x Yes The Golden Era girls definitely belong in the Hall of Fame

        • Dylan Gutierrez

          I definitely think Miss Elizabeth should have been inducted ages ago as well. :/

          • jcott3

            She should have gone in with Randy Savage, as they did their best work together.

      • QueenSableBomb

        Sable should’ve been inducted the year they inducted SCSA. Literally 2 of the most popular stars of the 90s…it would’ve been so lit

        • jcott3

          Almost everyone thought Sable was going to go in in 2012 when Brock Lesnar came back to WWE.

          Sable was extremely popular, but she got a reputation as a PITA backstage and it wouldn’t surprise me if someone was blocking her because of it.

          • QueenSableBomb

            I was one of the many people convinced Sable was gonna return lol. Regardless of whether or not she was popular backstage I don’t really think it matters. Sable was THE woman in the 90s. Probably the ONLY woman that was on-par with Austin and Rock in terms of popularity, and that’s not anything we’ll ever see again (which is both sad and actually kinda cool lol)

  • ssilva872

    I am really happy for Ivory since she of course deserved this but I never knew for sure if they would put her in.

  • Nathan

    Not to be a downer but I can’t see why we can’t get 2 women inducted into the hall of fame.

    • AlexV

      That is extremely plausible this year if things continue to go Well!

    • Jaded

      Victoria needs to get in there.
      She’s out more people over than alicia and that’s saying something.
      You know you’re a good if you can carry Maria or a Bella to a half decent match.

      • KatyaMenelli

        Or Kelly and Candice Michelle for that matter.

    • Carolution

      because they wouldn’t have many women left to induct if they did two at a time

  • iOwnThatSonOfABitch

    Another title change? Didn’t it ask if she was deserving first? Idk…diva dirt is just not giving me life lately

    • Nick W

      Thank You for your concern. Firstly, titles have been changing lately due to the fact that when readers are using it on a mobile device long titles are hard to see. Secondly, this specific title was changed because it seemed as if people were becoming offended by the title which was not my intent. I apologize if this has been an inconvenience in any way. Please note that everyone here at Diva Dirt is dedicated to its readers. Have a great holiday!

  • Danny?

    Ivory 100% deserves to be in the HOF and should have been inducted after this year (2017). After Ivory I’d like to see Chyna & Victoria inducted cause they two most definitely belong in the HOF. I still bothers me they only induct one woman per year.

    • Nick W

      Fully agree. Maybe this year they will finally do 2? We can hope!

      • I’d love to see Chyna and Ivory go in together.

  • AlexV

    I would love to see her inducted she deserves it and also they should posthumously induct Chyna too! ?

  • Kvngbalor

    One of the best talkers so wity and quick underrated a pure heel that got genuine real heat

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita

    Kid Rock?! I think tf NOT ?

    • jcott3

      They’re running out of celebrities to induct, and since Vince likes living celebrities so he can get that mainstream press rub (that’s why Andy Kaufman hasn’t gotten in, and he deserves it more than most of the ones who are already in), it wouldn’t surprise me if Kid Rock did go in.

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita

    So overdue. She should’ve went in before Beth. Hopefully now that the ‘E cares about the women (?) they’ll decide to induct more than one woman into the HOF each year. Ivory and Victoria should both go in this year and then the Queen SABLE next

    • IconicTrio

      But we might run out of women eventually lol

      I do think HoF should take place less often because eventually miss kitty will be inducted lmao

      • TorrieTrishStacyLita

        If Miss Kitty gets inducted. Especially before Sable, i will find some way to end it lol

        • Dylan Gutierrez

          Same. Sable at least had character, some skills and the magnetism to keep going. The Kat relied on nudity and gimmick matches so WWE could at least work a video for Sable being the first Diva, bringing the title back with her feud with Jacqueline, the Playboy cover, the lawsuit, her return, etc but with The Kat, aside from a feud with Tori, winning the title and flashing her breasts, yeah. It’d be a PR nightmare with their PG/family friendly image.

