Tonight (May 31st) on Impact Wrestling’s Under Pressure, Su Yung captured the Knockouts Championship for the first time in her career.

After coming up short in a previous Knockouts title match a month ago at Redemption, Yung managed to dethrone Allie in a Last Rites (Casket) match.

Allie, draped in “Demon Assassin” attire in homage to the fallen Rosemary, started the match with a fearless attitude, dropping forearms, chops to the chest and a corner suplex on Yung.

Yung countered a Russian Leg Sweep and began to wear Allie down through various chokes, grounded innovative submissions and a body scissors. Just as Allie is placed on the casket, she gets to her feet to fight off Yung from the ring apron with a big boot and follows up with an aerial clothesline off the casket!

When we return from a break, Yung takes control after dodging a missile dropkick attempt from Allie. She tries to the Champion down via running knee strike but Allie kips-up, Rosemary style. Yung takes Allie back down and introduces a steel chair to the match but Allie kicks it out of Yung’s grasp. She then retrieves the chair, tosses it to Yung for a Code Breaker off the chair.

The tides would turn when Yung used her bloody glove to choke Allie out via mandible claw – weakening the champion enough to place her in the casket and close the lid to become the new Knockouts Champion.

Are you happy to see Su Yung as Knockouts Champion?