Below are spoilers from tonight’s Impact Wrestling TV tapings, which should air at the beginning of February.


* Rosemary defeated Hania. Hania attacked after the bell, but ran away after Rosemary fought back.

* Laurel Van Ness defeated Kiera Hogan in a match taped for Xplosion.


  • Soo still no Taya? Mess.

    • Bobby Bardot

      according to some reports shes having visa issues and or is still on the injury list

      • Ronline

        She had visa issues for going into Canada, not for wrestling in America. She should be fine now, I think?

        I’m sure she’ll return, they have like another 3/4 days left of tapings.

    • Omar Zaal

      Just wait
      You’re gonna be happy.

  • If they release Sienna this year I will be pissed. Why do they always do this? First they give a belt to a new wrestler and then fire them a few weeks after they loose it.

    • Ronline

      Some on DD with something nice to say about Sienna? That’s rare.

      • Amy

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  • Ronline

    Brian Cage debuted for the guys… and that’s about it. Hopefully the next night will be better for the women.

  • Omar Zaal

    So……Sienna might be gone soon?

    • Ronline

      Maybe she’ll show up at the other days? Or maybe she is gone. We’ll know as the tapings carry on.

      • Omar Zaal

        I think she’s done, there is nothing left for her.
        I’ve seen this pattern since 2010.
        You could be a Trish Stratuse and when you disappear you disappear.

        Same with Alisha Edwards

        Look at Serelda, Payton Banks, Alpha Female, Christina Von Eerie, and Alisha. All the same storyline.

        • Ronline

          A lot of what you said makes little sense. Maybe it’s the misspelling or repeated words? I dunno.

          Either way, Sienna is still around so it doesn’t matter.

          • Omar Zaal

            Yes she is for now thankfully.

            If you watched TNA since 2010 to now
            You will wake up and realize storylines haven’t changed but with fresh faces every 2 years or so.
            It’s like playing a WWE 2k Universe/Story Mode over and over.

          • Ronline

            I never said anything disagreeing with that, I just cause I didn’t know what you mean.

            But yeah Impact’s storylines, and really quite a lot of mainstream storylines, haven’t been truly memorable for a long time. Impact especially.

          • Omar Zaal

            Right now imo the positive stuff, We are getting knockouts playing the mythical creatures persona instead of being the cookie cutter Beautiful People wannabes like in 2010-2012 era. I know some people(mostly guys) and The Diva Dirt community prefer talented ladies but glamorous and most importantly beautiful but since The Walking Dead, American Horror Story is so popular people wanna see similar persona in wrestling.

          • Ronline

            Oh I’m all for more characters in wrestling, we need that for wrestling to truly BE interesting.
            That’s why people like people like Rosemary, Su Yung, Kaggy (look her up), all pure nightmare fuel.
            But too much of the same thing can also be too much. At the end of the day, we just need interesting characters and engaging storylines. Hopefully mainstream wrestling picks up with this in 2018.

          • Omar Zaal

            I need more Kaggy in my life.