          • Carolution

            the kat was actually more talented than sable. kitty vs ivory, kitty vs victoria are better matches than any sable ever had.

          • KatyaMenelli


          • KatyaMenelli

            The Kat actually took bumps and attempted to better herself in the ring.

      • Gerg

        i dont think Miss Kitty would get inducted. Debra yes…Kitty no. Ms Kitty was a valet for a valet lol

  • BC

    LOOOONG overdue and she’s also so underrated by the WWE and by the casuals. But it’s okay, this induction will make up for it.

    Ivory was my second favorite diva (Chyna being first). But she and Jacqueline were my all time favorites until Candice Michelle showed up lol.

    I hope it is her going in! Chyna should go in too along with Ivory though. It’s perfect timing with WWE having the first all female rumble. The first rumble should be in honor of Chyna in some way. :)

  • Jtiera

    Yes for Ivory!!!! I wish they would induct more than one Women a year. I would love to see Molly Holly or Jazz inducted.

    • jcott3

      Jazz took part in the concussion lawsuit against WWE, so it’s probably going to be a while before she gets in.

      As for Molly, Ivory and Victoria had better careers and deserve it more. Molly was a great wrestler, but she lacked drive and personality. Chris Jericho once said you need to be “a shameless self-promoter” and “a bit of an a$$hole” to make it in the wrestling business, and Molly is nothing like that, despite what that idiot on YouTube wants you to believe. She was too humble, too modest, and too willing to let everyone else shine at her expense.

  • Glitter Bliss Banks

    VERY VERY overdue! She totally deserves it, I would be content and satisfied if she is, although it’s abit sucky that the list has been leaked so early, ruins the surprise.

    Ivory was pivital in the progression of the Women’s division in my opinion. Her right to Censor gimmick in particular was gold! I loved her theme, loud promos and outfit, every detail was unique and authentic because she was the sore thumb that stood out in the division. I feel that character in particular (the reserved, conservative, proper woman) that strives to install morals and class in the division, layed the foundations for heel characters like Molly Holly, Divas of Doom and even Nattie now!. Nattie reminds me so much of Ivory now.

    Ivory deserves it next and it would make sense. I know Ivory likes to talk lol so her speech would be interesting ? I can see them having to cut her off! ??

    I feel the next few women to be inducted HAVE to be Victoria, Molly and Sable…I want to say Jazz but I’m not sure if she any issues pending with WWE right now or not? Last I heard she was joining a lawsuit against them?. after them I would love to see Michelle Mccool and Mickie James join once she retires for her current run….once again, I don’t dare to mention Chyna. ?

  • I can’t wait to hear her drag WWE for all the Divas years i the interviews promoting the HOF induction and then the speech.

  • Of course she is HOF material and I hope they Induct her, and in addition to that they add another women wrestler like Jazz, Victoria and Chyna, which deserve it first the spot than Beth Phoenix.

  • Kvngbalor

    After Ivory Victoria should be inducted but what in the Hell is taking them so long to induct Sable? Sable should of been indicted

    • Dylan Gutierrez

      I’ve asked the same question too. Her husband is signed with WWE and one of their biggest attractions yet negotiations over inducting her have not gone over successfully? I understand the lawsuit and things in the past but despite her flaws of not wanting to take bumps or drop the title, she did do a lot to bring the spotlight on women after the division died once Madusa trashed the title on WCW.

      I would love to see Luna, Miss Elizabeth, Sable and Ivory inducted before any of the Ruthless Aggression women because it seems fitting. Beth’s was way too early in my opinion. The shocking bit is that Miss Elizabeth has yet to be inducted.

    • Carolution

      sable has to agree to be inducted. chyna/sable are the only pioneers missing from the HOF if ivory goes in.

