Year-End Awards 2009: Best Diva in Training

2009 is now over and we are celebrating with our second annual Year-End Awards. This year, we have had thousands of votes as you have voted for the top Divas, Knockouts, matches and moments of 2009!And now it’s time to reveal the winners.


The nominees are:

* AJ Lee
* Aksana
* Courtney Taylor
* Mia Mancini
* Naomi Night

Continue for the result:

And the winner is…

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  • KrissyVaineLurver

    <3 definitely well deserved. She is the best FCW has

  • gmosoto

    she deserved, but hope she get a better character if she get to the main roster
    cause that Italian Mafia Look and the awful hat that she like to wear

  • theregoeskitty

    well deserved, i wanted it to be her or AJ Lee so im happy with the result

  • RKOyou

    OBVIOUSLY,Mia is the most experienced of the divas in FCW and is the queen so yeah.AJ lee is second place no doubt

  • xOxONic

    I could dig that.

  • Dan

    YES! Thank you god, if Serena lost… Congrats, Serena! <3

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Awww,man!I wanted AJ Lee to win,but I guess it’s well deserved…she hasn’t really impressed me as of late.