  • Jo9834

    One would think Ivory’s connection with Glow would be a key reason they are now putting her in the HOF? especially with the second season confirmed,

    It was her time with Right to Censor that put her on the map, the first woman to TRULY feud with Chyna one on one, and also capturing the title from the uber popular Lita while being the best female talker of her time. Her first two title runs were really everything the womens ‘evolution’ was against, at absolutely no fault of her own though,

    As much as I would have loved to see Sable and moreso Chyna go in on the year that the women will compete in the first ever Royal Rumble, Ivory deserves it all the same and I cannot wait to hear her induction speech!.

    • KatyaMenelli

      Don’t forget those historic hardcore matches she had.

  • Jamal

    Much deserved! She would spin gold out of any crap creative threw her way.

  • Marcia Brady

    Always one of my favs she really needs a spot in the HoF, right to censor was great ! if you get a chance to watch her shoot interviews they are all hilarious!

  • Sha95

    Not gonna lie, I’ve always been indifferent towards Ivory for the most part but something about her kind of did intrigue me, I loved one of her old themes. I think it was the last one she used but being aware of what she’s accomplished in the wrestling businesses, of course. My only issue with the HOF, is the pecking order tbh. I’m still waiting on Sable, Chyna & Luna Vachon(if I’m not mistaken) to be inducted

  • Kessa Kez

    seems strange the article fails to mention Ivory’s championship feud with Chyna, which was her biggest title defence.

    • Chargod Flair #5x

      It wasn’t a great moment for her because Chyna buried her.

  • AlexV

    Also, I hope Ivory gives it everything she has. I truly like her alot because she always spoke from her heart and she always wanted women to WRESTLE like today!

    Ivory inspired women (and men! ) to follow their dreams and get in there and fight! I remember and episode of Tough Enough season 2, where she came in and inspired the women. Debra had gone on before and she said something about how the women were only there as icing on the cake and the men were the cake and they thought the money. Then IVORY came in and showed them how wrong Debra was. And I love Debra too, but Ivory was ahead of her time!

    Her speech should be amazing?! She’s always been an amazing talker!

    • Dylan Gutierrez

      Imagine her in today’s division. She’d be one of the best talkers and truly the ultimate heel. Her vs. Mickie, or Charlotte, Becky. Ugh, one can dream!

    • Chargod Flair #5x

      I feel like her speech will be a pipe bomb on Triple h and managment making her run away from miss kitty. ? I love Ivory.

      • KatyaMenelli

        Lol that would be awesome to see tbh

        • Chargod Flair #5x

          Girl u weird arguing on one post and upvoting on another tbh.

          • KatyaMenelli

            Sorry that I don’t hold grudges like a pissed off 16 yo girl. You did say something I felt would be cool to see. Am I supposed to say otherwise?

          • Chargod Flair #5x

            Ummm ok just saying but you do you

    • Carolution

      to be fair debra wasn’t a wrestler while ivory was but i do think debra was right that the women are the icing of the cake since there wasn’t many around and the icing is the best part also.

  • Quiet as it’s kept, Ivory should’ve been inducted LAST YEAR (looking at you Beth). The E is REALLY breaking their necks to keep Chyna out of the Hall of Fame aren’t they??

    • Dylan Gutierrez

      Pretty much. The poor woman had stopped bothering with them until HHH went on Stone Cold’s show and gave that phony excuse why she couldn’t be inducted again and it pretty started all over again.

      If she is to be inducted, I don’t want any of the McMahons or HHH to give some memorial speech about her legacy, if anything I’d prefer a woman she’d actually had a good friendship with or the women themselves as a whole. Stephanie would hog and give the most PR/PC friendly speech despite how awful she was to her personally.

      • The only two people I see inducting her are Mick Foley and (maybe) Lisa Marie Varon. Literally everyone else gave her the cold shoulder.

        • jcott3

          Given that she and Molly Holly are BFF’s in real life, I can see Ivory having her do the induction.

    • Chargod Flair #5x

      Chyna will probably get inducted in that “legacy” bs they do where they recognize a bunch of old wrestlers that have passed decades ago.

  • Charlie

    I hope she is inducted to the HoF, I need a commemorative Tee of her. :)

  • AngelBlissRae

    They should do an all Women’s HOF Induction considering how they’ve been doing all this for the women. Maybe some day we’ll get that.

    • Scarlet Letter

      Be a great way to have WWE catch up on hall of fame inductees.

  • You youngings utilize YouTube to know who this is. Some yall don’t know anything before 2010

  • IconicTrio

    Isn’t she a diva dirt hall of famer too? Pretty disrespectful article which had its title rightfully changed.

  • QueenSableBomb

    So well deserved!! But I can think of a few women that should probably go in before – Chyna, Sable (Lord knows she’s the antithesis of today’s landscape but we can’t deny her impact), Molly Holly, etc.

    Kid Rock??? Lmfaoooo nah. If ANY celebrity is going into the HOF then it NEEDS to be Cyndi Lauper.

    • jcott3

      Everything I’ve heard is WWE wanted to induct her years ago, but she declined.

  • Chargod Flair #5x

    I’m here for it. I love me some Ivory. She set the bar pretty high for the women. She was basically the new face of the women’s division after Sable left for the rest of the 90’s.

  • Kessa Kez

    so happy for bam bam bigelow, he should have been a world champ but got pushed out of wwe by the kliq, shame he is going in without luna. they made a great team in mid 90s.

  • victoriaviciousvixen

    I Have a 99.9% Feeling That Ivory will be the next female chosen next for the 2018 Hall of Fame. It has to be. I thought last year was her year but that wasn’t the case. But if not Ivory then I don’t know. I hope it’s Ivory tho. I love hearing her talk so if she does get chosen then her hall of fame speech should be very interesting.

  • MickUso

    At this point everyone knows that Ivory didn’t made a career out of looks, but that didn’t mean she didn’t have it. She was amazingly beautiful, so she needed to cover up to become one of the best heels to this date.

    The fact that the division was dominated by Sable, Debrah, The Kat and many others, was hard for Ivory to fit in, she had so much intensity to her. She became the first legitimate contender to Jackie’s championship but it was until Right To Censor that Ivory became that bch of the division. Her feud with Chyna is still one of the best to revisit and that WM match one of the best to re-watch. I also loved her matches with Jackie. This is one of the wrestlers that I feel, would have done even more if WWE wasn’t so biased on women back then.

  • Zeek Jones

    ivory for wwe2k19 with her Right To Censor attire!!!

  • aldo

    Of course I’m excited!! It has to be either her or Molly Holly, or both, I mean, why just one!

  • Carolution

    bout time ivory carried the division leading into the goldern era where they kinda forgot about her and how much ivory did from 99-2001.

  • Gayomi.

    QUEEN omg wig flew

  • Jay

    Yeah. No- That’s a hard NO from me dawg.
    Chyna needs in HOF. Period.
    Ivory had one successful storyline in WWE with RTC, which was elevated by the presence of Chyna- let’s be honest.
    Ivory didn’t make an impact on the Women’s Division like Trish did, or Lita, Molly, Victoria, Beth, etc. She was just… Whatever.
    Great mic skills… That’s it.

  • Kendra

    as she should

  • Kendra

    they may put chyna in the HOF in 2020 I hope

  • Ken L

    First off….there shouldn’t be only ONE woman per year going into the HOF. This would be a great year to put BOTH Molly Holly and Ivory in. Both are deserving. But Victoria needs to be in too. Step it up WWE…….no more limits

  • Chris Perry

    I like see that Molly Holly be the next one.

  • SFFL 1996

    I’m sorry, but I just don’t find Ivory HOF worthy. She didn’t do anything of note in wwe that is really recognizable. She played a great heel, but she doesn’t have any moments or anything that makes her pioneering.

    Jacqueline was one of the fist divas of the newly established division. Madusa was truly a polarizing and important figure in wrestling. Wendi Richter broke grounds for women back in the 80’s with her popularity and reign as champion. And no explanation is needed to explain the impact of Moolah, Sherri, Sunny, Trish, and Beth.

    The next woman in the HOF should be either Chyna, Sable, Molly, Victoria, or Mickie.